Both COMBINE4 and DISTRO4 include internal power supplies
USA - Wireless audio manufacturer RF Venue has released two new antenna distribution products: COMBINE4, a four channel transmitter combiner, and DISTRO4, which has been updated to include cascade ports.

COMBINE4 is a professional, affordable combiner for any brand in-ear monitor. It joins four IEM signals into a single RF output for dramatic improvement in signal quality and extended range via optional directional antennas.

"With performers of all kinds demanding IEMs, the challenge is for engineers to minimize dropouts and interference," said RF Venue CEO Chris Regan. "Using a robust antenna combiner like the new COMBINE4 paired with a dedicated transmit antenna makes an enormous difference, even on small IEM systems."

RF Venue's updated DISTRO4 retains all powerful features of the previous generation antenna distributor, but adds a fifth cascade port to allow multiple DISTRO4s to cascade together for 16 or more receivers running through a single diversity antenna pair.

"The original DISTRO4 has been one of our best selling products because it has everything the audio pro needed for professional grade antenna distribution, and it works with any wireless microphone brand," says Regan. "The only request we consistently received for that model was the addition of a fifth cascade port, and we're pleased to announce that the current DISTRO4 now incorporates this feature."

Both COMBINE4 and DISTRO4 include internal power supplies, DC jacks for elimination of wall-warts, and ship with all RF and power jumpers required for four channel operation and cascading. Both products are also available in discounted packages with RF Venue's high performance directional antennas.

(Jim Evans)

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