Attendees are promised in-depth training in system design
USA - Martin Audio US has announced a two-day training workshop, specifically designed to familiarise customers and partners with the art of line array optimisation. This is achieved using its proprietary DISPLAY system design and prediction software, and associated Vu-Net control and monitoring software first introduced to provide advanced and unique control of its MLA multi-cellular PA.
The event will take place at the HQ of event technology specialists, Alford Media, 296 Freeport Pkwy, Coppell, TX 75019 on 3-4 August.
Supporting both MLA, the latest Wavefront Precision optimised line array systems and Torus constant curvature arrays, the course is aimed at everyone involved in design or deploying these systems. Attendees are promised in-depth training in system design, optimisation software, rigging and control - as well as refreshments throughout.
According to Lee Stein, Martin Audio VP North America, the original idea had come from Alford Media themselves. “We received a request from Alford to conduct optimisation training for their own employees, but also for other potential users.
“It is our mutual goal to increase the level of knowledge in the market and the number of knowledgeable users as we often get requests from our partners for ‘certified’ engineers to support our systems, especially as we have seen very strong adoption of Wavefront Precision as a solution in both the production and installation markets.”
Added Brad Stephens, director, strategic projects & consultant relations: “Alford, like most production companies, have a long list of freelance engineers/techs that they hire to supplement crews. It is our mutual desire to get more of this freelance talent pool in the north Texas area trained on Martin Audio systems. It makes Alford’s life easier having people really understand the gear they own, and of course promotes awareness for us.”
“We’re now experiencing a huge demand for training, and this two-day package is a perfect way to get interested parties up to speed with the optimisation and control of our strongest live sound line-up,” agreed product support engineer, Joe Lima.
In summary, Lee Stein said, “It has long been our goal to conduct training like this on a regular basis, and I see this as a first step in doing so.”

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