Ian ‘Squid' Walsh on monitors for Of Mice & Men at Festhalle, Frankfurt (photo © Jon Stone)
Europe - Californian band, Of Mice & Men, recently supported Linkin Park on the European leg of the Hunting Party arena tour, with Allen & Heath GLD-80 mixers performing both FOH and Monitor duties.

This was the first experience of using GLD for both FOH engineer, Dave Nutbrown, and monitor engineer Ian 'Squid' Walsh, who needed a system that could handle large arena shows whilst keeping to a compact footprint.

A GLD-80 connected over Cat 5 to AR2412 and AR84 AudioRacks provided 32 XLR inputs for stage sources and delivered five in-ear mixes, side-fills and a pair of centre wedges. Both GLD-80s were fitted with Dante cards and mic preamp signals were split digitally via Dante over Cat 5 to FOH. The analogue gain was set at the start of the tour, with the engineers using the consoles' digital trim (+/- 24dB) to independently make adjustments during the shows.

Ian 'Squid' Walsh appreciated the GLD system's workflow and compactness, commenting, ''It's really easy to use, it's such a small rig, we were in and out of there so fast."

Dave Nutbrown also enjoyed his first tour with GLD, saying, "We're happy with it, it's a good, all round rock 'n' roll board. Our show finishes at 8 o' clock. I carry it back to the bus at 8.30 and at 8.45 I'm in the bar. What can I tell you?"

(Jim Evans)

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