The K’s album release show (photo: Nat Persoglio)

UK - After playing a stretch of intimate in-store shows at independent record shops across the nation to announce their debut album I Wonder If The World Knows, The K's arrived at one of their local concert venues, the 1000-cap, Grade II-listed Parr Hall in Warrington on 10 April.

To ensure an optimum audio experience for their fans, Martin Audio rental partner, dBS Solutions were brought in to provide their flagship WPS (Wavefront Precision) scalable line array. This was set in a ground-stacked configuration, as due to weight limitation flying the PA wasn’t an option.

The WPS was mounted, six-a-side, on a single SXCF118 cardioid sub, while a further six WS218X subs were arranged in a broadside array in the pit, for maximum LF grunt. Providing front-fill coverage were four Martin Audio WPM, in two-box stacks.

Meanwhile, in the balcony of this Grade II-listed building Martin Audio XD15s were deployed as fills in biamp mode, tied into the venue’s Torus T1230 constant curvature short throw speakers.

dBS Solutions deployed a pair of iKON amp racks, each housing three iK42. They were thus able to power the main PA in the optimum one-box resolution - all of which impressed the band’s FOH engineer, Ben Hubbard. “Despite not being able to fly the PA, the WPS continued to deliver in its ground stack format,” he confirmed.

Systems engineer, Daniel Clare, designed the rig in such a way as to provide coverage to both the primary standing area and the initial parts of the balcony, where the house Torus system in this Victorian venue took over to provide even coverage into the furthest recesses of the upper balcony.

Reviewing the overall performance of WPS, Ben Hubbard said, “The system provided even and consistent output throughout the show, conveying an accurate representation of the mix to every audience member.

“I noted to Daniel during the tuning process how impressed I was with the low-mid information produced by the cabinets themselves before introducing the subs. This helped me achieve a punchy mix, with real weight for the entirety of the show in what was a challenging space,” he concluded.

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