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dancingGLP Bars dance with the stars
Friday, 30 October 2020

USA - Global design firm, DX7 Design, recently embarked on its second season of lighting the hit American TV dance competition Dancing With The Stars, shot at CBS Television City in Hollywood.
Production loaded in at the end of August and the show runs for 11 weeks, culminating in the final over Thanksgiving weekend, at the end of November.
After featuring GLP fixtures heavily on the last series, LD Tom Sutherland has raised the bar even higher this time, deploying 150 GLP fixtures, predominantly X4 Bars and JDC1 hybrid strobes, in his ever-changing landscape. “We reprogramme weekly,” he explained. “Then we bring in extras for certain dances week-to-week if the creative team call for them.”
The lighting brief is heavily dictated by the set design. “[Production designer] Florian Wieder has created a modern take on an art deco ballroom. It’s essential that the lighting and set work in harmony,” he said. “Many elements of the set have been built to contain fixtures of our specification, which is great as it keeps everything looking neat and tidy.”
Turning to the GLP deployment, he said: “I’ve always been a great fan of their products. The X4 Bar and JDC1 strobes are my workhorses on many shows. I love to use those fixtures.”
Sutherland has added in quite a few extra GLP fixtures for this season - all supplied by local vendor Felix Lighting. “These fill in the gaps where we used to have an audience,” he said. “This year we are using 70 X4 Bar 20’s, 66 JDC1 strobes and 14 GLP X4’s.
“In televisi

news-nation-c-dak-dillonChroma-Q fixtures light WGN News Nation
Friday, 30 October 2020

USA - Eastern Lighting Design has been relying on Chroma-Q products for many years and many projects, including their most recent lighting design project for WGN’s News Nation studio. Specialising in TV and broadcast studios, Matt Gordon, president of Eastern Lighting, along with VP of design Mick Smith, and supported by Barbizon Lighting Company, worked through the COVID-19 pandemic to provide the lighting for the Chicago based facility.
“Working through a pandemic has been a real learning experience and adjustment.” explains Matt “I am still surprised how quickly we were able to turn around the project within the given time-lines considering that most of the world was in lockdown. We opted to work during the night in order to practice social distancing from other trades.”
News Nation is a new national newscast programme that was going into WGNs old, 3,500sq.ft, Studio 3. The studio was completely gutted and redesigned from the ground up in addition to a 12,000sq.ft newsroom with a 2,000sq.ft broadcast space in the middle of that space.
The turn around for the studio was very tight, approximately six months, with a short extension to account for COVID-19 closures and challenges. Clickspring Design quickly put a scenic design in place that integrated many lighting positions into the architecture of the space. Creating lighting that can be built into the set enabled it so that fixtures would be more aesthetically pleasing during wide-angle camera shots. Eastern Lighting always likes to work with clean sightlines, fitting the lighting desi

betamshalomSymetrix at heart of White Plains synagogue
Friday, 30 October 2020

USA - Nestled in the Highlands neighbourhood of White Plains, New York sits Bet Am Shalom Synagogue.
In 2016, systems integrator Shadowbox Design Management installed a Prism 12x12 at Bet Am Shalom as the heart of a public address/reinforcement system with four main zones - the main synagogue, chapel, multifunction room, and library.
In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 global pandemic caused historic changes to common gathering spaces necessitating strict social distancing rules. This unexpected event imposed new rules and restrictions on how the synagogue could utilize their floor space and ultimately resulted in a mandatory halt in services and activities for their congregants.
Leaders of Bet Am Shalom contacted Shadowbox Design Management to find a way to upgrade the audio system throughout the facility so the synagogue could continue their services while following the new CDC guidelines. They needed to expand the system’s ability to combine the spaces and route audio from anywhere on demand -allowing the synagogue to continue serving their congregation and community.
Although new standards of social distancing forced adjustments to the usage patterns of the facility, the thoughtful system design by Shadowbox in 2016 powered with a Symetrix Prism 12x12 DSP was well-equipped to adapt to the synagogue’s evolving connectivity and system control needs.
With the Symetrix Prism 12x12 DSP, the necessary functionality for additional audio routing within and between common spaces was already built into the system. Relatively minor tweaks t

robe-vejle-musikteater-img5086Vejle Musikteater re-opens with Robe rig
Friday, 30 October 2020

Denmark - Vejle Musikteater, in the fjord-side town of Vejle is usually a bustling hub for live entertainment, offering a mix of band concerts, dance and DJ events, theatre production and conferences, events and presentations.
Like most venues, it closed as COVID-19 spread worldwide, stopping the industry in its tracks in March. However, far from becoming a ghost-like shell of its former self, staff, management and crew have been busy in the last six month overseeing a complete technical refit and the Musikteater has just cautiously reopened for shows and business to reduced capacities and a new set of COVID-compliant operational rules and regulations.
During this long ‘dark’ period, the venue’s technical manager Rasmus Primdahl explained, they purchased 16 new Robe Esprite LED Profiles which have been added to the existing 16 x Esprites - selected after extensive comparative in-house testing with competitor products - and acquired at the end of 2019 from Robe’s Danish distributor, Light Partner.
The Esprites join 16 Spiiders and 16 Tetra2 moving LED battens which are also new for 2020 plus 10 LEDWash 600s and eight Spikie fixtures which were already at the venue which invested in Robe steadily in recent years.
The moving lights have provided an adaptable solution that works with numerous setups across all their performance spaces.
Additionally, just recently they also just purchased five Robe PixelPATTs which are used to help create atmospheric backgrounds for streaming applications and for adding scenic ‘prop’ dimensions

boisdale9Yamaha backs live music in Belgravia
Friday, 30 October 2020

UK - In these difficult times for the live entertainment industry, Yamaha is working with both practical measures and its #BringingLive2Life campaign to help audiences and performers alike to experience live entertainment again. One of its first successes was playing a key role in helping Boisdale of Belgravia - the first live venue in London to reopen.
Boisdale is a chain of four themed restaurants, located in London’s Belgravia, Bishopsgate, Canary Wharf and Mayfair. Before lockdown they featured live music every night, with a number of well-known artists - including Alexander O’Neal, Mica Paris, Natasha Hamilton, Rebecca Ferguson and Omar - booked for the Canary Wharf restaurant.
Boisdale managing director Ranald Macdonald has previously worked with Yamaha Music London and, as the national lockdown began to ease, contacted retail operations manager Stephen Davies to see if the company could help to restart live performances in a safe, sustainable way.
“Ranald and I came up with the idea of moving the artists they had booked for the 250-capacity Canary Wharf restaurant to the smaller Belgravia venue, playing two sets a night for two sittings of diners,” says Stephen.
As a result, on 15 August, Boisdale Belgravia was the first live London venue to reopen.
To make the initiative financially viable and ensure that live performances could be staged according to Government guidance, Yamaha Music London sponsored the stage and offered Ranald a combination of loaned and purchased equipment. This included a TF-RACK mixer and a pair of

lospentecostalesnewportnewsDanley drives audio at Newport News church
Thursday, 29 October 2020

USA - Los Pentecostales de Newport News is a Pentecostal church serving the Hispanic community in Newport News, Virginia. Pastor Mario Zunzunegui delivers impassioned services and encourages strong community bonds.
When local production and integration firm Sound Ideas provided a Danley rig for an outdoor Covid-19 service, Pastor Mario and the rest of the congregation saw new possibilities for clarity and impact. After a successful indoor demo, the church now has its own high-impact Danley system composed of SM80F full range loudspeakers FLX12 monitors, and a DNA 20k4 Pro amplifier.
Los Pentecostales de Newport started out years ago with an MI-grade sound reinforcement system and upgraded significantly three years ago with the help of Sound Ideas (design and installation) and Winter Sound (the actual sale of the equipment). Sound Ideas owner Paul Popadak continued his involvement with the church maintaining the new system. Thus, when Pastor Mario heard that Popadak was helping area churches deliver outdoor services during Virginia’s Covid-19 lockdown, he asked him to help at Los Pentecostales.
“Los Pentecostales de Newport News has a congregation of around 450,” Popadak explained. “They like their services loud with lots of bass. I had to explain to Pastor Mario that my stereo pair of Danley SM80 loudspeakers and four TH118 subwoofers were really about one-quarter of the system they had in their sanctuary – and we would be outdoors. I said, ‘maybe expect a little less’. But it turned out to be a lot more. Everyone was stunned at the co

digicofullsail1Full Sail University installs DiGiCo Quantum338
Thursday, 29 October 2020

USA - Full Sail University, the media arts and technology educational institution located in Winter Park, Florida, has purchased a DiGiCo Quantum338, which has been installed in Full Sail Live 1. The console is also equipped with the new DMI-KLANG in-ear mixing expansion card, bringing immersive audio capabilities to the Quantum338.
Further, the school has also upgraded its existing DiGiCo SD7 console with a Quantum engine, endowing it with many of the same features as the Quantum338, including Mustard and Spice Rack processing. The SD7’s metamorphosis into a Quantum7 will allow all of the school’s DiGiCo components to operate on an Optocore network, including a newly-acquired DiGiCo SD-Rack with Ultimate Stadius 32-bit microphone pre-amp and DAC output cards.
“The Quantum338 will become our new flagship console for our Show Production degree programme students,” says Dana Roun, audio arts education director, who developed Full Sail’s Live Production training curriculum in 1981, two years after the university first opened in 1979. “We do a wide range of event and learning scenarios in that facility, and the Quantum338 will be a tremendous asset there thanks to its power, flexibility, and functionality.”
Roun notes that DiGiCo desks have been part of Full Sail’s teaching arsenal for over a decade. In fact, the SD7 that just received the Quantum engine upgrade has been in place for 10 years, in a Full Sail Live 1 control room where students use it to mix pre-recorded live sound tracks, and where it will continue to be available to stud

solid-studiosSolid Studios enjoys successful run
Thursday, 29 October 2020

South Africa - Capetonians Alex Van Dyk from Solid Group and Alan Muller created Solid Studios that ran from April to the start of October this year.
When the South African lockdown was first implemented, Alex and Alan initially started chatting over the phone about PPE, hoping to generate an alternative income. The conversation turned to how many people were now streaming, and they smiled, talking about newbies to the platform showing up with coffee in hand and dressed in slippers! It dawned on them that if they paired up, created a studio and ran it as if it were a tv paying client, they would achieve broadcast quality.
Alex is the owner of technical supply company Solid Group and had the space to facilitate a studio and the necessary quality gear, including a Green Hippo Amba+ media server. Alan, in turn, is a lighting designer for EDM and Dance Around the World type festivals. In the industry for close to 30 years, he cut his teeth in the television market, particularly from a lighting point of view, and has gained knowledge and skill for both TV lighting and set design.
“Alex and I met in person for the very first time over the Covid-19 period," said Alan. "We looked at the Solid Group warehouse and decided to design a 10m x 10m studio. Being a television studio, we didn't need a stage.” Based on the studio’s LED design, the Hippotizer was critical in how they expanded the set. With content playing a major role, they were also able to create abstract shapes and designs with the powerful tool.
“James Rogers, a passionate AV technic

shoppingcartfestival07E-V & Dynacord support Shopping Cart festival
Thursday, 29 October 2020

Germany - Badensound event company has worked out a new concert concept that uses existing infrastructure to host performances complying with the local COVID regulations. This concept led to a partnership with Edeka Südwest supermarkets to create the ‘shopping cart festival’.
Taking place from 31 August until 5 September in Offenburg, the festival featured famous German artists performing in front of 500 people, the maximum number of people currently allowed for large gatherings, in the parking lot of an Edeka supermarket. Shopping carts were used as social distancing tools to adhere to the COVID regulations. On the technical side, Badensound used the festival to give Dynacord’s new MXE5 matrix mix engine its German debut.
"Now is exactly the right time to organize an attractive festival in the region, to offer artists a platform and to support the corona-impacted event industry," says Rainer Huber of Edeka Südwest, describing the idea behind the new festival.
Badensound deployed an Electro-Voice X2 line-array system to ensure powerful main PA sound for the festival, featuring two hangs of 12 X2-212 elements per side, with low-frequency support from 16 X12-128 subwoofers. Twelve Electro-Voice MFX multi-functional loudspeakers were used as stage-fills and stage-monitors, complemented by Dynacord V17 subs and Cobra cabinets as drum-fills. Near and out-fills consisted of an additional 24 Electro-Voice XLE compact line-array elements.
Dynacord amplifiers powered the entire sound system. A dozen TGX20 four-channel and three IPX 10:8 eight

apgAPG provides endless audio for Jarre project
Thursday, 29 October 2020

France - The Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille (PBA) - a public museum dedicated to fine arts, modern art, and antiquities - is one of the largest venues of its kind in France and, as such, welcomes thousands of visitors each year to enjoy its collections by Rubens, Van Dyck, Goya, and Delacroix among others.
Despite the continual disruption caused by COVID-19 the museum unveiled on 15 July a new exhibition: the sixth edition of Open Museum Music. At the core of this exhibition sits a visionary creation, which has been developed by electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre in partnership with digital musical instrument and app creator BLEASS.
The artwork, known as EōN, has been designed to immerse visitors in ‘an endless audio and visual experience thanks to constantly evolving music and an endless organic progression of the visual content’.
The first incarnation of EōN, created by BLEASS under the artistic direction of Jean-Michel Jarre, was an app able to generate endless music and visuals. Another Frenchman, Dr Alexis André, who is based at Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo, was responsible for the creation of EōN’s striking visual content.
Jean-Michel Jarre said about EōN: “It probably is one of the most exciting creative projects I’ve worked on since Oxygène. I have always wanted to create music that is specific to each listener, capable of constantly evolving in terms of rhythm, tonality, tempo, melody and texture. So here it is. EōN is conceived and composed as a

chinaSE Audiotechnik celebrates 40th anniversary
Thursday, 29 October 2020

China - Michael von Keitz started SE Audiotechnik back in 1980,. While the head office is still in Solingen, the production - 100% German-owned - has been taking place in the company's own factory in Jiashan (China) since 1997. This is where the annual Music Festival was held for the third time running; and this time to also celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary.
The third SE Audiotechnik Music Festival in China took place as planned on 16 October this year, under strict safety and hygiene conditions. Although the weather was inhospitable, more than 750 guests, partners and fans gathered on the company's premises. They were able to network with the 600 employees on site, and learn more about the products from SE Audiotechnik and the other brands gathered under the roof of parent company Speaker Trade.
They also had the opportunity to celebrate a festival with music, workshops and culinary delights. Unfortunately, guests from the German headquarters could not attend this year, and also international partners could not attend due to the strict entry and security regulations in place.
A wide range of entertainment and information was provided for national business and OEM customers - the full range of products from all the brands could be viewed, tested and discussed in detail in their own tents. Product demonstrations and training sessions were also held in the numerous halls and spacious outdoor areas. The manufacturing facilities were available to view.
The workshops focused on the special applications of the compact PA systems from SE

university-of-warsaw-chooses-microflex-complete-wirelessr-for-the-historical-senate-hallheaderUniversity of Warsaw chooses Microflex
Thursday, 29 October 2020

Poland - Established in 1816, the University of Warsaw is the largest university in Poland with over 50,000 students, 21 faculties and a total of 126 buildings across the city.
Located in the most famous street of Warsaw and surrounded by palaces from the 18th Century, the main campus consists of two spaces (Golden Hall and the Senate Hall) where the most important celebrations and events of the University take place.
With a diverse events schedule that covers conferences, meetings, university readings and the annual meetings of the University Senate, a decision was reached to upgrade the AV solution within the Senate Hall, with the university opting for the performance and reliability of Shure’s Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW) system.
With the increasing number of devices communicating in the 2.4GHz band causing constant problems for the AV team at the university, and an old AV system unable to cope with the daily requirements and growing RF environment density across campus, a system was required that would offer solid transmission. And, with an ever-changing room layout, a completely wireless system was needed to help with the task of seamless room turnaround.
Various AV systems were tested and trialled within the Senate Hall, with transmitter build, transmission reliability and inferior plastic microphone sockets scrutinised for the probability of accidental or unwanted disconnection of microphones during use, leading to unnecessary nervousness and stress among participants - issues the university’s AV department were keen to avoid

guildhallGuildhall School brings music back with Dante
Thursday, 29 October 2020

UK - Key to the Guildhall School of Music & Drama’s musical curricula is its annual award for The Gold Medal - a performance competition that began in 1915 and had taken place uninterrupted through 2019. Because of the global pandemic in 2020, the annual May performance had to be put on hold as teaching moved online during the summer term.
“Because of COVID we needed to be swift in our response to ensure things like The Gold Medal could occur and, very importantly, that in-person classes could still take place with full scale participation,” says Julian Hepple, head of recording and audio visual at Guildhall School. “To make that happen we quickly turned to Dante and Dante Domain Manager. And, in September, as we returned to in-person teaching, we were able to hold The Gold Medal and broadcast the performance online."
Dante allows audio, control, and all other data to coexist effectively on the same network. For Guildhall School, Dante enabled them to solve COVID-related challenges both with their live performances and their virtual learning environment.
To adhere to social distancing requirements, The Gold Medal performances were constructed across four separate rooms. The largest space was populated by those on string instruments and the piano, with each participant located two meters apart. Woodwind and brass instruments were split up each into their own rooms, with three meters of space allocated between performers. Finally, the conductor was located in a fourth room. The challenge of this setup, of course, was collaboration between

bannerman-island3Elation lights Illuminance on Bannerman Island
Thursday, 29 October 2020

USA - Some of the only ticketed live concerts in New York State in recent months took place 30 September - 4 October on Bannerman Island. Illuminance, a fundraising concert by the Daisy Jopling Band, received special permission from the State of New York to hold five nights of open-air concerts amid the natural surroundings and magical ruins of Bannerman Castle.
Daisy Jopling is a classical/rock violinist who tours with her own band and also runs a music mentorship foundation. Illuminance featured performances by the Daisy Jopling Band, Michael Feigenbaum, Sal Lagonia, and local youth musicians with proceeds benefiting the Daisy Jopling Music Mentorship Foundation and the Bannerman Castle Trust. Five days of sold out shows, two shows per day with 20 lucky guests per show, were lit by New York City Lites using a lighting package of Elation Professional IP-rated luminaires.
Deke Hazirjian and Jimmy Lawlor of New York City Lites served as lighting designer and associate lighting designer respectively on the project. Hazirjian, president and senior lighting designer at the company, was approached by the Bannerman Castle Trust to light the concert series. Having worked on Bannerman Island before, in 1998 and 2007, he knew well the difficulties working on the island presented.
“The island is literally a rock in the middle of the Hudson River and poses a number of challenges,” he said. “The terrain is rugged and there is no electricity on the island so the only way to get power is to bring in a generator. Weather can also be a big pro

bromptontechnologyepiclondonlabcreditarriBrompton Technology runs Epic Games’ processing
Wednesday, 28 October 2020

UK - Based in London’s Fitzrovia, Epic Games’ London Innovation Lab is a hub for the creative community, offering creators across industries a platform to produce real-time content and immersive virtual experiences, using Epic’s Unreal Engine (UE) software. The new curved LED Volume, recently installed at the Lab and running on Brompton Technology processing, is a testament to the company’s continuous commitment to empower new ways of content creation using the latest technology advances.
Whilst UE has been at the forefront of Virtual Production (VP) since the first workflows began to emerge, it is the first time that the company has introduced its state-of-the-art virtual studio, working with partners such as Brompton Technology, ARRI and creative technical production company 80six, ‘to bring the magic of virtual production to life’.
“Our initial conversations with Brompton took place at this year’s ISE, where we met with several other vendors to discuss our needs to create a virtual production studio at our Innovation Lab in London,” says Epic’s technical artist, Ben Kidd. “Brompton’s Tessera processing ticked all our boxes, so we were very keen to go ahead and test the full LED solution in situ.”
The arrangement was made between teams at 80six, Brompton and Epic to have demo ROE LED screens and Brompton Tessera S8 LED processors delivered to the Lab facility. However, due to the lockdown the project had to be postponed until late April. Following eased restrictions, the equipment was finally shipped to Epic and further t

swanlake1Swan Lake tour supported by Chauvet Silens
Wednesday, 28 October 2020

France - The Ballet Preljocaj production Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is currently touring Europe.
Created and choreographed by Grand Prix National de la Danse Award winner Angelin Preljocaj, the production, which debuted before a socially distanced audience at the Grand Théâtre de Provence, blends dance with narration in a contemporary arrangement of the classic work. Supporting the performance by the programme’s 27 dancers was a balanced Eric Soyer lighting design that featured Silens 2 Profile fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
“We first discovered this silent fixture during a demonstration produced by RT-Events at the all-new SMAC in Aix in Provence,” said Luc Corazza, technical director of the Ballet Preljocaj. “There were five of us who saw the demonstration, and the response was unanimous. We were all seduced by its colour management, total ease of use, and clever mixture of additive and subtractive. Then there was also the variable frost, impressive efficiency and quality of the Profile module, with light always straight even in maximum aperture - and of course, it was silent.”
Impressed with this demonstration at SMAC the technical team at Ballet Preljocaj took a Maverick Silens 2 Profile home to their theatre. After another look at the fixture in their 1400-seat venue, they were convinced; so, they went ahead and acquired 14 units of the fixture for the Swan Lake tour.
The initial quantity they decided upon was 12 machines, but this was increased to 14 units for the sake of maintaining consistency with the res

konzerthausdortmund4Konzerthaus Dortmund upgrades with Harman Pro
Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Germany - Looking to provide guests an improved live sound experience, Konzerthaus Dortmund collaborated with Audio Pro and integrators B+B Event Technology to upgrade its sound system with a Harman Professional audio solution.
One of the leading concert and event halls in Germany, Konzerthaus Dortmund hosts hundreds of shows each year and can accommodate up to 1,550 guests. With acts ranging from classical music and piano recitals to pop and rock-and-roll concerts, mixed with an increased demand for loudspeaker-supported events, the venue decided to invest in a new audio system that delivers pristine sound for all types of genres and performances.
Originally planning for the install to take place towards the end of 2020, a halt in events and gatherings due to COVID-19 sped up the timeline. During the break in action, Konzerthaus used the time to upgrade from its previous JBL system in preparation for when concerts and live events returned. Designed and installed by Audio Pro and B+B, the new-and-improved Harman Professional audio solution features an array of JBL Professional VTX, VerTec and VRX Series loudspeakers.
“Konzerthaus continued to see an increase in the number of amplified shows, so the need for higher-end equipment to support these shows also increased,” explains Carsten Peter of Audio Pro. “The venue features a relatively long reverberation time with a complex acoustical environment, so we didn’t want to send any energy against the wall. After several days of listening tests, it was clear that the Harman system and JBL loudspea

genelecroxyhotelphoto2Genelec keeps The Roxy cool under canvas
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

USA - Formerly known as the Tribeca Grand Hotel, the Roxy Hotel is a 201-room property in the heart of Manhattan's Tribeca neighbourhood. Amenities include an in-room pet goldfish (on request) and free loaner bicycles - and multiple bars offer regular live music, including a jazz club and cocktail lounge.
The newest amenity is a cocktail and dining area under the hotel’s marquee, designed for a bite and sip in a pandemic-safe environment. But the hotel didn’t skimp on sound: a pair of Genelec 4430A Smart IP Installation Speakers were installed there over the summer by integrator Essential Communications, which had earlier installed and then updated the hotel’s distributed sound system.
“The Roxy is all about music and all about great sound,” says David Schwartz, president of Essential Communications, which specialises in AV for hospitality clients, among others. “When you want to convey the idea of quality, Genelec is the best choice of speaker, because Genelec is all about sound quality. It’s why musicians, record producers and recording engineers use them.”
And the Genelec 4430A proved the right fit for the hotel’s needs. Weighing barely 11 pounds, and approximately 11 inches high, seven inches wide and seven inches deep, the 4430 delivers full-range sound in a compact package, and its weather-resistant finish makes it suitable for covered outdoor applications such as this.
What also caught Schwartz’s attention was its inclusion of power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and Genelec’s traditional self-powered operation. The 4430A o

chicagoNobu Chicago installs Martin Audio CDD
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

USA - Nobu Hotels blend modern luxury and minimal Japanese tradition into the concept of a lifestyle hotel - which is exactly what Robert De Niro, chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and Meir Teper wanted when they decided to open a property in Chicago.
The development team sourced architects, designers, GCs, suppliers, and hospitality experts for the 115-room hotel, restaurant and rooftop scene, complete with an indoor lounge and outdoor terrace.
Technology had to contribute to the guest experience, and sound was no exception. Nobu wanted a team of experts to come in and run with audio-visual and structured cabling and to own the entire project. Encompass AV gave the team an opportunity to flex their design, acoustics, infrastructure, and overall hospitality strengths.
Encompass AV plugged in with the developers early, ‘rethinking the entire buildscape for more efficient structured cabling that ensured greater network infrastructure’. They also wired the entire building with performance for Nobu’s high-end system requirements, as well as low-voltage and electrical systems, all while integrating seamlessly with other vendors on the site.
System design was focused entirely on the guest experience from display screens that come down on mechanical lifts with the touch of an iPad, to audio systems that deliver extremely high-quality sound across Nobu’s many settings.
One of the key elements in this was Martin Audio’s differential dispersion technology to provide even coverage throughout the hotel. “Nobu had never used Martin Audio before, so t

dubaiCT on course for Dubai half marathon
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

UAE - Creative Technology (CT) was this year's official communications partner for the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon, which took place Friday 23 October at Dubai International Financial District. The event which saw more than 400 runners from over 40 countries take part was the first mass-running event to take place in the UAE since the start of the pandemic in March.
With a range of measures in place to ensure the safety of all participants, this year's marathon was able to have three different race categories ranging from 5km, 10km and 21km.
Adding to the event’s safety protocols, CT provided site-wide communication to support the event organisers across the 21km site. This enabled seamless communication between the event organisers and their teams while adhering to all social distancing parameters and guidelines.
The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon organisers received support from Dubai Sports Council, Dubai Police and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in organising the event.
CT's Middle East integrated networks technical manager, Rob Turner comments, "As physical events start back up we are seeing an increase in demand for communication systems. What once was an afterthought on an event is now at the forefront of everyone's mind as people become more conscious to carefully manage people's movements. Our communication systems are helping clients provide a safe solution for event crew and delegates to communicate while adhering to socially distancing guidelines."
"Promoseven sports marketing (PSM) extend an acknowledgement of o

scout-productions1-1ShowXpress helps Scout Productions’ return
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

USA - Hunter Hughes and his crew at Scout Productions hadn’t worked on an event in well over six months, when they signed on recently to provide lighting and sound for a small outdoor country music show near Landsdale, PA.
“Although 10 years of experience certainly hasn’t been forgotten, it was good to be able to go back to a gig with familiar gear like Chauvet DJ’s ShowXpress, and the ease of use that’s associated with it,” said Hughes. “We are really comfortable working with ShowXpress, so it was nice have it on our ‘return gig’. We use many different fixture profiles with ShowXpress software. Having it at this event enabled us to programme our show quickly.”
Hughes worked his Xpress-Rack 1024 with a split power line that enables the unit to run without the need for a laptop by using pre-programmed cues with either the onboard buttons or via IR remote.
“The rack features True1 power in and out, three-pin DMX out with five-pin adapters that stay in our rack drawer, plus USB B 3.0 inputs for programming computers with the ability to run two 1024 units at the same time in one rack,” said Hughes. “The unit also features 15A Edison power outputs which run through our M8X power conditioner for protection. There are two available universes that the Xpress 1024 rack provides onboard as well as additional ArtNet universes available.”
Programming his show with this setup, Hughes created a variety of colourful looks on the open bandstand stage for the country quintet. A collection of six RGB washes that were hung upstage pr

audient-adam-bonner-and-jamie-tinsley-tr107524Audient aids AfterLive Music service
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

UK - Having sat through one too many ‘tin-pot’ live performances during lockdown, a group of live event professionals have got together to create audio and video production service, AfterLive Music. Inspired to help bands, performers, record labels and promoters to present live performances in a way that provides audiences with an authentic and captivating ‘in the room’ viewing experience (whilst keeping within COVID-19 guidelines) performances are recorded, mixed and mastered with the help of Audient gear.
“It was our love of live music that brought us together, and drives us and this project forward,” says Adam Bonner, who along with Jamie Tinsley looks after all things audio. “We didn’t feel that early lockdown live performances were representing the artist in a good way at all. Poor audio quality was my biggest issue.” Adam has spent his last five years as FOH/PM for prog rock act, Haken and taking on high-end corporate work. Jamie, who has toured and mixed monitors for Rag’N’Bone Man, Sam Smith and Will Young was also keen to get back to ‘live’ work, as well as spend more time honing his studio recording techniques.
Handpicking his team, Adam set up at Subfrantic Production Services in Bromley, where AfterLive Music hires a purpose-built studio comprising three spaces: live room, green room and control/mix room. The audio is captured in the live room and recorded via Dante into two machines running Logic (main and backup), providing up to 64 channels of multitrack recording.
All of the post-production (audio and vid

belmont-1Bandit Lites on the campaign trail in Belmont
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

USA - More than 55m viewers watched as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden met for the final presidential debate at Belmont University. Bandit Lites supplied the university’s exterior and site lighting, illuminating the campus in striking patriotic and branded looks.
Lighting designer Chris Lisle designed the exterior event lighting, working to up light and enhance any building or structures that would be seen as part of the televised broadcast, including the two main entrances to the Curb Event Centre (where the debates took place), the Bell Tower (the main focus point of the campus) and the historic Freeman Hall (which boasts high visibility from Wedgewood Avenue).
Lisle contacted Bandit Lites vice president Mike Golden about a year prior, and even then he had a plan for the exterior. “To look back at that preliminary work seems more like a lifetime ago, but Chris’s specification remained solid and aside from the questions regarding the debate schedule, everything went according to plan,” said Golden.
The lighting was placed two weeks prior to the debate, meaning the fixtures would need to be hardy enough to survive the weather. Bandit Lites supplied more than 160 fixtures for the event.
“For overall building wash, I used the Elation Paladin,” explained Lisle. “Since its debut, it has been my go-to fixture for these type events. For column and building uplight, we used a mixture of the Elation SixPar IP and the Chauvet Solo Batten; both fixtures are super bright and gave us that punch we needed to accent

robe-the-killers-espn-las-vegas-img3412-pRobe raises the roof for The Killers in Las Vegas
Tuesday, 27 October 2020

USA - Signalling the start of the new NFL season, The Killers staged a special, highly symbolic one-off performance of their anthemic Mr Brightside on the rooftop of Caesar’s Palace for the Las Vegas Raiders who have just moved into the newly completed Allegiant Stadium.
Produced for ESPN, the segment’s lighting design was created remotely by The Killers’ long-term lighting designer Steven Douglas, who included 43 x Robe MegaPointes and 14 CycFX 8 moving LED battens on the rig, supplied by lighting vendor LMG.
Steven was working from home in Ireland, unable to travel due to international restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic. He received a brief about the look of the piece from director Dagen Merrill plus ESPN’s creative team, and his design was realised on site by lighting programmer and operator Josh Spodick and the LMG crew.
The brief specifically called for lots of glitzy beamy through-shots for this clip celebrating the new stadium and welcoming the Raiders to the new season.
A couple of weeks earlier, the band - who come from Las Vegas - had performed a special set in the same location including songs from their new album Imploding the Mirage for Radio 2’s Live at Home series. Prior to that, the band also streamed two shows from LMG’s extensive rehearsal space which has numerous such events since the pandemic began and effectively shut down the live events industry.
A small stage deck was built on the rooftop at Caesar’s Palace measuring 48ft wide and 16ft deep and 2ft high to elevate the


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