Stevan Krakovic: “We really need to up our game and get more professional”
Germany - Keeping digital music files safe is the focus of a special panel being hosted by the Music Producers Guild at this year's Musikmesse/Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

Producers Tony Platt, Gareth Jones and Stevan Krakovic will take part in the event which aims to highlight the care that should be taken of recordings and session information, especially when an entire album's worth of creativity can now be contained on one memory stick.

"In the days of analogue recording, the tape box and track sheet logged all the important information, "Stevan Krakovic says "In this new digital age we have become very casual. Too many sessions are badly labelled and too much information goes unreported. Some people even entrust their valuable music to cheap hard drives without paying any attention to how accurately it has been copied. We really need to up our game and get more professional. Our panel aims to discuss this and identify ways in which the situation can be improved."

The panel will take place on Friday 17 April at the VdT Academy at Room Esprit (next to hall 9.1). The Music Producers Guild is also hosting a Speakeasy event, sponsored by Meris and Sound Network, which takes place at 7pm on Thursday, 16 April.

(Jim Evans)

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