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amazoniaRT Events reflects vision of Amazônia in Avignon
Friday, 25 November 2022

France - Internationally acclaimed Franco-Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado is showing Amazônia, his seven-years-in-the-making photographic journey into the still-unspoiled heart of the world’s greatest and most awe-inspiring wilderness.
Salgado’s work is fittingly celebrated at the Amazônia Exhibition at Palais des Papes in Avignon, which runs until 30 November. Designed by Lélia Wanick Salgado and accompanied by evocative music from Jean-Michel Jarre specifically written for the occasion, this experience features over 200 black & white photographs that reflect the striking complexity and beauty of the Amazon.
Enhancing the power of the exhibit and making it even more transformative is a balanced lighting design by RT Events that features 166 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Subtle and discrete, their lighting manages to add to the exhibit’s immersive effect without ever distracting from the deeply personal experience visitors have losing themselves in the mesmerizing photographic images. This accomplishment was not lost on Salgado who noted: “The RT events team did a brilliant job, achieving a strong chiaroscuro that was very consistent with my photography.”
As usual, creating “magic” requires a great deal of planning and hard work. The lighting of Amazônia in the Palais des Papes was no exception. The great chapel of the revered and historic structure where the exhibit took place was completed during the pontificate of Clement VI in 1351. It is a hauntingly beautiful space with excellent acoustics,

robe-phoebe-bridgersRobe tours with Phoebe Bridgers in UK and USA
Friday, 25 November 2022

USA/Europe - The music of Phoebe Bridgers has been captivating an ever-growing fanbase since her first album release in 2017, with lighting designer Spike Kienholz Inglis of Spike Design having been lighting the artist since those early days.
The LA-based singer / songwriter released her second album, Punisher, in 2020. With live events and touring disrupted at the time due to covid, she is now mid-way through a 2022 world tour which started in the US, before moving to Europe for a festival blast through the summer, and ultimately culminating in a UK headliner tour.
For the US leg of the tour, Spike specified a full Robe moving light rig – with 24 x MegaPointes, 24 x Spiiders, 16 x Tetra1s and six Fortes – all supplied by Gateway Studios & Production from St Louis.
Spike first encountered Robe’s products whilst touring Europe in 2014 and has been a big brand advocate ever since. Most of his tours for the last five or six years have featured either Pointes or MegaPointes.
For the Phoebe Bridgers design, five of the Fortes were positioned on the deck with the sixth used as a centre rear key spot flown on a mid-stage truss. Spike describes Robe’s current most powerful moving light as “fantastic” and appreciates the streamlined size for the brightness and power they emit.
Of the 24 x MegaPointes, 16 were in the air and eight on the floor and they were the primary workhorses of the rig. “They look great and are extremely reliable,” he noted.
Eight of the Spiiders were on floor towers as sidelight, used heav

taylor-hawkinsBrit Row supports Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts
Friday, 25 November 2022

UK - The untimely passing of Foo Fighters’ drummer, Taylor Hawkins, left the music industry in a state of shock, with some even speculating as to whether the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees would ever perform again.
However the remaining members decided – with the blessing of Hawkins’ family – to hold two all-star concerts in tribute to their late friend, colleague and bandmate, which were held at London’s Wembley Stadium on 3 September and the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on 27 September.
Britannia Row Productions, which has supplied audio equipment and crew to the Foo Fighters global touring activities for over two decades, were trusted to deliver audio reinforcement for this pair of mammoth televised shows.
The six-hour marathon concert at Wembley Stadium was curated with a stellar line-up of artists to honour Hawkins’ life, including Liam Gallagher – who performed Oasis classics Rock 'N' Roll Star and Live Forever – Wolfgang Van Halen, Rush, the Pretenders, Supergrass, Queen, and Hawkins’ 16-year-old son, Shane, who played the drums on Foo Fighters hit, My Hero, in one of the evening’s most poignant moments.
Following weeks of careful planning and preparation from Brit Row’s dedicated team, the company provided 14 engineers and technicians for the emotionally charged show, and a large deployment of L-Acoustics speakers comprising K1, K2, KS28, Kara II, and A15s.
“Out front, our SSL FOH control package was operated by Antony King,” said Brit Row director and Foo Fighters account handl

cuthbertsCloudPower aids flexible worship at St Cuthbert’s
Friday, 18 November 2022

UK - Apes CloudPower amplifiers have been installed as part of a complete audio system overhaul at St Cuthbert’s church in Wood Green, North London.
St Cuthbert’s turned to AV consultants and integrators, Noiseboys Technologies, to specify and install a new audio system for music amplification and speech reproduction that covered the church with better, clearer sound, and that had the versatility to be used in multiple orientations and settings.
The church’s existing 100V audio system had been designed purely for speech amplification and no longer reflected the needs of a worship team which plays as a band with drums, keyboard, electric and acoustic guitars, and multiple singers. The old speakers positioned on the exterior walls struggled to provide coverage for the full congregation and the system lacked the flexibility to facilitate the church’s busy programme of worship, education, and community events.
A pair of four 700W Apex CloudPower CP704 amplifiers was chosen to drive all loudspeakers in the church. Noiseboys Technologies director, Phill Beynon had been introduced to CloudPower amplifiers by Mike Roissetter from Apex’s UK distributor, FBT Audio (UK), and quickly saw their potential to address the need for flexibility in the St Cuthbert’s project. “Aside from Sunday morning and evening services the church hosts different events and meetings, some of which are seated facing the front, some using café style tables, and some conducted from mid-way in the room, or at the opposite end to the traditional orientation,” Beynon exp

museumLeyard leads digital refit at Glasgow museum
Friday, 18 November 2022

UK - Originally opened by the late Queen in 1983, Glasgow’s celebrated Burrell Collection museum was recently reopened by King Charles in one of his first engagements as monarch, following a six-year long, £68m refurbishment. With a bold focus on digital presence and interpretation, LCD screens from Leyard Europe, were paramount in the museum’s refit.
Curated by Glasgow shipping magnate and art collector, Sir William Burrell and his wife Constance, the prestigious collection was gifted by the couple to the City in 1944, alongside funds for the construction of a museum to house it. After years searching for the appropriate site, the resulting building is a Scandinavian-inspired, award-winning design established in the city’s Pollok Country Park.
Many of the Collection’s significant and unique objects have been in storage for decades or never been on permanent display, but they are now on show thanks to a 35% increase in the museum’s gallery space. Partnering with audio visual multimedia integrator, D J Willrich, the venue’s AV team introduced digital technology, comprising video walls, interactive and hybrid systems, in a majority of the 24 galleries and public spaces, regenerating the displays with innovative elements to help visitors engage with the stories behind the Collection.
“At the forefront of the Burrell’s AV design is a series of bespoke LCD screens by top manufacturer, Leyard Europe,” explains Nicola Jagger from D J Willrich. “We specified Leyard’s Clarity Matrix G3 LX46X 4k LCD video wall system with ERO-LCD prote

dirty-monitorD-Mines goes En Voyage with Claude Monet
Friday, 18 November 2022

China - The work and creativity of one of the best known and most significant impressionist painters, Claude Monet, will attract all elements of art lovers in a new gallery concept presented in a special temporary venue erected at Hong Kong’s Xiqu Centre in the West Kowloon District.
This is thanks to some genius imagineering and teamwork between international video mapping, immersive experience and digital art creative studio, Dirty Monitor, and ChillHoYeah Hong Kong, a new company with a passion for art, technology, and experimentalism.
This collaboration was commissioned by exhibition organisers ChillHoYeah, a co-promoter with Dirty Monitor for En Voyage with Claude Monet which will run for three months at this site.
This is the first full scale project by D-Mines, Dirty Monitor’s brand-new creative content production management division headed up by Benjamin Bauwens, who has previously worked at ArKaos and as a video specialist for PRG. He enthused, “This is a hugely exciting idea set to revolutionise the way art can be appreciated – not just by traditional art lovers, but by new, different and diverse audiences who may not necessarily ever think of visiting a traditional art gallery.”
En Voyage with Claude Monet takes elements from 200 of the painter’s ephemeral and multi-layered masterworks. Many were painted during his extensive travels around France, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and more. Others included a selection painted in his famous garden in Giverny which was replete with perspectives, textures and

robe-twenty-one-pilotsRobe on the road with Twenty One Pilots
Friday, 18 November 2022

USA - The much anticipated Twenty One Pilots Icy tour hit the road this summer, offering lighting designer Tyler ‘Shap’ Shapard the chance to produce an elegant and imaginative lighting design based on atmospherically engineering the mood and vibes.
A cornerstone of this design was 80 x Robe MegaPointes explained Shap who collaborated closely on this tour with co-designer and programmer Dayne DeHaven. Their creative process involved Shap producing the essential looks and building blocks for each number and Dayne completing the ‘nuts and bolts’ programming which they finessed together. Shap was also on the road running lighting day-to-day.
MegaPointes are a personal favourite fixture of Shap’s and they have featured on the last two Twenty One Pilots tour cycles which included the immediately post Covid Takeover tour earlier in 2022, where the band played four different sized venues in six key cities, followed by an international summer festival tour.
The MegaPointes were dotted all over the five upstage / downstage orientated touring truss ‘fingers’ which gave the whole stage look an aura of architectural elegance and were joined by 21 x Robe BMFL WashBeams being used for primary key light, about which Shap is equally as enthusiastic.
“BMFL WashBeam is an epic great wash light. The framing shutters are fantastic, and when hung on a downstage truss with the zoom rolled right out, they bring an incredible depth to the picture. The intensity fall off is very limited along the BMFL zoom and it blends very naturally, producing that u

quantumDiGiCo Quantum mixes marathon arena run
Friday, 18 November 2022

Belgium - TV and music personality Bart Peeters has recently concluded a series of 26 sold-out concerts at Antwerp’s 8,000 capacity Lotto Arena, selecting DiGiCo’s Q338 console as the centrepiece.
A prolific touring artist, Peeters regularly performs in venues across the country and further afield in The Netherlands. The artist’s enhanced show, entitled Bart Peeters Deluxe - Live in the Lotte Arena, was devised to be located in one larger capacity venue to accommodate a more elaborate programme, delivered in several shorter runs over a year-long period, and recorded for a live album production.
“I have been working with Bart since 2007, first as his monitor engineer, and from 2014 as FOH engineer,” explains engineer, Roel Snellebrand. “For the smaller shows and theatre venues, we use two SD12 96 consoles, one at FOH and one for monitors, which gives us plenty of capacity, but the Deluxe shows and festival dates need a lot of extra inputs for guest performers and the choir. We needed to have more hands-on faders and screens, so the Quantum 338 was the logical upgrade from an SD12.”
Provided by Amptec, the Quantum 338 manages the standard setup for the band of around 48 inputs, plus around 40 extra inputs for the choir and guests. Snellebrand is also using a Waves Superrack system at FOH and an external Bricasti reverb as additional FX. The stage racks are SD Racks fitted with 32-bit I/O cards. The musicians are all using in-ear monitors, recently adopting a KLANG system, which enables easy integration into the DiGiCo environment

painting-with-lightPainting with Light enjoys busy summer
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Belgium - International show, visual and production design studio Painting with Light has enjoyed a busy summer and autumn back to full speed working on a wide range of projects and events embracing theatre, television, and live broadcast.
The company is headed by Luc Peumans, who comments, “It was fantastic for our team and all our clients to be back doing live shows with real audiences after two years of pandemic restrictions. While this ‘dark’ period forced us to be imaginative and inventive in creating entertainment and engagement, there is nothing like feeling the buzz and excitement of shows packed with crowds, anticipation, and real human experience.”
Tien Om Te Zien, a popular Sunday night VTM music show ran from 1989 – 2008 and was then rebooted in 2014 and 2021. The 2021 was such a success that the broadcaster revived the concept once again to run in summer 2022, on the beach at Westende in Flanders, this time with a live audience again.
Luc designed lighting taking the original 1989 tensile stage structure – revamped for 2022 by PWL’s creative partner and set specialist, Deusjevoo – as a starting point, choosing lighting fixtures that would fit around this and work well in the context.
He collaborated closely with PWL’s programmer Werner Dries and lighting operators Sieben Vanuffelen and Jeroen Opsteyn, dealing with challenges that included lighting the whole site and audience for camera as well as ensuring all the artists looked awesome for all the music fans watching live.
The artist line-up was very di

dts-simonas-lankutisKaunas state theatre revitalised with DTS
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Lithuania - Kaunas State Musical Theatre has been under reconstruction. UAB Sonus exsertus in cooperation with AB Light were responsible for the architectural lighting solution for the building's façade. Sonus exsertus deployed a range of the Italian-based DTS Lighting projects for this project.
According to the concept designer Arvydas Buinauskas the client's goal was to give liveliness to the theatre and make it more playful during the dark hours of the day. Artistic lighting was designed with the aim of transforming the building to the theme of a certain event. One of the challenges for the designer was to first give the very idea of how lighting a building must be done, highlighting the unique elements of the façade in pastel colours, so that it would not be annoying and that it could blend into the urban landscape environment.
With such a structure located in the city centre, next to a park, it is preferable for it to not stand out extravagantly but rather to integrate it into the general atmosphere of the city. Edmundas Žižys, head of Sonus exsertus which were the integrators of the project, says that the technical challenge was not to breach the requirements of cultural heritage which the theatre belongs to.
Special attention had to be paid when designing and laying the cables and choosing the suitable places for the lighting devices. The result is that the lighting system can be controlled both by zones and individually with respect to certain groups of luminaires. In this case, it is possible to control the colour on each individual s

wowGenelec fortifies immersive World of Wine
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Portugal - The new cultural district in Porto, known as World of Wine (WOW), comprises a cluster of museums, restaurants, and bars that form an immersive journey through the region’s port production heritage.
WOW’s management team decided they wanted to install a comprehensive, premium audio system to guide people through the various exhibits and deliver the immersive soundscapes that help make the venue different. Genelec loudspeakers were chosen for studio-quality sound, flexibility, and reliability.
Over 400 Genelec loudspeakers are utilised across all the spaces. The brief was simple; to build an interactive experience that would attract, entertain, and educate tourists on various aspects of Portugal’s cultural history. Local Genelec distributor Garrett Audiovisuais secured the contract and specified an extensive list of Genelec equipment, working in tandem with Gema Digital, the company responsible for the creation of most of the museum experiences, from inception to the global project management, including the storytelling, multimedia production, AV installation, execution, and maintenance.
Gema Digital specialises in developing pioneering immersive and interactive experiences for events, brand activations and museums, with a portfolio that combines over 2000 projects in 14 different countries. At WOW, sound played an instrumental part in creating an engaging experience that propels the visitor forward.
"In each space, completely different environments are presented, and it was necessary that the sound design reflects this change

renkus-hRenkus-Heinz revitalises Bangkok rooftop bar
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Thailand - Standing more than 40 stories above the bustling city of Bangkok is Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok rooftop bar, equipped with ethereal gardens, live DJs and stunning views. The rooftop bar, Bar.Yard, mirrors the beauty of the city through futuristic designs and technology.
With an abundance of ambient noise from the lively city below, the needs of DJs to foster an entertaining space for guests and the threat of inclement weather, Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok relied on Renkus-Heinz sound solutions to meet its needs while not distracting guests from the architectural beauty of the space.
Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok is named for the maa-lai flower bouquet, a traditional gift given to guests in Thai culture. Working with Bangkok-based AV integration firm Vichai Trading 1983 and AV consultant Atkrist Co., Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok upgraded the rooftop bar’s audio, visual and control systems.
“In the early stages of design for Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok, it was important that the AV equipment blended well with the elegant architecture while also meeting the hotel's audio requirements,” Mr. Wansamkan, AV consultant at Atkrist Co, noted. “Renkus-Heinz provided a weatherized, aesthetic and high-fidelity solution for the rooftop.”
Bar.Yard is equipped with eight TX81 Compact Two-Way Complex Conic loudspeakers, eight TX62 Two-Way Complex Conic loudspeakers and two TX112S 12-inch subwoofers from Renkus-Heinz.
“For Bar.Yard, we needed a sound system that was acoustically strong but also partial to aesthetic appearance. The Renkus-Heinz weatherized

chai-wallahChai Wallahs festival stage upgrades with TW Audio
Wednesday, 16 November 2022

UK - The Chai Wallahs stage has proved popular with up-and-coming acts as it tours around UK festivals. With a self-contained setup and its own roster of artists, Chai Wallahs has built its reputation around a quality experience for both bands and crew.
The sound system has played a major role in developing this reputation, with sound engineer and system designer, Harry Bishop central to this process for nearly 15 years. “The stage is quite famed for its audio,” says Bishop. “The big feedback from the audience and from the bands has always been the quality of the sound.”
Bishop had been using a solution from one manufacturer since the independent stage first hit the festival scene. However, he had grown increasingly disillusioned with the sound quality he was getting and started to explore different options. During this process he was introduced to TW Audio.
“Some friends of mine were talking about TW Audio and they set up a little system for me to listen to,” he recalls. “The first thing that I noticed was the sub. The bottom end was just really musical, rich, full and responsive. It felt like a literal breath of fresh air. Doing subsequent research and then listening I realised they do very little processing, all the work is done in the cabinet. Philosophically, it was all starting to make sense to me.”
The result of this research was Bishop investing in TW Audio for his own dry hire business, HPA, and persuading the Chai Wallahs team that it was the right time to make a system change. “It took a lot of convincing to get

eaw-christ-community-churchChrist Community upgrades with EAW Anna
Friday, 11 November 2022

USA - Surrounded by the scenic views of Alamogordo, the 800-seat Christ Community Church was struggling to provide quality audio with their aging and original PA. With the decision made to upgrade their system, the task of finding a modern solution capable of delivering great sound evenly to every seat was given to technical director Jacob Pierce. With a big assist from industry experts Michael Garrison Associates (MGA), Pierce found the solution he was looking for with a custom Anna and Otto ADAPTive system from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).
The new EAW upgrade consists of a total of 12 Anna loudspeaker arrays, four Otto subwoofers and eight EAW JF8 2-way loudspeakers. The eight JF8’s are used as front-fill speakers and are spread out evenly from the back of the platform in a trapezoidal pattern. The new EAW ADAPTive PA system is run through an Allen & Heath dLive console.
Built in 2000, Christ Community Church’s sanctuary was originally designed to be very wide, but not very deep. This architectural design presented the main acoustical challenge for Pierce; finding a stereo image that would cover the correct areas without blasting the back walls and filling the thrust stage with sound.
“We couldn't just put up any line array because it wouldn't cover the room properly,” says Pierce. “We are now playing a lot more contemporary, modern worship songs with louder guitars and drums, and the sound system wasn't cooperating with us. We had blown drivers, poor coverage and complaints about music being too loud or not loud enough just three

lorna-shoreNate Haber balances light and dark for Lorna Shore
Friday, 11 November 2022

USA - Nate Haber of Extraterrestrial Visuals believes in serving the client. “I think it’s important to note that design and programming are part of a service industry,” Haber says, in the middle of working with Lorna Shore on their national The Pain Remains Tour. “My main goal is to align my vision with that of my client. They know what they like and don’t like. Of course, on this tour, it helps that my design preferences line up with their vision.
“This is a metal band, and an extremely heavy one at that,” said Haber. “So yes, our show is dark and moody, but in the age of social media, it’s also important that fans be able to see the band, especially one that’s as well-known to them as Lorna Shore. It’s also important that they be able to take good photos and videos. So, I try to strike a balance and add a higher level of light at different moments.”
Helping Haber achieve this balance is a Squeek Lights rig anchored by six Maverick Force S Spot and six Rogue R1 Wash fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
“We don’t have a lot of fixtures, but I am making them work very hard,” says Haber. “The meat and potatoes of this lighting rig are the Maverick Force S Spots and Rogue Washes. We also have six vertical foggers that we call on throughout the show. Everything is low power. We can stretch the set wider or squeeze it in for the smaller venues.
I’m running a timecoded show on the ChamSys MagicQ MQ70. Most of the songs have 200 to 300 cues. The main cue stack sits around 100 and then there are bumps, strobes, and ot

anolis-romanzaAnolis helps spread Romanza in Reno
Friday, 11 November 2022

USA - The ambience, smells, tastes and cultural whiffs of traditional Italy and its Tuscany region can be sampled by diners delving into the cuisine offered at the Romanza restaurant in Reno, Nevada, USA.
Part of the Peppermill Resort Hotel & Spa property, the whole Romanza eating experience is now newly intensified with an Anolis interior architectural LED lighting installation that has brought extra life and vibrance to this foodie hot spot.
The new lighting scheme – comprising Anolis Eminere and ArcSource 4MC luminaires – was designed and specified by John Priebe, production lighting lead for the whole Peppermill complex, who co-ordinates lighting for all areas with color changing luminaires installed in addition to lighting the numerous events and conventions that are staged in the complex.
The Anolis fixtures replace an older lighting scheme that highlighted Romanza’s “enchanted” domed roof plus other key scenic elements, due for replacement with a more contemporary, more effective and – importantly – more sustainable version.
When the owners decided to use the Covid shut down constructively to action this upgrade, John came off furlough to oversee the operation and started scouting around for the right luminaires. The Anolis brand was chosen.
The interior of the dome is now illuminated by 52 x ArcSource 4MC (RGBW) luminaires which are ensconced in a series of 13 scenic torches that are part of a curved ‘wall’ running around the main restaurant space.
These ArcSources are working in conjunction with

grande-halleGrande Halle de la Villette switches to L-Acoustics K3
Wednesday, 9 November 2022

France - Parc de la Villette is both a park - the third largest in Paris - and a focal point for art, music, and culture, housing the city’s largest concentration of cultural venues, including the Philharmonie de Paris and Cité de la Musique. It’s also home to the physically and psychologically imposing Grand Halle de la Villette.
A stunning example of 19th century cast iron and glass architecture, designed famous French architect Victor Baltard, the venue was originally an abattoir and was transformed into a multi-use space in 1985. The Grand Halle hosts diverse events including exhibitions, concerts, theatre shows and festivals. The annual Jazz à La Villette festival, hosted here, attracts more than 30,000 jazz enthusiasts every September.
The Grande Halle, which includes the 5,000 capacity Grand Halle, the Salle Charlie Parker and the Nave, was one of the first venues in the world to benefit from V-DOSC, L-Acoustics first full frequency line source array. Installed there in the mid-90s, the system offered more than 25 years of faithful service. When the venue’s team decided it was time for an upgrade, they chose to invest in the powerful yet compact K3. Supplied and installed by B Live, a mobile K3 system was chosen to deliver the versatility required by the Grand Halle’s diverse programme of events.
The Grand Halle’s 18,000m2 space is modulable, to accommodate a wide variety of events, from a cocktail party for 8,000 to a formal seated event for 4,000 visitors. K3 is the ideal solution, complementing the venue’s existing inventory

presidents-cupCreative Technology delivers for President’s Cup
Wednesday, 9 November 2022

UAE - The UAEFA President’s Cup took place at the Al Ain’s Hazza bin Zayed Stadium on 21 October 2022.
Creative Technology delivered a spectacular projection which was mapped across the football pitch for the opening ceremony and distributed sitewide show communication for the annual tournament.
One of the key highlights from the evening was the projection show that covered a 1200 sqm area. CT supplied four double-stacked Panasonic PT-RQ50K projectors, to achieve 600 lux projection, installed in a bespoke purpose-built structure that was fully enclosed and temperature-controlled. Projection was integrated on a fully redundant network ring controlled from FOH and utilised CT’s new 1G and 10G fibre networking solutions. Playback was powered by Disguise VX4 Suite and full 4k signal distribution.
Carlos Aguilar, deputy head of video commented, “It's always a challenge to install 50k projectors, but we pre-planned and measured all the routes to the roof of the stadium to ensure everything was installed seamlessly. I had a great team of engineers on site always willing to go above and beyond for the job.”
The network infrastructure was made up of six Luminex 26i and 12 Luminex 14R switches which provided the backbone for the management and Riedel network, allowing VLANs to be accessed from anywhere onsite. The Motorola system consisted of four SLR 5500 Repeaters and 70 x DP4800 Radios for talk back, four channels interfaced into the Riedel Artist X128 frame via fibre.
The Riedel Artist frame, which acts as the brain of the system, ha

coyoteCoyote Ugly Camden turns to Renkus-Heinz
Wednesday, 9 November 2022

UK - Coyote Ugly, the successful nightlife franchise that started in New York City’s East Village, has come to the UK, opening a new location in Camden, London. In order to emulate the well-known culture of the Coyote Ugly brand and energize the eager crowds, the venue turned to Renkus-Heinz for the sound solution to match the high energy of the bar known for its bartop dancing.
For nearly 30 years, Coyote Ugly has been a source of entertainment in person and on screen. From the original New York Saloon to the cult classic of the same name, Coyote Ugly serves a wide following. Cardiff-based AV integrator Spartan AV and UK-based AV distributor CUK Group worked to specify and install a complete sound system.
"Coyote Ugly's brand and its guest experience are both founded on music. Fans remember the songs that helped to make Coyote Ugly an iconic name," said James Lawford, live sound channel manager at CUK. "It's therefore fitting that loudspeakers from Renkus-Heinz were selected to provide high-performing, reliable sound that ensures an optimal guest experience and an elevated brand delivery.”
Inside the bar, the Renkus-Heinz C Series offers full-range performance in a compact, space-saving design. Coyote Ugly, Camden features six CX81 compact two-way complex conic horn loudspeakers, six CX121 two-way complex conic horn loudspeakers and four CX118S 18-inch high-performance subwoofers. The CX118S supplies the high-impact sub-bass to support the full-range loudspeakers, pumping constant energy into Coyote Ugly.
“The C Series loudspeakers were

emily-hallRealMusic installs Ukraine’s first L-Acoustics K3 System
Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Ukraine - Emily Resort is a premium multifunctional complex offering a wide choice of recreational facilities, including a 166-room hotel, a wellness and spa area, and a medical centre and all-season pistes for skiing.
Close to the historic centre of Lviv with picturesque views of the Vynnykivs’ke Lake, the flagship of the venue’s extensive list of offerings is the Emily Event Hall. It’s the largest concert hall in Western Ukraine, featuring the country’s most complex permanent 3D mapping projection weaved into the venue’s undulating indoor mesh wall, as well as the country’s first L-Acoustics K3 audio system, installed by L-Acoustics official distributor for Ukraine and Moldova, RealMusic.
The 1,500m² event space has everything necessary to host world-class events, including a large stage with high-quality sound and lighting equipment, a well-organised backstage, a bar, catering facilities, and a vast interactive video wall.
When K3, L-Acoustics’ smallest full-range line source system became available, Emily Event Hall was the first venue in Ukraine to purchase the new system, which perfectly aligned with the requirement to deliver powerful sound for mid-size events.
Explaining their decision-making process, Denys Rynskyi, curator of the Emily Event Hall project, says their approach was thoughtful and responsible right from the start. “We took many technical riders into account, consulted with artists' sound engineers, and studied the experiences of some of the best concert venues in the world. After this extensive research,

kao-samstagNick Schmitt specifies Ayrton for Munich’s Klassik am Odeonsplatz
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Germany - Munich’s traditional weekend of classical music, Klassik am Odeonsplatz, by Pro Events Veranstaltungs GmbH, which is held in the historic city-centre square named after the former concert hall on its north-western side, took place in mid-July 2022.
Over two sold-out nights the event hosted a programme of classical music from the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra on the first night, conducted by Daniel Harding, and an evening of movie theme music played by the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle ahead of his three-year residency as conductor of the Munich Philharmonic next year.
The performances were enjoyed each night by an audience of 8000 people and broadcast live to 1.5million viewers on Germany’s premier ARD television station.
Assistant lighting designer in charge of programming and key lighting, Nick Schmitt, joined the production team last year and specified Ayrton Domino LT, Cobra and Levante fixtures as key lights and followspots, all of which were supplied by German rental company, Neumann and Müller.
“Neumann & Müller has provided the audio, lighting and rigging for Klassik am Odeonsplatz for the last twenty years,” says Neumann & Müller’s Jan Deventer. “It is most important for us to choose reliable technology for this well renowned event in Munich. With the Ayrton products we found exactly what we needed to fulfill our requirements.”
Two Ayrton Levante wash lights were rigged on stage towers behind the Odeon’s balustrades and used as side key lights for the

full-productionFull Production back-to-back at Warwick Castle
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

UK – The summer season at Warwick Castle presented back-to-back challenges for Full Production, called upon by event producer Pixel Artworks to provide lighting, crew and expertise for the historic venue’s two big visitor attractions – Dragon Slayer and Sundown Spectacular.
Warwick Castle, owned by Merlin Entertainments, hosted the two family-fun attractions in the spacious castle courtyard, just a few days apart in August. Pixel Artworks brought in Full Production having worked with them on a number of previous projects. Full Production’s director of live events and touring, Marc Thornton, served as lighting designer and led the company’s team under the guidance of Pixel Artworks’ production manager, Joe Kelly.
The first show, Dragon Slayer, had two acts: the first - a live action extravaganza complete with knights on horseback battling dragons and monsters - was “a full-on medieval experience”, says Thornton. Running nightly over a 10-day period, it told the legendary tale of the trials of valiant hero, Guy of Warwick. This large-scale show required theatrical-style lighting (programmed on an MA2 by Harry Williams) to cover the action not only on the 27m wide main stage, but also along the side and central aisles among the seated audience, numbering 2,000 each night.
A timecoded section of the show, act two saw the story complemented with projection-mapping on the castle walls, from specialist company QED, with content created by Pixel Artworks. “During the projection-mapping, we were essentially using the li

richmond-folkWavefront delivers for Richmond Folk Festival
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

USA - Martin Audio partner Soundworks of Virginia equipped the five main stages of the long-running Richmond Folk Festival, an annual celebration of American culture and roots music, with the manufacturer’s optimisable Wavefront Precision line array speakers.
Promoted by Venture Richmond, a non-profit organization, this three-day free festival, with which Soundworks have been involved for more than a decade, is held annually in the city’s downtown Riverfront Plaza area - spanning an area of almost 20 acres. An offshoot of the National Folk Festival, it is one of the largest events in Virginia, drawing around 200,000 visitors from across the country and featuring more than 30 global artists.
Some 130 Martin Audio components were specified across the site, and Soundworks’ founder and CEO, Steve Payne, notes that this exhausted all 124 available channels of their 31 iKON iK42 amplifiers, which were detailed to drive the various PA rigs in 2-box resolution.
For the main Altria amphitheatre stage they turned to Martin Audio’s largest format WP, fielding 12 WPL enclosures per side, over three SXH218 per side. Four WPS were deployed for front-fills, with an additional CDD-LIVE 15 on top of an SXP218 on each stage flank for side-fills.
The smaller Dominion Energy Dance Pavilion (under an 80ft x 160ft tent) saw eight WPC flown per side over two SXH218 subs bridged per side, with CDD-LIVE 15 over an SXP218 on each wing providing side-fills. In addition, 10 Martin Audio XE500s were provided as stage monitors.
The CoStar Group Stage was rigg

newgreenGreen-GO celebrates golden milestone for WBPX
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

The Netherlands – Event and broadcast comms specialist Green-GO is celebrating sales of its Wireless Belt-Pack X (WBPX) reaching the golden number of 10,000 – just as its wired counterpart, the BPX, had already done. To mark this milestone, the manufacturer, ELC, kept aside the WBPX unit with serial number 10000 – had it gold-plated, just as it had done with the 10,000th BPX - and presented it to ELC founder and Green-GO inventor, Joost van Eenbergen.
The WBPX units with serial numbers either side of 10000 were dispatched as usual to Green-GO’s global customer network. As chance would have it, the shipment went about as far as it could go, to Green-GO’s distributor for Australia & New Zealand, Sydney-based Event Communications Australia.
Opening the package was sales and marketing manager Rod McKinnon. “With that particular shipment,” he recalls, “We had a backorder, so I feverishly started looking for the WBPX because I wanted to get them out to customers as quickly as possible. As I ripped into the boxes, I saw the ‘9’ serial numbers and then ‘10’, so I think ‘I'm gonna have 10,000 in there somewhere!’ And then I thought, ‘Hang on a minute - if I was in the factory shipping those numbers, I wouldn’t have let it go in the box’!”
Event Communications sells Green-GO systems to a broad range of markets, as McKinnon explains. “We’re all about infrastructure and safety – without good communication, you have an unsafe environment. So it’s a broad spectrum – everyone needs to talk. We cover every need fro


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