Parker McCollom rolls out a welcome mat for fans
USA - There are things you will always see at a Parker McCollom show, like the rising young country star getting down close and personal to interact with fans. From the moment he walks out on stage, the ACM’s New Male Country Artist of the year, puts things in high gear with his melodic voice, rolling out a welcome mat for fans, inviting them to get up to dance and sing-along.
Such a warm, embracing mood lends itself to being supported by an inviting tungsten-like glow of light, believes McCollom’s lighting director, Alex Sanchez. And that’s precisely what the Texas-born star is getting on tour with a Chris Lisle lighting design that often immerses the star and his band in an evocative amber glow created with Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“I personally love using ambers,” said Sanchez. “They warm up the stage beautifully and looks great in photos. This year we are using custom video content that has a lot of amber, so that’s reflected in the lighting as well. We’re also creating some really great silhouette glows with tungsten looks. Seeing the performers having that tungsten halo come up from behind them has such a powerful impact. Our designer, the incredible Chris Lisle, did a beautiful job incorporating these looks into the show.”
Key to the show’s impact is the light from the rig’s 24 Color STRIKE M motorised IP65 fixtures. “We are using the STRIKE Ms as a wash, strobe, and blinder,” said Sanchez. “They’re really effective when we want a big general colour wash over the band to dramatise some moments. We also use the double white tubes in these fixtures for big hits with the band. Then, during sing-along moments, we focus them on the audience.”
Sanchez, along with his L1 Peter Zellan, and L2 Matthew PJ Row, adeptly use their versatile rig to involve the entire crowd in the moment. Varying the direction and colour of audience lighting, they avoid repeating looks to create greater engagement with fans.
“Parker interacts with the crowd a lot, so we change up the audience lighting,” said Sanchez. “Having the ability to have different options from the Strike 1 to the Strike M can help set the mood, while creating more than one audience lighting look.”
Joining the Color STRIKE M and STRIKE 1 units in the rig are the Rogue R2X Wash, R3X Spot, and R2 Wash. Positioned throughout the stage, these fixtures are used to create specials, backlighting, and silhouette effects.
“We are thankful for Josh Peikert, Braxton Pieper and the rest of the crew at Hoopty Lights,” said Sanchez. “They put together an excellent rig. Between what they did and Chris Lisle’s design, our team is able to focus on our most important job – supporting the emotional connection between Parker and his fans.”

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