Powersoft will exhibit with their Dutch distributor TM Audio, part of the Ampco Flashlight Group
The Netherlands - Powersoft arrives at ISE 2016 (Booth #7K-182) on the back of successful year spent raising market share in global markets.

Aside from their successes in concert touring, the release of the Dante-supporting Ottocanali series of multi-channel amplifiers (12K4, 8K4, 4K4) has given them a platform for installers that in turn has enabled them to raise their profile exponentially at this show.

Fittingly, the journey through 2015 ended with two Powersoft 12K4 amplifiers being specified and installed at global flagship brand the Ministry of Sound London, to drive the newly enhanced Dolby Atmos system in the main room, while across London at the same time Old Barn Audio were installing Powersoft at the Olympic White Water Centre and sister venue the Lee Valley Ice Centre, which also hosts several London Ice Hockey teams.

OBA's story is typical of many global integrators. "Both venues required multi-zone multi-input systems and we deployed an array of low impedance and high impedance amplifiers, including K3's, Duecanalis, Ottocanalis, M28Qs and M14Ds. Powersoft is the amplifier of choice for us for many reasons - size, power, reliability, build quality and warranty length. Powersoft are at the pinnacle of amplifier design and we wouldn't use anything else."

But it has not only been the world's leading dance club - and Olympic sports venues - that have been knocking at the Italian manufacturer's door. Since the release of the new Ottocanali series they have increasingly been opening channels into the world of casinos and theme parks, theatres and concert venues.

This escalating network will be reflected in Powersoft's stand design at ISE where they partner with their Dutch distributor TM Audio, part of the Ampco Flashlight Group. Powersoft has injected typical Italian style and swagger, adopting a white, 'building block' Tetris-like theme that subliminally focuses integrator attention on the importance of interoperability and functionality between systems.

As a clear differentiator from the competition, the set of white furniture resembling the Tetris blocks, will be offset by a single Tetriminos piece in the form of a blue cube, which designates Powersoft's amps.

Powersoft's Francesco Fanicchi says: "This eye-catching stand has been set up to differentiate us from the competition and demonstrate how Powersoft amps suit any application. The slogan 'Install-dedicated amplifiers. Designed to always fit in' sends a clear message to visitors at what is the system integrators' main European trade show."

(Jim Evans)

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