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Mach launches new M-Flex Series of speakers
Thursday, 2 May 2002

Mach’s new M-Flex series offers a unique solution to high quality audio reproduction, whether the application is smaller musical productions, AV work, stage monitoring or spoken word performances. Comprehensive rigging and mounting options combine with intelligent digital bi-amplification technology to create what Mach say is a truly flexible system.

The drive units in the M-Flex series have been custom designed to address key issues such as ultra-wide dispersion, linear frequency response, ultimate speech intelligibility and all fitted in a compact, lightweight and easy to handle cabinet. A unique customized 12" full-range coaxial drive unit has been designed for the M-Flex 12, which offers unsurpassed speech intelligibility, wide dispersion and impressive sound pressure. The 12" unit features a strong die-cast chassis and a 3" edge-wound voice coil. The 1" compression driver features a special Mylar diaphragm material with linear response up to 19kHz.

M-Flex 15 is the big brother of the M-Flex family and offers true full-range high SPL sound reproduction. The 15" unit is a unique construction that features a lightweight chassis. The 1" compression driver, mounted behind a 90° x 40° constant directivity horn, incorporates a very lightweight diaphragm and, with 107dB sensitivity, the unit is more efficient than many 2" drivers, but still boasts a wide frequency response and runs flat to 19kHz.

For reproduction of frequencies from 150Hz and below, the M-Flex S is capable of delivering the punchy kick from a bass drum, a hard l

Extreme measures from Proel
Wednesday, 1 May 2002

Proel’s new Extreme PA package offers a plug-and-play solution for bands, artists and DJs looking for an easy to use, reliable and affordable PA. The Extreme EXKIT1210 is a self-powered 250W RMS twin enclosure system comprising a 12" subwoofer with 2" voice coil, 10" woofer with 1.4" voice coil, plus tweeter unit with spherical horn. The system is simple to set-up and operate, coming with all necessary components for a plug and play operation. The Extreme system features carpet-covered, 18mm wood cabinets fitted with kick-proof steel grilles, yet is easily transportable. The subwoofer weighs just 47lbs (21.5Kg), the full-range enclosure just 20lbs (9kg).

(Lee Baldock)

Trantec & Unique Systems introduce Active Audio
Wednesday, 1 May 2002

Trantec has launched the PT1 ‘Personal trainer’ system, in conjunction with major UK fitness centre specialist, Unique Systems, who will market the system under the Active Audio banner. The system provides each fitness centre member with a choice of multiple audio channels on the move. Up to 14 channels of digital audio can be transmitted from a bank of Trantec PT1 transmitters: any number of users can switch at will between any of the channels within a range of 100m, using their low-profile, personal beltpack receivers. Apart from the obvious benefits to the membership, the system also offers advantages to the club’s owners, as no ceilings have to be pulled down, no walls have to be channelled out and no floors need to be lifted to accomodate the Active Audio system. In fact, Unique Systems are quoting a fourhour installation with no down-time

"For many years now Health & Fitness clubs have been getting to grips with the ongoing issue of delivering maximum hassle-free audio performance to their members with the minimum of interruption to the workout, now it is possible with the Trantec personal trainer," says Unique Systems’ managing director Alan Vickery. "Unique Systems are currently in the middle of a massive countrywide marketing campaign to bring this revolutionary audio system to the attention of every fitness centre serious about its audio and I’m sure it won’t be long before every committed gym realizes the huge potential of cable-free audio."

Trantec marketing manager Tim Riley takes up the story: "T

Drawmer launch a new line with Tube Stations
Tuesday, 30 April 2002

Drawmer has announced the launch of a new product range, incorporating the Tube Station 1 stereo mic pre/tube compressor (TS1) and the Tube Station 2 Dual Tube Compressor (TS2). The TS1 offers a wide dynamic range Class A mic/instrument pre-amp with high-pass filter and HF contour control followed by a stereo soft-knee compressor with independent variable ‘Tube Drive’ control. An optional digital output module (DC1) with SPDIF, Word Clock and AES/EBU connections enables high quality 24 bit/96K digital conversion. The TS2 is a dual mono or stereo linkable soft knee compressor with each channel equipped with a variable ‘Tube Drive’ control which can be switched out of the signal path for instant A/B comparison. An optional digital output module (DC1) with SPDIF, Word Clock and AES/EBU connections enables high quality 24 bit/96K digital conversion.

Marketing director Luke Giles comments: "The Tube Station range is a clear sign of Drawmer’s further advance into the digital market which began with the success of our Masterflow products and now sees us providing software plug-ins for the Mackie, Digidesign and Soundscape platforms. Until now Drawmer’s tube processing has been evident only in the well established 1960’s range, however, the TS1 and TS2’s digital option and new price level brings the recognised Drawmer tube sound to a much larger audience."

(Lee Baldock)

Ivor Green opts for TOA digital processing
Tuesday, 30 April 2002

Complex, competing and constantly upgraded software packages to drive DSP engines are providing a scourge to installers, according to Ivor Green & Associates. "We have tried most of the proprietary devices in our time - but we desperately need to reduce the time it’s taking our technical staff to get their heads around so many software versions, which they then have to carry to site because they are often not retro-compatible."

Green believes this to be the inherent weakness of the new generation digital processing. But now he thinks he has found the solution in TOA’s DP-0206 modular digital signal processor. And if the first flurry of installations proves successful, he aims to standardise on it. Ivor Green & Associates have already installed a DP-0206 in the new Life in Leeds for Luminar Leisure, and will shortly be fitting out half a dozen Midlands-based Litton Tree pubs for Surrey Free Inns - again using the digital processor. "The beauty with the DP-0206 is that it is a pre-configured unit, with elegant software, and seems to be a lot more straightforward," he said. "A further attraction is that it is very intuitive and extremely flexible."

For instance it can be configured as 6-in/6-out, 4-in/8-out or 2-in/10-out, making it ideal for a multi-zone set up. In Leeds it has been configured to control ten zones of loudspeakers, including main dancefloor coverage - handling limiting, EQ and stereo loudspeaker outputs as well as mono and stereo feeds, with system dynamics, EQ and time alignment. "We’re more than happy

New Shermann products hit the right note
Tuesday, 30 April 2002

Professional audio systems specialist Shermann UK is reporting excellent orders for two powerful PA products launched in November last year. Shermann's MRL-3, a compact multi-role loudspeaker and the powerful R118-B single 18" VLF system, have already seen success on busy tour schedules by Steeleye Span and Maddy Prior. More orders are now being received from across Wales and the UK. The sound system for the recent Maddy Prior tour was provided by Woking-based Kinetic, one of the network of rental companies who use Shermann equipment. The Shermann R118-B and MRL-3 were also used by Kinetic for Premier Radio's Christmas Party at Westminster Hall where Sir Cliff Richard played a major part in the celebrations.

Kinetic auditioned the prototype R118-B single 18" VLF system on several gigs last September and was delighted with the smooth, powerful LF response and system flexibility. It is now being used on a wide variety of tours and gigs along with the Shermann CA3 models. Shermann UK first introduced the new model to a local audience last November when it was put to the test at the annual fireworks display in the company's home town of Newtown, where just eight of these compact cabinets managed to rattle windows over a mile away.

"Early sales of the Shermann R118-B and MRL-3 have been excellent and our order book for the coming months is very healthy," said Shermann UK managing director Ken Hughes. With a network of professional users, installers and dealerships across the country, Shermann's widely respected loudspeaker systems are in widespread use at

Diamonds are foreverDiamonds are forever
Monday, 29 April 2002

Adam Hall Ltd, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of flight-case fittings, has just announced the release of an addition to its ‘Astroboard’ range of panel materials. ‘Astrodiamondboard’ has been the result of ongoing research and development work on modern lightweight flightcase panel materials. The research is proving to be a major benefit to the flightcase industry, allowing it to expand into many other areas where it has been essential that protection cases must be of the lightest materials possible. 7mm brown ‘Astrodiamondboard’ is now available off the shelf.

(Ruth Rossington)

MAC 2000 Performance from Martin Professional
Friday, 26 April 2002

Building on the enormous success of the MAC 2000, Martin Professional is now offering the MAC 2000 Performance, a powerful 1200W profile framing spot and animation projector. The MAC 2000 Performance features a 4-blade framing system for precise stage lighting and gobo animation wheel for extraordinary theatrical effects, the ideal illumination framing tool for theatres, studios and special effect applications.

Useful for accurate illumination coverage of stage props, scenery or any object, the fully automated precision beam-framing system can produce a multitude of different shapes. Also new to the MAC 2000 Performance is a gobo animation wheel useful for special theatrical effects such as fire, sky and water imaging. The entire wheel can be swivelled for flexible positional control.

Like the successful MAC 2000 Profile, the MAC 2000 Performance incorporates an extraordinary 10-lens optical system that produces an extremely bright and sharp beam with high definition contrast and consistent beam field characteristics. The MAC 2000 Performance houses a CMY colour-mixing system that offers a nearly unlimited variety of colour choices plus an innovative colour temperature correction system for effective CTC flexibility, making it possible to gradually and smoothly increase or decrease colour temperature.

Other features include a gobo wheel with five indexable rotating gobos, additional effects wheel with rotating beam-shaper and 3-facet prism, and a variable frost capable of smooth gobo fade in/out possibilities. The MAC 2000 Performance also incorporates a fast and prec

DigiMAX LT 8-channel mic preampDigiMAX LT 8-channel mic preamp
Thursday, 25 April 2002

The DigiMAX LT 8-channel mic preamp by PreSonus is now available from HW International. Eight channels of high quality mic pre-amplification, inserts on every channel and an internal power supply set this unit apart from anything on the market. Each channel features the award-winning dual servo microphone preamplifiers with 48V phantom power, and -20dB pad. Each channel features a Neutrik connector which accepts line level or microphone input. DigiMAX LT digital synchronization is achieved by offering word clock in and out via BNC connectors. The sample rate can be set on the front panel to 48kHz, 44.1kHz and 32kHz, providing compatibility across multiple platforms.

DigiMAX LT provides TRS inserts on every channel to allow external dynamics processors or equalizers to be placed in the signal chain. The DigiMAX LT is the perfect partner for recording systems such as DigiDesign 001, MOTU 2408 as well as numerous digital mixers and hard disk recorders.

(Lee Baldock)

V-Plus Series from American Audio
Thursday, 25 April 2002

American Audio has introduced its V-Plus Series power amplifiers. The V-1000 Plus, V-2000 Plus, V-3000 Plus and V-4000 Plus bring both enhanced performance and a sleek new look to the company's already popular V-Series amps. The new line offers DJs, musicians and audio engineers increased power in a versatile package at a competitive price. Many of the same features from the V-Series still apply - such as modular construction, high-quality output devices, large storage capability, small profile capacitors (for reproducing large transients), and a true linear design.

The V-1000 Plus provides 170W per channel at 8 ohms, 245W at 4 ohm, and 600W at 4 ohm bridged. The V-2000 Plus provides 280W at 8 ohms, 450W at 4 ohms and 1,290W at 4 ohms bridged. The V-3000 Plus provides 440W at 8 ohms, 690W at 4 ohms and 1,930W at 4 ohms bridged. The top-of-the-line V-4000 Plus delivers 600W at 8 ohms, 1,010W at 4 ohms and 2,500W at 4 ohms bridged.

The V-4000 Plus comes equipped with Speakon connectors as well as binding post connectors, making it equally suitable for use by DJs, touring musicians, or permanent installations. "Having both types of connectors makes this an extremely versatile unit," says national sales manager John Brown.

(Lee Baldock)

New Phonic products now shipping
Wednesday, 24 April 2002

Phonic have recently launched an array of new products, which are now all available from UK distributor, HW International. Phonic’s new ES Range of stage loudspeakers offers 10", 12" and 15" 2-way versions, also a subwoofer at 400W and 600W respectively and 12" or 15" floor monitors. Each loudspeaker is available in passive or active versions. Offering exceptional quality with a hard-wearing rugged exterior. Phonic’s ES Range retails from £220.00 ex VAT per speaker.

The new Micro Range from Phonic comprises of four similar-sized compact audio modules. Offering the Micro I - a 4-channel mic pre-amp, the Micro II - a 4-output headphone amp, the Micro III - a single channel line/phono equaliser and the Micro IV - an Expander/Gate module which completes the range.

The new Phonic MRS1.20 mixing console is designed for any application where budget 5.1 surround sound is a requirement, from educational establishments to home studios. The mixer provides 20 mic/line input channels that can be mixed and routed to 5.1 surround sound output channels with a switch to select the bass channel. For studio operation, the MRS1.20 offers clear LED PPM monitoring on each channel with a separate control room monitoring section incorporating a talkback microphone.

Finally, the most powerful Phonic Powerpod to date, the 2280, features 12 mic/line inputs plus four stereo inputs with three-band EQ providing swept mid-band. The additional 2-channel 10-band graphic EQ, along with built-in digital effects, provides complete control of the two 400W amplifier

Ego: new series of DJ Effects from Martin
Tuesday, 23 April 2002

Ego is a new series of 250W DJ effects lights from Martin Professional which feature a new range of flower effects and sharp, high quality projection optics. The light houses a powerful 250W, 500-hour halogen lamp for projection optics, whilst a precise focus adjustment produces crisp projections. Ego operates in either auto or music trig mode, the latter being a one-of-a-kind variable behaviour tuning which allows DJs to adjust how aggressively the effect reacts to music in trig mode - relaxed, intermediate or quick.

Ego 01 is a razor sharp flower effect featuring a host of new and original gobo designs that add a touch of individuality to any light show. Gobo and rotation speed are easily controllable. Ego 02 features a new patent pending colour system offering more than 200 colour combinations and a manually selectable image effect (etched gobo or textured gobo pattern). Gobo slots are interchangeable so DJs can incorporate their own custom patterns or accessories. Ego 02 also features a variable colour and rotation speed adjustment.

(Ruth Rossington)

Gregg Wright Praises the Fatboy
Monday, 22 April 2002

Guitarist Gregg Wright has played with some the worlds greatest artists, including Diana Ross and The Jacksons. Based in Los Angeles, Gregg is now writing, producing and performing his own material all around the world. As part of his world tour he will be in the UK during September.

Wright commented: "Carlsbro's new 'Fatboy' amp is one incredible tone monster! After 25 years as a professional guitarist, I've seen and heard a lot of amps come and go, and can truthfully state that the 'Fatboy,' is a guitarist’s dream! It's got everything from massive crunch, to warm creamy Blues tones, and lush rhythm sounds, all in one powerful package! Those familiar with me know how seriously I take my tone - it's the musician's voice, and I'm proud to have the 'Fatboy' do my singing! In fact, you'll be hearing the 'Fatboy' on my new 2002 CD release 'Freak Flag Blues."

Carlsbro Electronics is a British manufacturer which has been designing and building its own amplifiers and speakers since 1961. From its 40,000sq.ft factory in Nottinghamshire, the company supports musicians and singers worldwide, and over 45% of Carlsbro product is sold overseas. Bands and superstars such as The Beatles, Oasis and Sting have used Carlsbro over the years.

"Andrew Bishop and his amazing staff at Carlsbro are really doing their homework in Research & Development. Check it out for yourself - they don't call it the 'Fatboy' for nothing!" adds Wright.

(Lee Baldock)

Tourmate Multilock connectors break new groundTourmate Multilock connectors break new ground
Monday, 22 April 2002

The launch of the new Tourmate Multilock power connector series promises specifiers and lighting professionals real benefits in terms of superior construction and features, all at a price close to that of standard connectors. Manufactured from hard plated, machined alloy, the robust feature packed design of Tourmate Multilock makes it the definitive connector for the professional touring and theatre industry. Incorporating identification for six circuits, integral backshell insulation and first mate - last break ground contacts, Tourmate Multilock is guaranteed watertight to IP67 when mated.

Tourmate Multilock connectors are available in Line Male, Line Female, Panel Male and Panel Female versions with a choice of solder or removable crimp connections. They are manufactured in compliance with the stringent CE, UL1977 and EN60529 specifications and are fully compatible with Socapex and Veam products.

Looking at how improvements could be made over existing 19-pin, six-circuit connectors, designers came up with an ingenious solution to an age old problem. The unique Spider Clamp version makes the fabrication of six-circuit cable assemblies simple, safe, and neat. It provides positive grip and seals each individual cable, making it the ideal choice particularly at outside events. Two size options also allow complete flexibility to meet all cabling requirements.

(Lee Baldock)

MC2 Audio in Germany
Monday, 22 April 2002

MC2 Audio’s representatives in Germany, Laauser & Vohl GmbH, report sales of both the MC range and T Series amps to a broad base of clients as diverse as the TV company Nederlands Omroepproduktie Bedrijf, who used T1000s in bridged mode to drive their stage monitors during the production of the German version of the 'Big Brother' show, a band using the T1000 for stage monitoring and a high school using an MC450 in one of its lecture rooms.

Laauser & Vohl has successfully completed projects in a variety of venues including multi-purpose halls in the Swabian Alps (MC1250 for front-of-house) and Donaueschingen (T500); a recording studio in Berlin (MC650 driving control-room monitor); a video studio (T1000 for the control monitors for sound pre- and post-production); churches using a mix of T1000, MC450 and MC650; an indoor swimming pool (T500) and a home cinema showroom (T1000).

Rental companies in Cologne and Mannheim have chosen a mix of MC1250, MC750, T1000 and T1500 amplifiers, some with cross-overs, to drive their speaker systems and Laauser & Vohl has supplied four further rental companies with T1000 amps. The T1000 has also been chosen by two prestigious German companies, Carl Zeiss at Oberkochen for their mobile sound system rack and the Max Planck Conference Centre at Tuebingen.

(Lee Baldock)

New universal transformers from iLight
Friday, 19 April 2002

iLight has launched a range of compact universal electronic transformers for tungsten halogen lamps. The universal transformers provide flicker-free power to low voltage halogen lamps and can be dimmed by both leading and trailing edge dimmers. In keeping with iLight's philosophy of compatibility the transformers are designed to be fully compatible with all iLight Inductive and Adaptive Source Controllers. Two versions are available at present; TRE060T (20-60VA) and TRE105T (35-105VA) both with screw terminals. The CE-compliant EC made transformers also feature built-in self-resetting protection for short circuit, overload and over temperature. They are easy to install and have double mains terminals under a combined cover and cable clamp.

(Ruth Rossington)

QSC 8-channel CX168 amplifier now shippingQSC 8-channel CX168 amplifier now shipping
Friday, 19 April 2002

QSC Audio’s new 8-channel CX168 power amplifier is now shipping in Europe. Housed in a compact 2U chassis and featuring QSC’s PowerWave switching power supply technology, active inrush limiting technology, and the renowned DataPort for remote system control purposes, the new CX168 features the world’s highest channel density in a compact, lightweight design.

The CX168 includes contractor-specific features that are standard among QSC’s entire CX Series, including detachable Phoenix-style input connectors that enable the system to be pre-wired prior to rack mounting. The CX168 offers 90W per channel at 8 ohms or 130W per channel at 4 ohms (with all channels driven). Other features include 1-dB recessed and detented gain controls and a custom security cover for tamper-proof installations, user-selectable high-pass filters to reduce transformer saturation and protect speakers and proportional response clip limiters that are independently defeatable.

The CX168 also features DataPort connectors, allowing each channel pair to be governed by QSControl, QSC’s audio networking system. This enables the system operator to control amplifier gain levels, check clipping and thermal status and monitor numerous additional system parameters. Further, the CX168 also allows for an interface with the DSP-3.

QSC’s new CX168 incorporates the Company’s highly regarded PowerWave switching power supply technology to virtually dispense any noise and hum. This powerful amplifier also features Active Inrush Limiting to eliminate AC inrush current, thus re

Wharfedale signals return of the corner speaker
Friday, 19 April 2002

Wharfedale Systems’ new Programme Corner Speakers have been purpose-engineered to achieve the high output/nearfield delivery of background and foreground music in a broad sphere of applications. A wide operating band was required to ensure natural music and speech articulation, which would remain clean at high levels.

These two-way, ported systems thus provide a wide frequency range coupled with high power performance in an acoustically-efficient enclosure. Aside from their sonic quality, the environments for which PCS speakers are designated - such as airports and railway stations, places of worship, retail outlets, restaurants, sports complexes, bars and hotels - all required elegant styling.

The range offers two different models, each with black or white painted finish, and with 70.7V or 100V transformer versions. In addition to the standard finishes, the lightweight, impact-resist ABS plastic enclosure is paintable, therefore allowing the speakers to match a venue’s interior. PCS speakers feature a 125mm Kevlar woofer and 25mm Titanium Neodymium driver.

The progressive/dynamic high-frequency driver overload protection circuit provides sophisticated limiting and protection from extended abusive levels and short-term peaks. The trapezoidal design facilitates a wide variety of mounting (and coverage) options. For instance, PCS speakers can be mounted flush on the wall or in a corner, with the respective brackets that are provided as standard. Alternatively, a compact array of four Corner Speakers will give a smooth 360° sphere of coverage.

(Lee Baldoc

Shure’s WH30 headworn performance mic shipsShure’s WH30 headworn performance mic ships
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Shure Incorporated is now shipping the affordable WH30 headworn microphone designed for users, especially performers, who require full mobility along with the professional audio quality of a condenser capsule. The WH30 features a frequency response tailored to enhance the clarity of vocals. Ergonomic and lightweight in design, the hands-free unit features a flexible gooseneck that facilitates optimal microphone placement and an isolation shock mount that reduces vibration noise. Temperature and moisture-resistant, its cardioid polar pattern delivers maximum gain before feedback. Capable of handling high SPLs, the headworn mic comes with its own snap-on windscreen.

The WH30 is available in a hard-wired version, as well as with Shure's T Series, UT Series, LX Series, ULX Series, UC Series, and UHF Series wireless microphone systems.

(Lee Baldock)

Denon launches DN-D9000Denon launches DN-D9000
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Denon has raised the stakes again in the twin CD marketplace with the release of the DN-D9000, designed as a creative tool for DJs of all genres, and now available in the UK through Hayden Laboratories.

For all its complexity, the DN-D9000 is simple, user-friendly and logical to operate. It utilizes high-speed internal processors, offers many new digital features and has a large memory capacity. The world-first Alpha Track facility allows DJs to play two tracks off the same disk simultaneously.This function - not found on any other CD player - allows two completely separate tracks per drive to be selected and replayed - or played on top of each other. Both tracks can then be simultaneously Pitch Bent, and have other additional effects like Scratch applied.

The D9000’s digital ATAPI drives will reliably playback CDR and CD-RW disks. The drives are also user replaceable - a great advantage for installers and venue managers - and each drive can also be removed ‘live’ whilst the other continues playing. The end result is no more down time and no incursion of expensive loan and carriage costs or service charges should a drive need replacing.

In another unique feature, the DN-D9000 offers four Hot Starts per drive including Stutter Start Loops. The Hot Starts can be set up and selected in a variety of ways - as four Loops, four Sutter Start points and two Samplers per drive. An extensive array of effects - Delay, Flanger, Filter, Transform or XFM - can be applied. All effects can be simultaneously activated and are assignable to either the Main Track or t

Le Mark offers 20,000 dpi resolution glass gobo service
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Le Mark Group have announced that, as part of their ongoing relationship with US company Apollo Design Technology, they now have the opportunity to offer glass gobos of up to 20,000 dpi resolution. The SuperResolution and ColourScenic range offers high-resolution quality on both black and white and full colour, allowing for crisp images and specific colour matches or gradients of colour. As part of the arrangement, single and two colour gobos are also available up to 6,000 dpi across 86 standard patterns.

(Ruth Rossington)

Chameleon’s Salisbury gainChameleon’s Salisbury gain
Wednesday, 17 April 2002

When Salisbury-based PA hire company, Amethyst Audio, decided to replace its existing but ageing amp rack and invest in the best Britain could provide, there was only one choice, according to managing director Chris Wynn - Chameleon. Amethyst Audio’s revamped rack now houses a pair of Chameleon 2750 DP/2s for low-end duties, a 1200 DP/2 to handle the mid, while a 600 DP/2 takes care of the top. "The old amps were a respected traditional brand, but in my opinion they don’t hold a light to the Chameleons. The response is so smooth, even the audience ask why the sound is so good," commented Wynn. He continues: "I have also noticed a sizeable increase in new business since customers discovered that Amethyst Audio was using Chameleon amps. The existing client base, which spans from Cornwall to Kent and the South Coast to Leeds, is delighted with the significant improvement in audio quality."

(Lee Baldock)

VEGA buys D-PAC AS-2 self-powered subwoofers
Wednesday, 17 April 2002

The prestigious Danish venue VEGA has recently bought four AS-2 self-powered subwoofers for use in both Store Vega and Lille Vega, making full use of the self-powered concept. The AS2 is a dual 18" subwoofer, designed to meet the demand for compact, high-powered, ultra-low frequency (31-80Hz (-3dB)) subwoofers for touring and other professional use. Flemming Nielsen, technical manager, says that the power and sound quality were very important, along with the mobile possibilities for clubbing events. Store Vega is equipped with a d&b 402 system processed by XTA DP 200.

Anders Christensen, managing director of D-PAC, said: "D-PAC is proud to have VEGA as one of the first customers for our new line of self-powered loudspeakers. We have done thorough research making our class-D amplifier as powerful and well sounding as possible, and exploiting the full potential of our custom-made loudspeaker components with major success."

(Lee Baldock)

Zero get ready to Mambo
Wednesday, 17 April 2002

Zero 88 launched their latest Frog desk - The Mambo Frog - at the SIB show in Rimini. T he Mambo Frog is a continuation of the Frog desk range, and shares many features with the other desks, including similar styling, design and case size as a Fat Frog. Designed with the club, disco and music touring sectors in mind, the desk is primarily a 'fixture only' console. It has no preset faders to control dimmers, although dimmers can be controlled by assigning them as fixtures and using the desk wheels.

Due to the design and interfaces of the Mambo Frog, it is a very powerful and flexible club controller. The combination of a theatre style memory stack, along with both fader and button controlled submasters makes fast-access to lighting states possible. In intelligent-only or rigs with a small number of dimmers, this desk is ideal. It's small size and flexible playbacks mean, again, that it is a fast desk to operate and program.

(Lee Baldock)


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