Old Barn Audio's Neil Kavanagh and Phil Clark with their latest purchase
UK - With the outdoor season fast approaching, and local authorities across the country seeking to reduce noise pollution at key event sites, Kent-based Old Barn Audio has taken the enterprising and pre-emptive step of purchasing a 16-element MLA Compact system from Martin Audio to help meet the anticipated market demand.

Director Phil Clark says that given his company's own history with Martin Audio - coupled with an already existing demand this summer for a technology that is scientifically proven to eliminate off-site noise escape - the move was a logical one.

"We are not a rental company and have no intention of competing with rental partners. But having done research, and noted the extent to which production companies are cross hiring from each other on peak weekends, it is sensible to make more enclosures available on a dry hire basis. Along with the flying frames and cabling we can provide an 8-element a side solution."

Clark adds that he and partner Neil Kavanagh are also mindful of the frequency with which the award-winning MLA (Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array) is now appearing on riders - and this helped drive the decision.

"MLA Compact is a problem-solving PA with a reputation that's spreading through the industry," Clark says in summary. "The purchase represents a major step forward for us, and while we hope it also enhances Old Barn Audio's reputation, we want the major rental companies to look at us as partners, not competitors, and as a resource for offering trouble-free hire. The sub-hire market does not have to cover just the UK either - we are in direct contact with many of our European MLA partners to also be able to offer this cross-hire to them as well."

Old Barn Audio already enjoys 'sub-distributor' status with Martin Audio and are 'main UK distributors' for MLA Mini, a system they also hold in their rental and cross-hire stock. The company has also supplied an MLA Compact system to Doug Hunt Sound & Light while, as installers, they have specified many Martin Audio systems over the years within their British and international portfolios.

Al Brown, Martin Audio's UK national sales manager had the final word, "For the last three years Martin Audio's share of the UK Festival market has grown exponentially, and we already know that this year will be stronger again. Old Barn Audio's vision to take advantage of this makes perfect sense and we are happy to support them in this opportunity."

(Jim Evans)

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