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heights-baptist1Heights Baptist gets immersive with Chauvet
Friday, 15 January 2021

USA - This year, when The Heights Baptist added a 12-minute video to its socially distant Christmas Eve service, the Dallas church’s creative team had a critical goal in mind. “We didn’t want people to feel like they were watching a video,” opens technical director Zach Carnefix. “Our intent was to make them feel immersed, as if they were in the midst of the events the video was portraying.”
To create this sense of engagement, the church accompanied its video with live music, pre-recorded voiceovers, and a dramatic lighting display that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures supplied by B&L Sound and Lighting.
“Our video was divided into two sections,” says Carnefix. “The first, called ‘400 Years of Silence’, covered the time before the birth of Christ, while the second, ‘The Arrival’ is centred on the nativity. Lighting played a key role in setting the scene for the video segment of our service. This was especially true at the start of The Arrival, when we flooded the room with light from 12 R2 Washes positioned around the front row of the balcony aimed at the backs of the seats on the house level.”
Immersing the room with light during The Arrival without blinding people in the audience or distracting from the video itself was a challenge. However, Carnefix and his team were able to accomplish this feat by positioning the Rogue R2 Wash units along with some strobe lights in the back of the house and maintaining low light angles.
“We were very happy with our decision to dump light in the room fro

pop-and-pope3328Sky high install for Void Acoustics in Tel Aviv
Friday, 15 January 2021

Israel - Hagag Group is one of Israel’s leading real-estate developers and has recently completed the construction and installation of a multi-purpose venue as part of a prestigious new inner city urban renewal project in Tel Aviv.
At the heart of this high-end complex is Pop and Pope - a restaurant, bar and event space. The venue operators harbour the aspiration of elevating Tel Aviv as a hub for excellence in cuisine combined with the most modern and inspiring of atmospheres and spaces. The desire to provide a high calibre environment for guests and diners includes the provision of quality audio.
To achieve this, Hagag Group has worked in conjunction with audio specialist Kahane Group to supply an aesthetically pleasing and high quality sounding Void Acoustics installation for this prestigious complex located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s CBD.
Kahane Group has worked alongside Hagag Group on previous occasions, primarily on high-end domestic properties focussed on installing innovative smart home solutions. However, this is the first big audio project they have undertaken for Hagag in a commercial setting and was a new and dynamic challenge for the teams.
Pop and Pope occupies 2,200sq.m of space across the 14th floor of Ha’arbaa Towers in the centre of Tel Aviv, with panoramic views across the city. The brief was to execute an audio installation reflecting the high calibre nature of the venue.
The venue opted for Void’s signature Air Series loudspeakers in their trademark red, highlighting them as futuristic features around th

ahdlivejuanmarchfoundationangelcolomeA&H dLive makes its mark in Madrid
Friday, 15 January 2021

Spain - Since 1975, Madrid’s Juan March Foundation Auditorium has offered the city’s population a rich offering of live music, generally classical, free of charge.
The venue recently renewed its digital audio mixing system (supplied and installed by integrator Area Suena), replacing it with a modern solution from Allen & Heath. Based on the dLive and SQ systems, the solution allows the integration of two adjoining rooms in a Dante network, as well as real-time streaming and the recording of live shows for post-production.
The decision to renew the audio and video mixing and recording systems (including signal flow management) was made in 2019, to keep pace with the venue’s level of production and in line with current technologies.
The Juan March Foundation has long relied on production company Scope Produccinones as a partner for the technical operation of the auditorium, with Area Suena brought in to carry out the engineering and renovation project, with work beginning in early 2020.
Among the priorities of the project was the implementation of a high-quality live audio digital mixing system that could be easily integrated with a Pro Tools HDX platform.
The audio mixing system needed to be powerful, flexible, modular and capable of being easily integrated with other platforms (ProTools, in this case) - all factors addressed by Allen & Heath’s dLive system. Area Suena worked in conjunction with Audio-Technica Iberia (Allen & Heath’s exclusive distributor for Spain) directly to design and configure the system, which

robe-glasglow3-109-1f7a9219Robe iPointes light GlasGLOW3 trail event
Friday, 15 January 2021

UK - GlasGLOW3 was an illuminated trail event conceived and produced by event specialist itison and staged at Glasgow Botanic Gardens. It ran for two and a half weeks in October and November featuring a fully COVID-compliant 1.5km socially distanced walking trail featuring numerous imaginative lighting works, installations, and adventures.
Lighting designer Grant Anderson was one of a core creative team comprising itison’s Oli Norman, set designer Kenneth Macleod and composer Kevin Murray who wrote and compiled the soundscape for this project.
With a superhero central narrative to the trail, Grant chose 60 Robe iPointes to be key ‘hero’ luminaires within his dynamic site-wide lighting design for GlasGLOW3. iPointes were chosen for their brightness and ability to create super-strength beams of light that would be visible from across Glasgow in the right weather conditions.
2020 was the third year of the event. Grant also lit last year’s GlasGLOW and this year it took on new significance and resonance for local communities as so many public events have been cancelled due to the pandemic.
The current Glasgow Botanic Gardens is in the vibrant West End area and has occupied this site since 1842. It features several impressive glasshouses, most notably the Kibble Palace which was moved there by barge in 1873 from Coulport on Loch Long, and now houses a forest of tree ferns.
GlasGLOW 2020 was the most advanced yet in terms of integrated guest experience. Every illuminated piece around the trail - which took about 60-90 minutes to comple

alcons-audio-press-release-this-is-holland-flies-audiences-across-the-netherlands-with-alcons-audio-rotterdamThis Is Holland flies audiences with Alcons
Thursday, 14 January 2021

The Netherlands - Officially opened in February 2018, This Is Holland was the first panoramic flight simulator in the Benelux countries, costing €18m to develop and build. However, it quickly became obvious that the original audio system was not delivering the desired high quality, dynamic sound. An Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system was specified by Leisure Expert Group, transforming the experience as audiences are ‘flown’ at low level over many of the Netherlands’ best-known landmarks.
The 24m (78.7ft) tall cylindrical pavilion is based on the shape of an oil drum, reflecting its location at the former Shell petroleum company site at Overhoeksplein in Amsterdam.
The experience combines imagery taken from a very low-flying helicopter, filmed with special permission from the Dutch authorities, taking visitors on a nine-minute virtual flight over Dutch landscapes, cities and heritage, including the bulb-growing region, Schiphol airport, the Dutch coast, the canals of Amsterdam, Rotterdam port, castles, other historic buildings, natural features and more. It features a customised soundtrack, along with moving audience seating and physical effects like smells and water sprays.
Leisure Expert Group worked with Brogent Technologies and technical installer Pro-Vision AV, whose Martijn van Weert says: “The aim was to deliver the best experience, giving visitors a real ‘wow’ factor and making sure they enjoy the dynamic soundtrack, which features special effects and orchestral music that range from very quiet to very loud. And, of course, the audi

covoMartin Audio CDD for famed Covo nightclub
Thursday, 14 January 2021

Italy - Martin Audio’s CDD loudspeaker series, has found another high-profile home - on the Italian Riviera in Santa Margherita Ligure at the Il Covo Di Nord-Est nightclub.
The venue features both indoor and outdoor spaces: the main bar is located in the former, while the dance floor and sofas, arranged differently every night, can be found outside. The main DJ area hosts local artists as well as more well-known names in the music industry, and it is here that the ultra-compact 2-way CDD loudspeaker solution was specified.
The upgrade had been the result of a storm back in 2018 which had necessitated a complete venue rebuild, including the new audio system, which will now take on new challenges, both indoors and out.
Venue owners, Stefano Rosina and Matteo Canepa (from Mito srl) considered several tenders before choosing Vibra Service of Albenga (SV) to undertake the work. The company had previous experience working at Il Covo back in 2018 - and the collaboration proved so successful that it was an easy decision for the client to back this successful formula.
Vibra Service, in turn, chose CDD series for its performance, with owner Stefano Lo Sardo, stating that he considered it to be the best option in terms of quality-price ratio. The weather resistance of the WR version provided an added bonus.
“Many speakers are sold watertight or IP65-rated, but then after a while they tend to deteriorate,” he observed. “However, the build quality of CDD is very high and the customer was confident of its durability over time. In addition, I h

jake-speer-as-the-actor-in-the-production-titled-shifted-Spectre uses Brompton for Unreal Build
Thursday, 14 January 2021

UK - For Spectre Studios, virtual production (VP) is not a new field. Prior to the pandemic, the company was already using real-time engines and virtual production technologies for their work on Hollywood blockbusters and, last year, set up ICVFX full-service LED VP studio in conjunction with Big Picture, part of the NEP Worldwide Network, using Brompton Tessera LED processing power to drive ROE LED panels.
The climactic moment for Spectre, however, was in November, when the company participated in Epic Games’ Unreal Build: Virtual Production event, where a small number of creative studios across the world were invited to showcase their next-generation tools and techniques which are set to transform filmmaking industry. Brompton Tessera SX40 4K LED processing was used for the video piece that Spectre showed at the event.
Unreal Build: Virtual Production was a free half-day virtual event that showcased projects and innovations from film and television industry trailblazers,” says Spectre Studios’ technical director, Rick Pearce. “We were invited to submit some of our early work to be included into a sizzle reel they were putting together to highlight some of the great work being done globally.”
Offering a glimpse of what the future might hold for creative content production, Pearce and his team at Spectre used a 14m by 4.8m LED wall made up of Black Onyx 2.8mm panels, as well as 4m by 4m ceiling using 5mm screens and two LED side screens 3m by 3m each. “Like with majority of our projects, we used Brompton’s 4K Tessera S

bloomfield-stadium-2JBL and Crown deliver for Tel Aviv stadium
Thursday, 14 January 2021

Israel - Kley-Zemer’s professional division KZPRO were chosen to supply a JBL Professional audio system for the 60-year-old Bloomfield Stadium during its extensive three-year renovation project. The installation was a cooperation between independent consultant Harel Tabibi, integration company Barkai and installation company The Charmer Group.
Bloomfield Stadium, home of Hapoel Tel Aviv, Maccabi Tel Aviv and Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv football clubs, first opened in 1962. In addition to hosting three football clubs, the veteran stadium has accommodated many musical acts including Celine Dion, Rihanna, and Pixies.
In 2016, the stadium was closed for a massive three-year renovation, which included expanding the capacity to 29,150 seats, making it the third-largest football stadium in Israel. Barkai was brought in to outfit the newly renovated stadium with a sound system that would be loud enough for football matches, had clear and responsive sonic quality for concerts, and could withstand extreme weather conditions.
“The main challenge of this project was to give appropriate sound coverage to the southern and northern balconies that are not roofed,” said independent consultant Harel Tabibi, who specified and designed the new sound system. “As a result, we had to install the speakers over the sides of the balcony, 80m away from the audience. The main advantage of working with JBL was having such a wide range of products to choose from. Combining the PD-6000 series and PD-500 series loudspeakers created a quality result and gave equal and uniform cove

leas-picnicGLP lights summer Picnic Concerts series
Thursday, 14 January 2021

Germany - In a summer that saw hardly any live shows, Landstreicher Konzert set an example with their corona-compliant series of Picnic Concerts in several German cities.
Singer-songwriter Lea was one of the artists who performed during the concert series, with lighting designer Maximilian Gräf from PE Lichtdesign using 20 KNV Line from GLP to bring a breath of fresh air to the existing tour design.
Gräf, who has been working as a lighting and stage designer for Lea since February 2017, had to fall back on an older design for the Picnic Concerts due to the pandemic. “The design for the new album Treppenhaus only exists on the drawing board, because all festivals were cancelled due to Covid,” he said. “When it came to the Picnic Concerts, I looked at both the old recording of the Zwischen Meinen Zeilen design and the drafts for the planned Treppenhaus set and tried to create something new from both. So, I took dollies and lamp positions from the old set and modified them."
The GLP KNV Line formed part of the future Treppenhaus design, and hence Gräf's first contact with GLP's powerful combination strobe, blinder and pixel block at the Picnic Concerts. “I had already heard extremely good things about the fixture from my colleague Raphael Grebenstein and I trusted his expertise, even though I had never seen it on stage myself. And it really worked!”
The designer placed the flexible LED modules on the four track dollies, the four back dollies, and on the riser edge in front of the musicians, giving depth to the st

christmas-show-at-university-town-center-mall1Shopping mall spectacular under Obsidian control
Thursday, 14 January 2021

USA - The Mall at University Town Centre in Sarasota, Florida, has over 100 stores and 20 dining options that attract multitudes of patrons year round. This past holiday season, the mall retired its smaller Christmas experience from years past and debuted a spectacular new holiday light show as incentive for customers to forego stay-at-home shopping and visit the mall instead.
Justin Stancil of Stancil Entertainment was contacted to design the lighting spectacular and turned to the ONYX platform from Obsidian Control Systems to control the massive system. “The client called saying they had a vision to do a big light show but had no idea how to achieve it,” Stancil shares. “I got the call in August and we designed a complete system - advanced pixels, intelligent lighting, control, hardlined and wireless networking, and automation.”
The lighting canvass, spread across a quarter of a mile square, included 200 palm trees covered in 1000 pixels each, a 50ft Christmas tree with 800 pixels, and a 34ft tree also covered in pixels.
Four Elation Proteus Hybrid luminaires washed the main Christmas tree in colour, along with other wash fixtures, and fireworks were added on some finale shows for an extra burst of excitement. Stancil put together four different shows, all about 10 minutes long, which ran every half hour between 6:30 - 9:30 pm, seven shows a night. The official launch of the new son et lumiere took place on 19 November and shows ran nightly through 3 January.
Lighting was controlled via a setup that included an Onyx PC and NX4 light

london-bridge-patrick-straub-3London welcomes 2021 in spectacular style
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

UK - London welcomed in 2021 with a spectacular city-wide display, sending a message of thanks and hope to the nation and the world. Jack Morton, the global brand experience agency, helped to develop the original concept and worked in partnership with the Mayor of London’s office and a dedicated team of experts to create the extraordinary experience.
The 10-minute show, designed for home-viewing and created in collaboration with the BBC, was broadcast live on BBC1 and watched by a global viewing audience of millions. Jack Morton’s creative show team worked in collaboration with On the Sly for the music production, Titanium Fireworks for the pyrotechnics design, and SKYMAGIC for the swarm drone sequences.
Lighting for the event was designed by Durham Marenghi with Paul Cook as associate LD and programmer. The spectacular array of 168 Claypaky Mythos 2 and 168 Elation Proteus Hybrids on London Bridge was supplied by Lights Control Rigging and managed by Rob Watson.
Marenghi called on the expertise of ER lasers, the Signify team, Atelier Ten and the Illuminated River project, Armadillo and Tower Bridge, Stadium FX at Wembley and the Woodroffe Bassett team at the Shard to integrate the city-wide effects into a memorable light show to herald what will hopefully be a far better New Year for all.

pittsburgh-holiday-lights3Pittsburgh takes on holiday glow with Chauvet
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

USA - Every night in December, America’s ‘Steel City’ was transformed, taking on the air of a holiday village, courtesy of a Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS) design that featured Chauvet Professional COLORado Solo 1 fixtures.
An alternative to Pittsburgh’s traditional Light Up The Night public gathering, which was cancelled for the first time in 60 years in 2020 due to the pandemic, the reimagined event created an organic drive-by experience on the city’s streets by adorning the downtown district in brilliant seasonal colours. Vincent Lighting was brought on board by Flyspace Productions, which produced the event in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.
“Instead of running our annual big event for one day we adapted and pivoted to light up many buildings for the holiday season,” said Noland Jenkins, production manager and lead designer for the project. “Although nothing can replace an in-person event, we wanted to make this city-wide display as colourful and immersive as possible to provide some much-needed holiday cheer for the people of our community.”
Key to helping the VLS team achieve this goal were the 70 COLORado Solo 1 fixtures specified for the seven-week project. The IP65 rated RGBW fixtures were hung on lamp posts throughout the downtown district and were used to colorize buildings, as well as to add background and depth for the event’s numerous gobo projections.
“Gobos were critical when we designed this project,” said Jenkins. “When we actually got to implementing the design, our bigg

robertedwardsdigicos21DiGiCo S21 delivers flexible broadcast solution
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

UK - Sound BAFTA Winner Robert Edwards is one of the UK’s leading television sound supervisor/directors and an elected Fellow of the Institute of Professional Sound. This accolade is the result of 45 years of work and a credit list of productions that includes opening and closing ceremonies for the Summer and Winter Olympics, and TV shows such as X Factor, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, The Masked Singer, Britain’s Got Talent, The Wheel, Michael McIntyre’s Big Show and Celebrity Juice
It was this last’s production during lockdown that saw him head into what was previously his home cinema and, with a few tweaks, turn it into a home studio / office, relying on a DiGiCo S21 mixing console to deliver his broadcast mix.
“Timeline Television, who are based at Ealing Studios, found that the producers of the show wanted to do a few episodes remotely. They wanted me to drive to mix in the truck at Ealing, but when COVID hit, it seemed logical to try to do it properly remotely,” he recalls. “I happen to have all the right kit at home, literally down to the last wire, including the S21 with a Dante card, as I have a Dante network in the office.”
Edwards had originally purchased the S21 for a large Gospel choir that appeared on Britain’s Got Talent two years ago, as the broadcast desk he was working on didn’t have sufficient inputs or outputs to accommodate everything required.
“The S21 proved a good solution as an add on. It’s got a reasonably small footprint, it’s versatile and i

robe-adam-tower-amsterdam-for-ps5-launch-photo-by-jd-photography-dsc2861Robe lights ADAM Tower for PS5 launch
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

The Netherlands - The buzz around the new Sony PlayStation 5 launch was unmissable in November as Sony HQ buildings worldwide exploded in a spectacular series of co-ordinated lighting and visual shows to herald the new flagship PS5 console.
In the Netherlands, Hilversum-based technical production company Smits Light & Sound (SLS) invested in 100 x new Robe LEDBeam 150s to make up the 200+ Robe fixtures - including 172 x LEDBeam 150s - that were needed to complete an ambitious lighting scheme created by brand agency BAAS Amsterdam and SLS for the ADAM Tower in Amsterdam Nord.
The ADAM Tower (Amsterdam Dance & Music) on the banks of the IJ River in the redeveloped docklands area close to Amsterdam’s famous central station is a vibrant creative hub and a well-known local landmark.
It was the first time that Jeroen Smits and his SLS team had lit the 100m-tall building which has stunning panoramic views, and he specified the LEDBeam 150s together with 30 Robe Pointes, 12 Robe BMFL WashBeams and other fixtures together with over 100sq.m of 5mm LED screen.
The building’s 110 permanent architectural LED luminaires were also hooked into the grandMA3 console controlling lighting and video for the time-coded PS5 launch show.
The 172 LEDBeam 150s were placed in the individual window spaces of the building’s top seven floors.
Each fixture was enclosed in a white box created utilising approximately 400m of pipe-and-drape system covered in white poly-satin curtain fabric, chosen for its reflective properties when combined with lig

hollywood-partyMavericks support Megan Three Stallion party
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

USA - Lee Rose and the creative team behind the Hollywood Party segment of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show begin looking for a suitable soundstage for their production in mid-September. Most years the process is fairly routine, but not in 2020.
“We scouted the Los Angeles Convention Centre as a possible location,” said Rose, who began lighting Dick Clark New Year’s Eve segments back in the ‘par can days’ of December 1984. “Normally we’re on a soundstage for the Hollywood Party, but as it turned out, most of the TV shows that went down for the pandemic left their sets on their stages. Between that and production starting up for some new shows, there were no stages to be had. A venue was finally confirmed in October with production ‘tweaking’ the layout to make it more COVID compliant.”
The prolonged quest for a stage was one of many issues Rose and his associates faced this year. Still, it wound up being “entertainment-as-usual” for the 10m-plus TV viewers who tuned in to watch the Hollywood Party, as it delivered all the fiery punch that fans have come to expect from the programme.
This was readily apparent when Megan Thee Stallion dominated the stage with her “red-hot sound and dance moves”. Supporting her performance was Rose’s bold and dynamic lightshow, which featured 12 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures, supplied by PRG.
“As soon I saw the art director’s layout for Megan Thee Stallion, with its series of 6ft 6ft dancer risers, I envisioned using the

radiantADJ LED fixtures create ‘full-on fun factory’
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

USA - Radiant Church, a thriving multi-site church located in Tampa, Florida, has recently overhauled the AVL system in its dedicated space for elementary-aged children. This included the installation of 37 ADJ lighting fixtures to create a vibrant and versatile rig designed to provide a fun-filled and contemporary backdrop for Sunday services and midweek events hosted by the church’s lively ‘Radiant Kids’ ministry.
Planted by Pastor Aaron Burke and his wife Katie in 2013, with a vision of creating a life-giving church that would transform a community, Radiant Church has quickly grown to spread across five locations in the Tampa Bay area. With an attendance approaching 4,000, it was placed at number 5 in Outreach Magazine’s 2020 list of Fastest-Growing Churches in America. Throughout this growth, the church has continually invested in the AV technology they use to present vibrant worship and engaging teaching, both for those gathering in person and watching online.
Their latest project was a complete technical revamp of the dedicated space used for ministry to fourth and fifth graders at the church’s flagship South Tampa location. The technical supplier for the new audio, video and lighting system was Atmospheric Productions, a company with a long history of working with Radiant Church. Owned and operated by business partners Andre T Miller and Jay Parmenter, who have over 20 years of collective industry experience, the company was established in 2015 and specializes in church integration projects.
“Radiant Church has been a client of At

spiritlandtruckBroaMan and Spiritland OB host webinar
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Europe - BroaMan and Spiritland OB will co-host a Zoom-based webinar on 14 January, at 14.00hr GMT (15.00 CET, 9.00 EST).
BroaMan’s point-to-point fibre transport solution, based on the Repeat48WDM platform, was selected by one of the UK's leading OB trucks - Spiritland One - to provide a multi-format stagebox system to run multiple video, audio and data signals between stage and truck.
Co-hosts, Spiritland co-founder, Antony Shaw, and BroaMan technical sales manager, Maciek Janiszewski, will present a case study on this advanced system design, and how they evolved such a compact custom solution. The session will incorporate an interactive Q/A.
BroaMan itself offers customised fibre solutions as well as standard devices for every application that requires IP/SDI/HD/3G video transport or routing.
Webinar is at

robe-danish-tvRobe scores a hit on TV in Denmark
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Denmark - Lighting designer Johnny Thinggaard Lydiksen counts himself lucky to have had a busy autumn, engaged in working on several different television productions, all of them using Robe moving lights.
This has included music show Here’s Your Hit for DR2, a flagship channel of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and two major TV Awards shows, one for radio station P3 Guld (Gold) at the Aalborg Musikkens Hus and the high-profile Crown Prince Couples Awards staged at the Værket Randers.
Directed by Dean Strange, Here’s Your Hit is staged in the charismatic Tunnel Fabrikkerne in Copenhagen's north harbour.
This facility was originally built to fabricate and engineer elements utilised in the construction of the Oresund Bridge that connects the Danish capital with the Swedish city of Malmo. It is now in the process of being redeveloped as a multifunctional space for business culture and youth projects, as well as being a testament to Copenhagen’s recent industrial history.
For the series, various visiting bands and artists get in-depth with the full process of recording and producing a hit song, accompanied by advice and commentary from industry experts. The band then played their song live in the studio to wrap up each show.
Series creator and scenographer Betina Leth imagined the industrial style pop-up studio setting of the venue, complete with shipping containers and lots of bare metal structural elements, a fantastic backdrop for which lighting took centre stage to build the drama and atmosphere.

martin-audioMartin Audio drives Goldbäckerei Grote
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Germany - For more than 100 years, Goldbäckerei Grote has been serving its customers in the Sauerland region. In addition to 17 cafés and bakeries, the fourth generation of the family business has now also opened a gastronomy location directly on the shores of Lake Sorpe (Sundern). For the first time, an all-day concept has been introduced, where customers are provided with hot and cold dishes, cocktails and regional specialities. The upper floor is designed as an event area.
The company Event Active from Schmallenberg was commissioned to equip this space with the appropriate audio-visual technology. Managing director Noel Büchte stated, "Goldbäckerei Grote wanted to offer a high-quality event location with its Heimathafen [events space]. Therefore, we planned the technology so that the products could be perfectly integrated and deliver an excellent performance.”
Martin Audio loudspeakers were used exclusively for the entire project. Stated Noel Büchte, "Martin Audio's portfolio offers many solutions for the installation sector, so we were able to use several product lines: weatherproof outdoor loudspeakers, budget-oriented background speakers and high-quality ceiling speakers - all available in high or low impedance versions.”
Almost 50 loudspeakers from the Adorn, Ceiling and CDD series have been integrated unobtrusively into the room design. But the loudspeakers also have another advantage. "Since we were integrating a complex audio matrix, we naturally also needed the matching loudspeaker pre-sets for this. Unlike some other manufacture

gg-beaconsGreen-GO solution for COVID-19 test station
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

The Netherlands – Tasked by a Regional Public Health Service with finding an effective solution for a new COVID-19 testing centre to enable its 18 test bays to signal for technical assistance, Backbone International turned to tried-and-tested event production technology from digital communications specialist Green-GO.
The company, a leading production management and temporary infrastructure specialist with operations worldwide, is well used to delivering the best technical solutions for any number of environments. Faced with this signalling challenge as part of a systems integration project for a testing facility in Eindhoven, they turned to Green-GO, and its Beacon call indicator units. Developed for the event production industry, the Green-GO Beacons have a transparent outer case and light up when receiving a call.
Backbone’s Daniël Zwaan explains, “The testing facility has a couple of ‘streets’, each with nine testing stations. The client needed employees at each station to have a button which they can press in case of a technical issue. This should trigger a red light at their counter, and another in the control room, indicating in which ‘street’ the support is requested. The employee or support engineer should then be able to de-activate the red light once the issue is solved.”
Zwaan continues, “We were looking for an existing system that could work for this project. Green-GO was a smart and fast communication solution.”
Specifically, the Beacon solution gave the Backbone team the advantages of being readily available

adamson-bolgenBølgen Kulturhus installs Adamson E-Series
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Norway - Bølgen Kulturhus in Larvik is a multi-purpose, multi-use venue that welcomes thousands of patrons annually for concerts, cinema, and theatre presentations, as well as conferences and events of all descriptions. With the recent installation of an Adamson Systems Engineering E-Series PA in its main hall, Storsalen, Bølgen has extended its already substantial capabilities to present the wide variety of programming it offers and the diverse range of events it hosts.
Previously, Norwegian distributor Benum provided Bølgen with Adamson rigs for the venue’s other two, smaller performance/event spaces: eight IS10, four IS119 subs, four PC5, and two D120 amplifiers in ‘Sanden Scene’; and eight S7, two IS119 and two D120 for Blåboksen.
In the Storshalen space, Benum has now installed a system comprised of 20 E12 (flown 10 per side), six E219 subs, and four S7p loudspeakers for lip and in-fills; all powered by D-Series amplifiers by Lab Gruppen (eight D120 amplifiers for the E12, two D200s for the E219 and one D80 for the S7p). Additionally, a Lake LM44 is deployed at FOH to create a fully redundant digital network with all audio distribution handled via Dante and a dedicated analogue backup.
Benum, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021, has been representing Adamson Systems Engineering exclusively in Norway since 2015, and in Sweden since 2017. Adamson’s growth in the market has been substantial, says sales manager Kenneth Vadset: “We got a flying start with an S-Series installation at the Olavshallen concert hall in Tr

first-baptist-churchElizabeth Coco adds depth with Chauvet
Monday, 11 January 2021

USA - At short notice, Elizabeth Coco eagerly embraced the opportunity to light three concert videos for the First Baptist Church of Glenarden outside Washington DC.
“Every year the church does spectacular Christmas and New Year’s Eve services, but due to COVID they had to reinvent things,” recalled Coco. “We did a series of filming over the course of seven days that included gospel performances from the church, as well as some partnering houses of worship in the area. From this, we created videos for the holidays as well as one for release later in 2021. I really enjoyed the challenge of taking on this project.”
In the process, Coco not only expanded her creative horizons, she also discovered the capabilities of the Chauvet Professional Maverick series, as her “surprise rig” included six MK3 Spot and 12 MK1 Spot fixtures.
“The performance of these fixtures was amazing,” said Coco. “The zoom range and pixel masks of the MK3s were perfect. I was so excited when I walked in the door and saw a case of them sitting on the deck waiting for me, because I had heard about them. I decided to place them directly behind the performers. I kept them in narrow zoom at all times to make them really visible with haze and create different beam shapes in the air.
“They didn’t have ArtNer or sACN easily accessible at this site, so we couldn’t dual control and map the MK3s,” she continued. “But I’m actually glad, because I didn’t have the time to really use that functionality either. Instead, I ran the MK3s in 128 channel mode an

astera-helene-fischer-christmas-showAstera adds festive sparkle for Helene Fischer
Monday, 11 January 2021

Germany - Nearly 500 Astera AX3 LightDrop wireless battery-powered LED fixtures were utilised for a Weihnachtsshow (Christmas Show) special broadcast by popular German singer, dancer and entertainer, Helene Fischer.
Essential elements of the show broadcast on Christmas Day were recorded at the vast Halle 6 of Dusseldorf Messe, complete production lighting designed by award-winning LD, Tim Routledge.
Due to coronavirus restrictions and the relatively short lead-time in which these segments of the show had to be produced, neither Tim nor camera director Paul Dugdale – also based in the UK – could physically be there in person. So, to ensure that the lighting design was installed and ran smoothly, Tim brought German LD Michael Kuehbandner onboard as lighting director to oversee the project in Dusseldorf.
It was Tim’s first design for the artist; however, he has worked on numerous Paul Dugdale projects before.
Normally Fischer’s annual Weihnachtsshow, one of German TV’s most popular festive events, would be an impressively glittery and glamourous extravaganza with guests and an enthusiastic live audience, but this year that wasn’t possible.
To reflect this and the dramatic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the entertainment industry, the creative team wanted to do something radically different. They placed the artist in the huge empty Messehalle in Dusseldorf and filmed a series of intros and segues connecting a collage of “best of” clips from previous Weihnachtsshows which have been broadcast since 2011.
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bayside-church-christmas-2020Elation lights Bayside’s Christmas village
Monday, 11 January 2021

USA - After arguably the toughest year in recent memory, Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California, one of the largest churches in the Sacramento area, wanted to do something special for its congregation this holiday season. As a special holiday gift to the community, Bayside built a Christmas village complete with ice-skating rink, towering Christmas tree and special Christmas light show, a festive holiday experience enhanced using dynamic IP-rated luminaires from Elation Professional.
Alec Takahashi, a former lighting designer and lighting director at the church, was called on to light the project and worked on creative production with the church's creative team, including Bayside creative director Corbin Phillips. Felix Lighting of Southern California supplied all of the lighting gear for the project.
The Christmas experience, which included a 10-minute light show, opened on 25 November and ran through 3 January.
Takahashi says one of the main challenges of the project was getting the vision the church had for the project to fit within a tight budget. “Their ambition for the show visually was massive so trying to match that with a limited number of fixtures and still have that wow factor was quite a challenge,” he says. “When initially thinking about what fixtures I wanted to use, the Proteus line was the first that came to mind. Although I had not personally used the line yet, I knew its reputation as high-quality IP-rated fixtures was phenomenal.”
The designer says he sought lighting that was “robust” and could hold up under


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