Performers at this year’s festival included Algerian Berber singer, songwriter and guitarist Souad Massi
Tunisia - The 42nd Festival International de Dougga took place between 27 July and 7 August this year in Dougga in northwest Tunisia. Qualified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1997, the city is the best preserved Roman small town in North Africa, and festivalgoers enjoy music and theatrical performances on stages dating from Roman times.
Performers at this year’s festival included Dhafer Youseef, noted for fusing eastern and western musical styles and introducing the traditional short-necked lute-type instrument the Oud into contemporary music, and Algerian Berber singer, songwriter and guitarist Souad Massi. Also appearing were Assyrian-Syrian singer Faia Younan, Mauritanian singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Noura Mint Seymali and Tunisian musician, composer and singer Zied Gharsa.
Sound for the festival was provided by local event technology specialists and Nexo distributors Sybel Event Company, deploying a Nexo STM M28 system comprising eight M28 main cabinets, six B112 bass extension cabinets and four S118 subs for the main FOH system, supplemented by four M28 and four S118 front-fills, and two Nexo PS15s with LS18 subs as side-fills.
A total of 12 Nexo P15s were available as stage monitors, with all power and processing provided by Nexo NUAR Universal Amp Racks and NXAMP4X2Mk2 powered controllers.
“Our technical team used the Nexo STM system which delivered impressive sound quality” commented Sybel sound engineer Yassine Jlassi. “Artists, musicians and festivalgoers were delighted by the clarity, the quality and power of sound that covered the theatre whose capacity can reach 3500 spectators.”

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