On debut - the T32 Cyc
Germany - Robe celebrates 30 years of embracing the challenges of the entertainment and performance industry with a number of new products launched in Hall 12.1 on stand D10, the centrepiece of which will be the iBOLT - a powered searchlight type of fixture.
Other products being launched include the iESprite Fresnel, the T15 Fresnel, T15 PC, the Footsie1 and Footsie2 Slim versions, the T32 Cyc and the T32 Cyc Slim, the iProMotion Landscape + iProMotion Portrait, the Forte Fresnel / PC and the iSpiiderX.
Also launched is the iT12 Fresnel, a powerful outdoor Fresnel wash fixture which includes an ingenious new patented F2L Fresnel-lens system, comprising two lenses engineered with a smooth outer surface to eliminate the debris accumulation commonly found on outdoor Fresnel lenses. The iForte LTX LightMaster will be previewed.
Robe will present the final show in its Power of Imagination live performance trilogy which will ‘energise visitors who can enjoy some knife edge action onstage, and a high energy lightshow designed to show off the creativity and potential of the new products in their native environment’.
Power of Imagination will play several times a day, and in between an interactive timecoded presentation on the booth will highlight the best features of the new products.
The booth - Robe’s largest to date at any Prolight expo to emphasise the significance of the occasion - will feature two dedicated demonstration areas where people can see the products in depth. The Robe information flow will continue outside Hall 12.1 where the Robe Showtruck will be parked up for further specific demos. There will be a Happy Hour at the booth each afternoon.
Robe’s architectural LED lighting brand Anolis will have its own space on the booth and will be showing products from its new Lyrae and Agame ranges as well as its flagship Eminere, Ambiane and Calumma ranges, while lighting control solutions specialist Artistic Licence will also have its own area.

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