PMC will highlight the growing importance of Dolby Atmos for Music
USA - UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC is showcasing its full range of professional monitors on booth 15908 at this year’s NAMM exhibition in California.
In collaboration with SSL, Avid, Dolby and Izotope, PMC will highlight the growing importance of Dolby Atmos for Music and its own role as an industry leader is this field. A 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos demo room will feature on the PMC booth, and this will be equipped with large, active three-way PMC8-2 XBD monitors (left, right and centre channels), six ci65 monitors, and a total of four ci45 compact slimline monitors for the surround, rear and height channels.
The system will also feature PMC’s new power 750-8 eight-channel amplifier, which will also be on show on the main booth. Designed to power any passive PMC speaker, this 2U rack mounted amp is particularly well suited for use with PMC’s Ci series of slimline monitors that are now widely used for surround and ceiling channels in Dolby Atmos professional and home cinema installations. It combines exceptionally transparent and neutral sound with a massive power output of 750 watts per channel. When bridged and configured as a four-channel amplifier, the power 750-8 can deliver 1,500 watts per channel.
Outside the demo room, PMC is showing the PMC8-2 XBD Tower (aka The Animal), a special stereo configuration of these powerful monitors that sees two more subs added to both left and right channels. This novel arrangement creates an impressive tower of four speaker cabinets on each side.
Throughout NAMM, the on-booth Dolby Atmos demo room will be used for various presentations and practical demonstrations highlighting different techniques for mixing music in this exciting format. These will include discussions led by PMC and Dolby on best practises for Atmos studio design and monitor set up. Visitors will also be able to demo SSL’s System T console and associated software for immersive mixing, while Avid and Dolby will be showing the latest version of Pro Tools with a built in Dolby Atmos renderer.
The Working Class Audio Podcast will record two episodes in the PMC booth with guests including Andrew Scheps, Steve Genewick and Brad Wood.
“As a technology partner of Universal Music Group and Dolby, we have been championing Dolby Atmos for music for nearly 10 years,” says Maurice Patist, president PMC USA and head of pro global. “It is an incredibly exciting and creative format, but as with anything new there is inevitably a learning curve that producers and engineers need to undertake if they want to get the best results.
“Our NAMM demos, which we are hosting in conjunction with companies that are also major players in the Dolby Atmos world, will highlight best practice and allow visitors to experience the power of immersive audio by hearing it demonstrated through PMC’s world-class monitoring products.”

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