L&SI has learned of further important changes from within the Harman Pro Audio camp. John McFarland and Mike Sowden of Precision Devices have negotiated a management buy-out, acquiring in the process both the company’s premises and brands.

McFarland and Sowden, who have spent the past three-and-a-half years managing the company’s operations in Redruth and Rotherham on behalf of Harman International Industries (HII), agreed the deal for the purchase of the Redruth site and brands in mid-October. The new company will be called Precision Audio Products Limited.

John McFarland told L&SI: "I believe that this move is the first step in an extremely positive future for the business, for our employees and our customers, and that our new-found independence will enable us to better develop the different arms of the business." McFarland will be taking the role of managing director and Mike Sowden will become financial director.

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