In the principal hall, capacity 500, MK Light Sound has just installed the Geo M6
Slovenia - Europe's first installation of the new Nexo Geo M6 line array can be found by a peaceful park on the shore of a Slovenian lake. In the Bled Festival Hall, the compact Geo M6 arrays look down on a venue originally built for grandmasters to play a World Chess Championship.

Bled has a long tradition of congress, and its elegant Festival Hall has hosted scientific and professional meetings, corporate and economic summits, and sporting and musical events. In its principal hall, capacity 500, MK Light Sound has just installed the Geo M6.

Dean Karov of MK Light Sound explains that his company impressed the venue management with the suggestion of a small array sound reinforcement solution which would be unobtrustive but offer smooth even coverage in the hall.

"We were asked to supply a system that would offer high speech intelligibility, even coverage and enough power for 95% of their programme," says Karov. "Geo M was just such a system; if a client needs more than this, it can be rented in. Since we installed the system, it has been used for a business school graduation, two concerts, and a business seminar - all of the clients were happy with the results delivered by the Geo M6."

The system configuration, designed using Nexo's proprietary modelling software NS-1 to predict the performance, uses six Geo M620 cabinets per side and two M620s in a centre-fill cluster, necessitated by the width of the venue and the stage. LS18 Series subbass units are used for the low end, and the whole system is powered by two NXAMP 4x1s.

Karov continues, "We are certain that the M6 was the right choice for this venue; it offers the perfect coverage pattern for this venue and excellent speech intelligibility. Its light in weight, which meant it could be installed easily and can be adjusted in situ. It is surprising how much power comes out of the M6."

(Jim Evans)

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