The Robusto Bar combines high-end dining and cocktails with an extensive selection of cigars
Venezuela - A new cigar bar and restaurant in the Venezuelan capital Caracas aims to deliver a premium experience to discerning guests, from the moment they walk through the door. The Robusto Bar combines high-end dining and cocktails with an extensive selection of cigars in a luxuriously appointed venue that includes a lounge, humidor and VIP room.
Central to creating a sophisticated ambience is a Nexo ID Series sound system installed and calibrated by local distributor Sun Music Pro, who were also involved in the acoustic treatment of the spaces.
“The client needed a high-quality audio system, as the premise was to create a premium experience in every way, starting with its selection of cigars, cocktails and dishes, through to the environment created by sound, architecture, furniture and lighting,” says Sun Music Pro commercial manager Valeska Grüber.
“The Nexo ID Series system is very powerful and discreet and does not interfere with the aesthetics and concept of the venue.”
The team at Sun Music Pro were assisted at the design stage by Nexo’s Roberto Tschopp and Hely Chirinos, using NS-1 software to configure the system and predict coverage.
Powered by Nexo DTDAMP4X1.3 4-channel amplifiers with processing from Nexo DTD controllers, the system at the Robusto Bar comprises of 10 x ID24s set to 120°-60° HF coverage in the main lounge, supplemented by six IDS110 subs. A pair of ultra-compact ID14s covers the humidor, with a further four ID14 and two IDS108 subs in the VIP room.
Commenting on behalf of the Robusto Bar, Manager and Cigar Sommelier Diego Urdaneta says: “Through Nexo and its sound architecture, Robusto Bar now boasts an incredible sound system that impresses us daily, especially during off hours, when we change the usual music.
“But it never fails to impress clients. The sound quality, surround sound, and blasting ability are all top-notch and leave a lasting impression. Even the most discerning audiophiles will usually appreciate the experience of our sound system. Some even claim it’s the best they have heard in Venezuela.
“Overall, the sound system at Robusto Bar is a major selling point and sets it apart from other establishments.”

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