The new MiniBeacon Wave is the latest addition to BlackTrax
Germany - Alongside celebrating its 30th anniversary CAST Group of Companies will unveil its latest innovations including the wysiwyg 2024, and BlackTrax's new MiniBeacon Wave.
Enriching the Visual Design Experience with Wysiwyg 2024 Exclusively at ProLight + Sound, CAST will be sharing previews of wysiwyg's Release 2024 features and enhancements that are ‘set to open new possibilities for lighting and production designers’.
The new MiniBeacon Wave is the latest addition to BlackTrax. Engineered to guarantee seamless integration and maximum versatility, the MiniBeacon Wave features compact design and user-friendly interface. One of its key features is the ability to quickly attach stringers (tracking points), streamlining setup and reducing the load on belt packs.
"This year represents a significant landmark for CAST, as we commemorate 30 years of pioneering innovation in April,” says Stuart Green, CEO, CAST Group of Companies. “We look forward to connecting with both long-standing members of our community and new faces alike, as we showcase our latest advancements in wysiwyg and BlackTrax at ProLight+Sound.
“We are profoundly thankful for our exceptional team, whose persistent commitment and hard work have been crucial in achieving this milestone. Our gratitude also goes out to our broader community of clients and partners, whose valuable insights and support have been essential in shaping the future direction of our offerings. This achievement is as much a testament to their contribution as it is to our own, and we are excited to continue forging paths of innovation together."

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