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manege-de-reims3Chauvet brings versatility to Manège de Reims
Friday, 10 July 2020

France - Driving up from Paris on A4, one of the first things the visitor sees upon entering this ancient city of Reims is the Manège de Reims with its distinctive 16-sided polygon circus. Completed in 1867, the stone building is a bustling hub of cultural activity, serving the community by hosting theatrical performances, dance recitals, concerts and other events, including circuses, for which it was originally built.
Supporting the diverse mix of productions at the popular facility is a versatile lighting rig that features a collection of Chauvet Professional projectors supplied and installed by Avant-Scènes.
Working with Cédric Barbillat, lighting director of the Manège de Reims, who decided upon the specific fixtures, the Avant-Scènes team outfitted the 1,000-seat facility with 16 COLORado 2 Quad Zoom, six Maverick MK1 Spot, and 10 Maverick MK2 Wash units.
Although these projectors are intended to be moved around to meet the very varied needs of Manège de Reims, they are most often positioned on the circus’ grill to provide maximum coverage and flexibility.
“Now it is possible to create lighting plans with many more possibilities than traditional halogen projectors, with almost no constraints,” said Benjamin Labourot, director of Avant-Scènes. “The interesting part of this project was to find a product that could correspond to almost every possible configuration of a Circus installation, and yet be able to host all kinds of shows, such as music, theatre, modern and dance. Finding such an ‘all-purpose’ projector with fai

blackriderhp2481joseph-rubenPixera joins latest Black Rider production
Friday, 10 July 2020

Austria - The new production of the award-winning musical theatre extravaganza Black Rider at the Theater Bielefeld in Wallern uses Pixera media server systems, 4K projectors and tracking technology for realising a unique stage experience.
Since its original premiere in the year 1990, The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets has managed to combine classical culture, postmodernism and a music soundtrack to entertain audiences around the globe.
Robert Wilson's artistic vision, coupled with the narrative skills of William S. Burroughs and the music of Tom Waits, laid the foundation for the enduring popularity of this avant-gardist work.
The Theater Bielefeld's latest production by Michael Heicks uses cutting edge AV technology that helps Sascha Vredenburg's evocative video content come to life on stage.
Within record time, the theatre developed its own health and safety plan as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding a number of innovative measures on top of government regulations, in order to make it possible for rehearsals to continue.
Some of these measures include an audio setup that allows for the Theater Bielefeld's own orchestra to play live music whilst being physically present in a different part of the premises, a few hundred meters away from the actual stage. On a smaller scale, changes to the pre-covid mode of operations also include individually allocated battery boxes to minimize the necessary physical contact between cast and technicians.
The play itself is loosely based on the German Freis

the-cube1DiGiCo SD9 console chosen for The Cube
Friday, 10 July 2020

Australia - DiGiCo consoles are finding additional life in the world of serious live stream events. One such place is in Australia for The Cube, a premium live streaming event space which is gaining serious traction in the world of live DJ streaming.
The Cube can be compared to an entire festival stage, crammed into a compact streaming space. Its design is the combined effort of Melbourne AV retailer Concert Audio Visual, lighting and visuals specialists VizFx and Melbourne-based online radio station LESH FM.
A DiGiCo SD9, supplied by DiGiCo’s Australian distributor, Group Technologies, was chosen for mixing pre-broadcast audio, as well as handling the stage monitor mix, DJ Booth audio and Front of House mix.
Anthony Graziani, Concert AV’s sales manager and one of The Cube’s primary team members, says DiGiCo was the logical choice for the setup.
“The SD9 can accomplish a lot from such a compact format,” he says. “The routing options and onboard signal processing mean we have something in place that is well suited for supporting DJ performance audio but can just as easily handle mixing an entire band for the stream, or whatever else you can throw at it.”
The team’s in-house engineer, Oliver Coupe Sando, adds that the SD9 was chosen for its sonic transparency.
“When we stream, we’re looking to introduce as little tone shaping and colour to the sound as possible, so that we can translate what we’re hearing in the space, to people’s headphones and living rooms, with the maximum amount of clarity available t

thank-youAO Drones takes to the skies in Dubai
Thursday, 9 July 2020

UAE - AO Drones, specialist provider of drone light shows, recently played a key role in an unforgettable event to thank Dubai’s frontline workers for their heroic service during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Conceived and produced by AO Drones’ producer, Marco Niedermeier, the event combined a stunning aerial display from AO Drones’ sophisticated drone fleet, plus a special message from emergency services vehicles arranged to spell ‘Thank You’, in both English and Arabic. The whole event was captured in a short film, shot in the style of a dramatic action movie, and shared widely on social media.
To realise the event, Niedermeier called on the help of friends from Dubai’s event production network, including Done Events, GTV Film Productions and Brand Dubai. Together they secured support from Government of Dubai and authorities including the Dubai Police Force, the Roads and Transport Authority, the Media Office and others. “Everybody was keen to be involved,” says Niedermeier. “We all wanted to say thank you.”
Dubai’s COVID-19 lockdown meant that all planning meetings were carried out via video conferencing platforms, and on-site operations were conducted in accordance with safe working guidelines.
The film of the event, which took place on 11 June, began with aerial shots of messages of support spelled out on Dubai landmarks including the Burj Khalifa, before following the emergency vehicles along the Sheikh Zayed Road – closed to public traffic for the occasion – to converge on the show site. The film culminated with spec

artscreamsstillScream The House Down gets extension
Thursday, 9 July 2020

UK - The interactive installation, Scream the House Down by artist Marcus Lyall is going down well with the public around the world: London, New York, Hong Kong, Russia and beyond - so due to demand it has been extended it by a week, to 11 July (Saturday).
With social distancing still in place and tensions continuing to rise, London-based artist Marcus Lyall and not-for-profit arts organisation Illuminate Productions, have transformed a soon-to-be-demolished office block in London Bridge into an interactive public artwork.
In this new site-specific work, Lyall invites you to join a Zoom call where you can scream or otherwise vocalise your feelings. A monumental light installation instantly illuminates the building in response to your voice.
The louder and longer your outburst, the bigger the response from the building. The building interprets every voice and scream differently, to create a unique response for each guest. You can participate using any device that supports the Zoom app.
You can also submit short films of your scream via email at
Screams will be played to the building each night and the results posted the next day on the Scream The House Down YouTube channel.

blackberry-farm-boards-boatsBandit Lights returns to Blackberry Farm
Thursday, 9 July 2020

USA - Bandit Lites returned to the picturesque countryside of Blackberry Farm for Boards and Boats, where guests of the resort could spend a weekend partaking of wakeboard, wakesurfing and boating. In addition to tips and demonstrations from MasterCraft, the weekend concluded with a dinner and a concert featuring Americana artists Chatham Rabbits.
Bandit Lites supplied a lighting package comprised of Chauvet Freedom Pars, GLP X4 Atoms, and Gantom lights as well as the event’s staging complete with Edison bulbs, conjuring a mood of rural elegance.
“The Chauvet Freedom Pars were used to control the colour of the room environment itself by placing them along the walls of Bramble Hall,” explained Bandit Lites Nick Brown. “The GLP X4 Atoms were used as our front light, and the Gantoms served as a low backlight.”
Even with the fickle Tennessee weather of the Smoky Mountains, Bandit Lites’ team was prepared when the decision was made to move the concert indoors into Blackberry’s Bramble Hall. With its reclaimed wood walls and rustic beams, cupolas and fireplaces, Bandit kept the lighting focused on highlighting the natural elegance of the space, adding to the ambiance without distracting.
“The design direction for the event was simple ambience and minimalistic,” finished Brown. “There wasn't a huge need for over the top lighting.”
“Blackberry is all about excellence, and we always strive to deliver excellence in all aspects of production we provide,” said Bandit Lites general manager Giff Swart. “It is always a

do-itAO Creative oversees Deutsche Telekom 5G launch
Thursday, 9 July 2020

Germany - Düsseldorf’s 240m high Rheinturm tower was the setting for a sky-high laser projection and light show in June to promote Deutsche Telekom’s extended 5G network. The telecommunications company worked with German event management agency DO IT! to realise the show, and they in turn commissioned AO Creative to help conceptualise, design, supply the fixtures and technology, and execute the display.
Overseen by AO Creative’s Marco Niedermeier in collaboration with JALD Jerry Appelt Licht Design and Beacon, the project brought together AO’s team of design and technical specialists based in Germany. The team included lighting designer Jerry Appelt, who created a detailed scheme to light the concrete Rheinturm in a beautiful wash of magenta - Deutsche Telekom’s brand colour. Alongside, Laserfabrik facilitated laser-projected branding on the ‘trunk’ of the tower.
Atop the circular crown of the building, AO’s high-performance Falcon searchlights were positioned in concentric rings to spread bright, controlled beams of white light out across Düsseldorf, symbolising the transmission of the 5G signal and visible from far across the city. The Falcons were positioned with twelve on the inner ring, and twenty-four on the outer ring.
Luminaires from SGM and Elation provided additional beam effects for viewers closer to the tower.
“We were thrilled to be a part of this impressive event that lit up Düsseldorf’s night sky,” says Niedermeier. “AO Creative has a long history of working with the DO IT! agency and long experience

primalenergies1Meyer Sound’s Spacemap for Primal Energies
Thursday, 9 July 2020

Austria - A new exhibition by sound artist Bill Fontana entitled Primal Energies opened 1 July at Kunsthaus Graz. Occupying the museum’s vast ovoid dome Space 01 Gallery, Primal Energies pays homage to the future of renewable energy through a mesmerising mix of video imagery and evocative soundscapes that portray our planet’s expanding wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal resources.
While viewing images on the eight large screens, visitors are immersed in a blend of energy-related sounds reproduced by 64 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers. The impact of the installation is further enhanced by dynamic spatial sound movements created and automated using a beta version of Meyer Sound’s soon-to-be-released Spacemap Go technology.
Sounds and images for the work were recorded on location by Fontana with assistance from Scott George of London-based Autograph Sound. During this preparatory period, Fontana and George - both of whom have long association with Meyer Sound - were recruited to serve as beta testers of Spacemap Go.
A spatial sound design and mixing tool that leverages the processing power of the Galileo Galaxy Network Platform, Spacemap Go provides ‘an easy-to-use interface for multi-channel panning using one or more iPads connected to systems comprising multiple Galaxy processors’.
“We used Spacemap Go extensively on Primal Energies,” says Fontana. “It’s the ‘digital brain’ behind all that is happening with dynamic spatialisation of sound. In that realm, it lets me do everything I did before usin

setupGLP X4 lights Solomun at Moscow’s SETUP Studio
Thursday, 9 July 2020

Russia - Croatian-born DJ Solomun has been a regular visitor to Russia since early on in his career. Synonymous with contemporary electronic music, and attracting vast throngs of fans, his most recent performances have been at the popular Adrenaline Stadium in Moscow, where SETUP Studio developed and implemented a hi-tech lighting rig, with GLP fixtures as the centrepiece.
SETUP Studio is constantly searching for new creative concepts connecting sound and light. The team has been collaborating with Solomun for several years and has implemented many different setups for the DJ. The last two performances at the Adrenaline Stadium were not only notable in the scenic and lighting design worlds, but also became undisputed favourites of the studio itself.
Back in 2018, they had the idea of implementing kinetic winches, but because of the high cost and sophisticated design, this idea was abandoned. In the course of the following discussions, Stepan Novikov, one of the co-founders of the studio, suggested making a long LED-screen plate and placing it strategically so that it is in the direct line of the dance floor. In addition, it was decided to place the plate within a frame consisting of GLP impression X4 Bar 20 fixtures, in order to significantly expand the range of artistic possibilities.
“According to our idea, the same video content would be broadcast both on the screen and via the pixel array of GLP X4 Bars. This enabled us to obtain a very unusual effect: video content from the screen edges ‘fell’ downwards through narrow light rays,” expla

southhavenbaptistchurchDanley Jericho Horns go to church
Wednesday, 8 July 2020

USA - South Haven Baptist Church in Springfield, Tennessee, has been the community centre for a steadily growing congregation since 1986. It expanded its campus in 1997 to include a high school and a gym and then expanded again in 2005 to include an elementary school and a daycare facility.
After its congregation could no longer comfortably fit in its sanctuary, the church moved services to the high school gym for a number of years. Centerline AV of Hendersonville designed and installed a Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system for the gym, which made the most of an imperfect situation.
With an eye to the future, South Haven Baptist Church recently expanded its campus yet again, adding a 1000-seat sanctuary. And again, they called in Centerline AV to design and install a sound reinforcement system centred on a stereo pair of Danley J1-94 Jericho Horns – the same boxes used in some of the world’s largest sports arenas.
“South Haven Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church that holds services that are more on the traditional end of the spectrum,” explained Scott Oliver, Centerline AV principal. “Where other Baptist churches would have a praise band, they have a full orchestra, a choir, and a grand piano. Their new sanctuary is a big improvement over the gym that they had been using. The room is a rectangle that is wider than it is deep. Of course, there’s always an element of geometrical challenge when you try to put a speaker – which emits sound as a cone – in a rectangular room, but Danley’s excellent pattern control ma

wordalive3Chauvet lights The Word Alive stream
Wednesday, 8 July 2020

USA - Whether it was at a stop on one of their many appearances on The Warped Tour, or a festival appearance, The Word Alive have always managed to forge a direct laser-like connection with crowds. Waves of fans invariably push up against the barricades at the band’s shows - and the metalcore band send the magnetic force right back at them.
It is impossible to replicate this connectivity completely in all of its power in a livestream show, but Chris Brodman, Cody Lisle and their creative team came close when the band performed a pay-for-view show at LIT Live on 20 June. Helping them accomplish this feat was a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures that included the Maverick MK 2 Spot, Rogue R2 Wash, Rogue R1 Wash, and STRIKE P38, as well as the Vesuvio II fogger.
“We had no physical crowd in the room, so our big challenge was to recreate the sense of intimacy you get at a live TWA show in a studio setting,” said Brodman. “Intimate camera shots were very important. Our team chose the angles very carefully to give the viewer the feeling of being very close to the band. I was very happy with how we pulled this off.”
Enhancing the warm familiar tone of the camera angles was the backlighting and redolent colour washes used by lighting designer James Simpson and technical director Cullen Noon. Rows of Maverick MK2 Spot units on the upstage deck and truss grid were used to back light band members from different angles, giving them a more rounded, personalized look in the online broadcast.
The Rogue Wash fixtures were flown at different

jaychou1Rivage impresses on Jay Chou Carnival tour
Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Taiwan - Described in 2003 by Time magazine as the ‘New King of Asian Pop’, Jay Chou has turned his signature sound - which fuses traditional instruments and styles with R&B or rock - into a global phenomenon. In late 2019, Chou’s record label JVR Music promoted the spectacular Carnival world tour to celebrate the artist’s 20th year in the entertainment industry. A Yamaha RivagePM10 digital mixing system was chosen to mix the performers’ monitors.
Sound engineer Mr Luo began his career at an audio rental company when, as he says, “in Taiwan there were no such thing as monitor engineers”. As the number of higher profile artists began to increase, the demand for professional monitor engineers rose. Despite retiring from the industry after a decade, his reputation meant invitations from artists tempted him to become involved with the JVR Music team and Jay Chou’s regular monitor engineer.
“The Carnival shows were very demanding for the hardware. There were often more than 10 musicians on stage with a wide range of musical instruments, plus dancers. The musicians all wanted studio-quality sound, which can be very challenging for me as the monitor engineer. Plus, of course, we couldn’t have any equipment problems, the stability of the system was extremely important,” says Mr Luo.
The show generated around 80 input channels, with splitters sending the signals to front of house and monitors. Mr Luo specified a Yamaha Rivage PM10 digital mixing system, comprising two DSP-R10 engines in mirror mode, for full DSP redundancy,

vistage-chair-sally-wellsWL’s SmartStage hosts Vistage digital summit
Wednesday, 8 July 2020

UK - Having cancelled their live London Executive Summit due to COVID-19, coaching organisation Vistage sought an innovative and fully digital solution enabling them to deliver this flagship event. To help bring the new digital format to life, technical solutions specialist White Light (WL) utilised its SmartStage studio in Wimbledon.
Formed over 60 years ago and comprising of 24,000 members from SMEs around the globe, Vistage annually connects more than 200 CEOs, MDs and senior business leaders for their live summit. Following cancellation of the London event, Vistage required an advanced technological solution to deliver a series of expert-led coaching workshops to their audience, conducted safely online via a professional platform.
Hiring WL’s SmartStage facility enabled the live presenters to access a safely isolated location and work together from a social distance, while connecting with other remote presenters participating from the USA.
James Thurlow, WL’s venue technical manager, explains: “We embedded the stream within a purpose-built microsite, which not only assisted in branding the event but also enabled other functionality such as peer-to-peer chat and the submission of audience questions. We relayed these questions back to presenters in real-time, giving the feeling of 'live interaction'.
“The website also gave us the ability to display event insights such as information on the agenda, keynote speakers and sponsors, as well as linking through to the client's social media channels. We added further variety to the transmis

windmillIllumination Physics lights Bremen’s historic mill
Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Germany - The Arberger Mühle foundation village is located in the middle of the old town of Arbergens near Bremen. It was built in 1803 and is a Dutch mill set in impressive grounds. It is the oldest preserved mill in Germany, and has been a heritage listed building since 1973.
As part of the extensive renovation of the mill, Illumination Physics were asked by the owner whether to participate in the development and implementation of a lighting concept for the outer facade of the mill.
The owner's aim was to integrate the mill into the cityscape as an outstanding building, but, as the premises are also used for events, to be able to change the colour of the lower part of the façade on special occasions.
This, however had to be achieved with the lowest possible energy consumption.
What looked simple at first soon proved otherwise. The ground plan and the architecture are complex, and the extensive requirements of the monument protection authority had to be taken into account.
Several test mock-ups were necessary during which the responsible monument conservator was always present, until the ideal technical solution was settled on.
“Since the restoration and preservation of the historic mill is only possible with a great deal of private and honorary commitment, we took on the lighting planning, programming and construction supervision as a sponsorship of this project,” says Illumination Physics.

expo-munichROE Visual delivers for Munich’s Hyperbowl
Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Germany - The Hyperbowl studio has just opened its doors at Expo Munich, offering the largest virtual production space in Europe.
ROE Visual was selected as preferred partner to provide all LED screens for the studio, a concept by ACHT and NSYNK, realised by TFN in corporation with Fournell.
Trying to find alternative platforms for tradeshows and live events while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place for large scale events, companies are offering inventive solutions that involve a mix of live presentation with virtual audiences, so-called hybrid events. ROE Visual LED screens are increasingly used to create large, visual displays for these types of events, due to their perfect on-site as well as on-camera performance.
Early April, TFN set out to present their format to several interested parties, after which they were contacted by the Expo Munich. The Expo Munich fortified its interest, based on feedback from several of its clients, some of which from the automotive industry, and continued the conversation with TFN. The decisive factor being the Expo Munich providing a 10,000sq.m venue to build the virtual environment.
The virtual studio could be employed at least till September 2021, encompassing the annual car show, normally planned at this time. This interest in a virtual studio environment for an extended period, opened doors to look int the actual investments needed and parties to involve in the implementation and execution of the work involved.
Appointed to supply the LED screens and further technical infrastructure Fournell turn

rooftoppoollite-768x576Canopy by Hilton installs DAS Audio
Tuesday, 7 July 2020

USA - As a bright and fun landmark in the heart of West Palm Beach, the Canopy by Hilton is a new boutique lifestyle hotel with a stunning glass façade and fibre optic art hanging in the atrium. To ensure quality sound reproduction for their guests, management invested in the installation of a healthy assortment of loudspeakers from DAS Audio.
‘Skinny’ Greg Gilman, who is involved in a wide range of sound and music endeavors throughout the West Palm Beach area, including being a well-known DJ, was contracted to manage the Canopy’s sound system installation. Working in conjunction with Oakland Park, FL-based TM Sound, an AV design/build firm, the combined team deployed an assortment of DAS loudspeakers that drew from the company’s WR, Quantum, and Artec Series catalogues. Gilman discussed the project.
“Most of the install inside the hotel is a blend of a stereo sound system reinforced by distributed audio, Gilman explains. “The entryway of the lobby has two Quantum 23-TW loudspeakers, which provide guests entering the premises their first taste of the venue’s high quality sound. Inside the Banter restaurant, there are two Artec 310.96-W loudspeakers that fill the room effortlessly - without the need for increased volume. This setup provides balanced sound, enabling servers to interact comfortably with their guests, and for the guests to enjoy fine dining accompanied by great sound.
“Moving up to the 13th Floor, the Treehouse is intended to offer guests an exquisite nightlife experience without having to leave the hotel,” Gilman con

b1Shure Microflex enhances university learning
Tuesday, 7 July 2020

UK - With over 14,000 students, including 4,500 international students, the University of Bedfordshire is recognised as ‘internationally excellent’ in the areas of computer science and informatics and business and management studies.
Now, with the addition of a new £40m teaching and laboratory space for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses, the University aims to build on its already strong STEM offering, thanks to an ambitious AV project incorporating Shure’s Microflex  Advance MXA910 IntelliMix DSP Celling Array Microphone platform. This has provided students with a superior learning environment, as well as raising the profile of the university.
Set out over four storeys and incorporating 6000m2 of floorspace, the university’s STEM building will also support and encourage the value of science and engineering to local schools and the wider Bedfordshire community.
Discussing the initial project, Malcolm Butler, senior AV programmer and planner, Bedfordshire University, said: “When the STEM building came across our desk, I said that if this was going to be the ‘jewel in the crown,’ then it needed to be the shiniest jewel we can possibly make it.
“We wanted quality, we wanted durability. From a delivery standpoint on output, we wanted fidelity and clarity. We wanted something that was quite easy to use, and then simple to service from a support standpoint as well.”
Consultancy, design and integration of the project was awarded to Lancashire-based AV specialists, PureAV. Working with the proje

claypakyafterlife4Afterlife 2020 debuts in Dubai with Sharpys
Tuesday, 7 July 2020

UAE - The Afterlife series of worldwide electronic music festivals arrived in Dubai for the first time in February at the Hangar 4 industrial warehouse event space. Lighting designer Pascal Bach of VEM Visionemotion GmbH utilized 100 Claypaky Sharpy fixtures to deliver the evening’s signature Afterlife look within the monumental space.
Italian DJ duo Tale of Us were the hosts of the show, which featured performances by Âme, Mind Against, Fideles, Kas:st and Innellea. Pascal Bach created the lighting design and handled the operation of lights and lasers during the show.
“The main part of the design was a 60m truss in the centre of the 100m hangar. The truss was filled with 50 Sharpys and additional wash lights,” says Bach. “The idea was to create a massive array of light beams that behaved as one single object in an organic way. In general, the Afterlife shows are more relaxed and focused on nice looks and moods instead of crazy and hectic effects. People should feel the music in combination with the visuals and lights without everything making them crazy.”
The setup contained 50 fixtures on the main centre truss and 25 more on each of the two side trusses. Additionally, 30 Claypaky B-EYE K10s were used to create a side glow and illuminate the hanging Afterlife man, the iconic visual element of the show.
“Sharpy is a widely used fixture and was the only one available in the quantity I needed for a reasonable price,” Bach notes. “It also had everything I required for the show. It needed to be small, fast and not too heavy.

ljosmaedur2Ayrton WildSun K25-TC light up Iceland’s Hallgrimskirkja church
Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Iceland - At 75m high, Hallgrimskirkja Church in the centre of Reykjavik is the largest church in Iceland and one of the tallest buildings in the country. Its sweeping frontage and steeple dominate the skyline of the city both with its height and its dramatic architecture. The design is the work of state architect, Guðjón Samúelsson, who was inspired by the crystalline structures of the basalt rock that is so prevalent in this volcanic country.
First commissioned in 1937, the edifice took 41 years to build with the spire completed in 1974. On 16 January 2020, Hallgrimskirkja formed the stunning backdrop for the celebrations marking the centenary of the Icelandic Midwives Community.
Icelandic full-service sales and rental company, Exton, was called upon to illuminate the huge façade of the church for the evening with a brilliant white light that would symbolise the bringing of new life into the world.
To achieve the required drama and brightness, Exton’s lighting designer, Erling Þorgrímson, chose 12 Wildsun K25-TC LED fixtures as the sole lighting fixtures for the project: “The WildSun units were the only ones capable of covering such a large expanse at the required intensity,” he said.
The Wildsun K25-TC were placed at ground level approximately 20m from the front of the church, from where they were able to wash the full length and breadth of the tower and wings with a brilliance that could be seen across the city.
“The power of the Wildsun K25-TC is unprecedented compared to other brands,” sayss Exton’s technical sal

robe-chicago-light-at-night-2Robe helps Chicago Unite at Night
Tuesday, 7 July 2020

USA - Chicago -based Charles Ford and his business partner Brandon Clark from Creative Live Control have been busy using creativity and lateral thinking during the coronavirus pandemic to help maintain positive energies.
First off, the two have been helping light up different areas around Chicago embracing the Unite at Night initiative, with Robe moving lights from their rental partner, JRLX.
This nightly sing-along, make-some-noise and DIY lightshow - interpreted as bring what you can fairy-lights, glitter-balls, LED battens, etc. - started spontaneously in and around the city to bring communities together in uncertain times and celebrate the efforts of all heroes on the frontlines helping to keep everyone safe.
Immediately when Charles and Brandon saw what was happening they thought . . . “let’s do this and get some real lights out and about!” says Charles.
They chatted to JRLX and worked out a good deal for what they could fit into their car which was two MegaPointes and two Spiiders.
They then rocked up over two weekends at different locations including two neighbourhood ‘hot spots’, one in the South Loop adjacent to the downtown area, and the other in Lakeshore East just north of Millennium Park.
Both locations are replete with tall buildings, so they set up - about half a mile away from the main structures - using the Spiiders for general wash lights and the MegaPointes to blast spectacular razor-sharp gobo patterns which climbed up and down the buildings to the delight of onlookers and residents as th

71Quarter-century milestone for LIPA and Sennheiser
Tuesday, 7 July 2020

UK - For the past 25 years, Sennheiser has been sponsoring Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), with a Student Scholarship Programme, as well as its audio expertise and resources to the specialist institution.
The relationship between Sennheiser and LIPA goes back to 1996, when representatives from each organisation met to discuss the impending launch of an exciting new school to teach the performing arts and associated disciplines, from design and technology and management to sound technology. This cohesive combination allows different mindsets to work together right from the start, encouraging understanding of each element’s needs and ways of working. From that first meeting a quarter of a century ago and until the present day, Sennheiser has been an active partner of LIPA.
The scholarship is a way of helping the students chosen to study freely and achieve their full potential by covering school fees, accommodation costs and, for international students, transport costs to be able to travel home to visit family and friends. It is available to the chosen students for their full three years at LIPA. Every year, a new first-year student is selected, meaning this revolving programme always has three students benefitting from Sennheiser support each year. In order to qualify for the scholarship, students already need to be enrolled at LIPA. The scholarship is for those taking part in the BA (Hons) Sound Technology Course.
From the 25 submissions received this year, 12 students were jointly chosen by LIPA and Sennheiser to continue to the n

light--shadow-cube1Pandoras Box delivers for 3D immersive project
Monday, 6 July 2020

China - The award-winning Christie Pandoras Box is delivering visual experiences to visitors at a newly completed five-sided 3D immersive visualisation chamber in Qingdao, a major sub-provincial city in China’s Shandong province.
Powered by two Pandoras Box Quad Servers and a Pandoras Box Dual Server installed by Christie’s partner Marvel Vision, this visualisation showcase - known as The Light and Shadow Cube - is an initiative by the Qingdao Municipal Government to spur the growth of 5G high-definition video applications.
The Pandoras Box servers are used for the demonstration of spectacular DCI-8K video displayed on LED walls, achieving a total resolution of 8192 x 4320 pixels. This high-tech installation also features a number of technologies such as an active 3D system, a scent-generating system, a 7.1 multi-channel surround sound system, as well as 8K@30fps panoramic 2D-VR video and 8K@60fps panoramic 3D video capabilities.
The Light and Shadow Cube is a highly-advanced installation that utilises a variety of cutting-edge technologies,” said Daniel Xu, manager, Marvel Vision. “We are very pleased to work with our longstanding partner Goldon Digital Creative Co, the systems integrator of this project, to accomplish the multimedia system design, on-site installation and commissioning, systems training and delivery of the Pandoras Box media servers.”
Xu noted that the Christie Pandoras Box has been chosen as the image processing system for the Light and Shadow Cube due to its ability to integrate real-time 3D rend

all-for-our-kidsChamSys helps bring Rijeka back to life
Monday, 6 July 2020

Croatia - For centuries, Trg Rijecke Rezolucije has stood as the town square and cultural hub of this bustling port city, hosting events, concerts and rallies. But with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing ban on public gatherings, the picturesque plaza fell silent.
All that changed recently, when it hosted All For Our Kids, an annual charity concert that raises money for the medical care of children. The crowd was small, and people sat 1.5m apart in observance of social distancing rules, but music rang out, followed by cheering, laughter and applause at the historic venue for the first time in months.
Supporting the on-stage performances with a rich mix of hues and soft glows that played off against the lemon meringue masonry background of the Municipal Palace, a former Augustinian monastery, was a supple a varied Mateo Kustić MattGarret design powered by his ChamSys QuickQ 20.
A ChamSys user for five years, Mateo, who works for G.I.S. Sound & Light, decided on the compact control console because its size and versatility made it well-suited for this application. “I have been lighting this event for some time,” he said. “This year, we had a small audience, perhaps 150 people, and fewer performers, so a compact console fit my plans nicely. Its small footprint was perfect.”
However, Mateo was not willing to give up performance for the sake of compactness. His 21- piece rig was made up primarily of RGBW fixtures, and changing colour gradients was critical to his plan to reflect the varied moods of the show. Being able to a

zero-88-ilight-manufacturing-for-the-future-dsc03944Zero 88 and iLight streamline production
Monday, 6 July 2020

UK - Entertainment and architectural lighting control manufacturers Zero 88 and iLight have consolidated and streamlined the production facilities and processes at their shared factory in Cwmbran, Wales.
This is to generally boost efficiency and ensure full compliance with the new post COVID-19 health and safety at work directives related to social distancing and general hygiene.
Products from both brands - Zero 88 for entertainment and iLight for architectural / built environments - are fully designed and manufactured in the UK.
With both brands now operating under the Cooper Lighting Solutions umbrella, this recent reorganisation offers complimentary ranges of lighting control solutions for a diversity of projects, scenarios and applications.
Having the fully integrated workspace in Cwmbran means Zero 88 and iLight product volumes can quickly and easily be ramped up and custom projects can be undertaken more cost-effectively, offering all clients better value and service.
With the PCB manufacturing also in house, the shortening of supply chains has become further refined, a move giving Zero 88 and iLight full control, ultimate flexibility and a real edge over the quality control and the complex technologies involved to build their market leading ranges. They also have the capacity to accelerate new product designs and implementation.
The recent increase in production capabilities saw a 17% increase in the workforce last year with new employees taking on numerous roles from production to finance, and several of them being based l


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