PSM300 introduces the clarity and precision of stereo, 24-bit digital audio processing to the PSM line
UK - At PLASA 2014, Shure Distribution UK (SDUK) has announced the addition of the PSM300 Stereo Personal Monitor Systems to the existing Shure line of In-Ear Monitoring (IEM) technology.

PSM300 introduces the clarity and precision of stereo, 24-bit digital audio processing to the PSM line, while still offering users the customised mix control for which PSM systems are renowned. The PSM300's two-tier entry-level/pro-grade control interface allows any user to get a personal monitoring mix up and running with speed and confidence, whether they're experienced engineers or new to IEM systems.

PSM 300 will be offered in two system configurations. The baseline PSM 300 Stereo Wireless Personal Monitor System includes SE112 Sound Isolating™ Earphones and delivers detailed 24-bit digital audio processing and reliable wireless operation over a range in excess of 90 metres. Shure-patented Audio Reference Companding technology delivers high-quality, low-noise audio, free of artifacts and dropouts. Easy to set up and operate, the PSM 300 will scan, find and assign a clean wireless channel at the touch of a single button, and setting up a personal two-channel mix is easy with the intuitive MixMode technology.

The PSM 300 Premium Wireless Personal Monitor System offers all of the benefits of the baseline system, but adds high-quality SE215CL Sound Isolating Earphones and a durable aluminium bodypack receiver, optionally with the SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

"The PSM 300 focuses on serving the semi-pro users in the IEM market, leaving the PSM 200 to continue serving the entry-level users," explains Shure senior product manager Wolfgang Bilz. "Both products complement each other, together offering a complete range of Personal Monitoring systems in the MI and Pro markets."

The PSM 300 systems and their individual constituent components will be available for purchase from November 1st, 2014.

(Jim Evans)

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