Chrishan Peiris and Lloyd Miranda at CMA
UAE - Melody House, sole distributor of Primacoustic in the Middle East, has recently supplied the Centre for Musical Arts (CMA) with a complete acoustic solution providing the school with four London 12 room kits and thirty 2" broadband panels.

The London 12 room kit is designed for rooms that measure between 100 to 200sq.ft the London 12 employs a variant of the popular live-end, dead-end LEDE concept whereby the source end of the room is fitted with increased absorption while the receive end of the room is left more lively to retain a sense of air and space.

CMA is a non profit making organisation with a vision to develop and enhance the existing musical community initially in Dubai, but more importantly to make the musical experience available to the wider audience through its teaching programmes, concerts, recitals and workshops. CMA is one of only seven recognised examination centres in the UAE by the Associated Board for the Royal Schools of Music.

"The acoustic panels in my room have to deal with two drum kits and numerous guitars being played simultaneously," says Chrishan Peiris, drum and guitar specialist . "They still manage to absorb sound and manage all the acoustics in the room amazingly and to great effect. Their appearance has appealed to the students with many wanting them for their own rooms."

(Jim Evans)

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