Media Service grows with L-Acoustics
Friday, 15 May 2020
mediaservice1Media Service deployed L-Acoustics A Series at Sage Summit 2019
Poland - Founded in 2012, Media Service is one of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland’s event technology market. Whilst still relatively young, the company has been able to solidify its strong position in the industry and earn the trust of its customers thanks to a skilled team and first-class product portfolio, which includes Syva loudspeaker system among other sound products from L-Acoustics.
Bartosz Kordas, the founder and CEO at Media Service, explains how the company has managed to achieve such impressive results. “Our story began with the purchase of an L-Acoustics sound system back in 2012,” says Kordas. “I have always had a passion for collecting high quality AV equipment, and this has steadily translated into acquiring lighting, multimedia and, most recently, stage decoration solutions. As is usually the case, the first steps were difficult and slightly uncertain, but each subsequent step seemed to be easier and naturally complemented the range of services we offered.”
Now in its eighth year, the Media Service team consists of 60 individuals, among them Karolina Piątek and Tomasz Stykowski, who are both part of the management board. The company has a large 1500sq.m warehouse (including 750sq.m for Studio 360º equipped with L-Acoustics X5 and X8 speakers) as well as an office in Sokołów near Warsaw, a service centre, a studio and a team of highly skilled specialists.
Whilst making its purchasing decisions, the team had to choose their equipment carefully in order to stay competitive. “I knew from the very beginning that we could not afford to experiment,” states Kordas. “Before founding Media Service, I was working as a technician using some of the best equipment available on the market. So when it came to acquiring products for my own company, I knew that choosing future-proof, high quality solutions would pay dividends in the long run.”
As far as sound is concerned, the team has placed its trust in proven solutions from L-Acoustics. “The L-Acoustics brand has accompanied us from the very beginning, so the choice of further system components or specific system solutions has been very natural and clear to us,” continues Kordas.
“I personally know the audio market really well and, as a company owner, the most important aspect for me has always been business efficiency. L-Acoustics systems give us a lot of freedom, and I don’t just mean that in terms of sound quality or technical specs – they give us the freedom to win orders. With customers who know what they want, the brand name L-Acoustics just seals the deal.”
Media Service is now the owner of L-Acoustics Syva, X Series and A Series, offering the team the flexibility they need when it comes to managing events of various sizes. “For example, A Series is a solution that we use for events from different cross-sections,” shares Kordas. “Outdoor work is rare for us outside the holiday season, so we needed a system that would be as universal as possible, one that could be applied to many types of exhibition halls and hotel rooms, since about 80-90% of our orders are indoor events.”

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