Leonardo Plaza Hotel in Israel's fifth largest city, Ashdod
Israel - Located about 500m from the beach in Israel's fifth largest city, Ashdod, Leonardo Plaza Hotel got a stunning lighting makeover before it's opening in September last year.

LumenRadio's distributor in Israel, Danor Theatre and Studio systems Ltd, supplied and installed 13 units of Studio Due's City Beam LED 12 at the front façade of the hotel prior to the opening.

The City Beams have been fitted with integrated LumenRadio's wireless CRMX OEM DMX receiver modules allowing remote data control, which is especially useful for outdoor applications, for convenience of operation as well as saving on cabling. Going wireless also makes it possible to very easily move the units around the hotel area as needed.

The City Beam LED 12s are used to wash the columns of the hotel with a beautiful appealing variety of color effects. In order to wirelessly distribute DMX data to the City Beam LED 12 on the façade, a single universe CRMX Nova DMX transmitter is located inside the hotel and through a Stick KE1 from Sunlite, Danor Theatre and Studio systems Ltd can change the programs of the City Beam LED 12.

"One of the most important elements of this installation was to eliminate the need for any control cabling. It became clear early in the process that working with cables would be impossible for this project due to the various locations of the fixtures, explains Erez Hadar, marketing manager at Danor Theatre and Studio systems Ltd. "The combination of having the CRMX OEM modules directly integrated into the fixtures and the CRMX Nova product was the ideal solution to send reliable DMX distribution wirelessly."

(Jim Evans)

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