The HC-35 is specifically designed for a wide variety of broadcasting applications
UK - Rycote has announced the immediate availability of two microphones that expand and enhance its professional microphone portfolio. Tailored for film production, sports broadcasts, and field recording applications, these new additions solidify Rycote's commitment to delivering top-tier audio solutions.
"I've always found Rycote's products to meet my expectations in terms of clear sound and adaptability to the environment,” comments Keith Alexander, professional sound recordist. “Often, I have to select gear for expansive outdoor shots, ambient sounds, dialogues, and studio recording. Their versatility is unmatched; they're lightweight and capable of handling various tasks. Moreover, the protective cases have proven essential during expeditions, especially when I have to travel under rough conditions, such as being in the middle of the ocean with a constant 100km wind.000
“Rycote's BD10 and HC 35 Mics are my top choice for their quiet signal-to-noise ratio and bright vocal response. It's a great victory to have such adaptable mics,".
Expanding the Pencil Format, Rycote introduces the BD-10 Figure-of-8 microphone, crafted for MS recordings in field recording applications, with a primary focus on ambient sounds and dialogues. Simultaneously, the HC-35 Long Shotgun microphone joins the shotgun design line-up, specifically engineered for sports broadcasts, expansive outdoor shots, and scripted TV dialogues.
Maintaining the hallmark sound signature and low-self noise performance synonymous with Rycote microphones, the BD-10 and HC-35 stand out as versatile, high-performance tools. These new offerings seamlessly integrate with Rycote's industry-standard windshields and shock mounting accessories, providing comprehensive solutions even in the most demanding applications.
The BD-10 microphone features an innovative capsule design which allows for accurate stereo recordings with detail and clarity. In addition, it has an integrated suspension system which minimises any handling noise or vibration. This makes it suitable for capturing dialogues or ambience in film production as well as field recording applications.
The HC-35 long shotgun microphone is specifically designed for a wide variety of broadcasting applications, such as football games and other applications where clear audio capture is mission critical. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it very convenient and easy to handle.
"We are excited to announce that these two highly anticipated additions to our microphone range are now shipping. Our team worked diligently to not only deliver exceptional sound and accurate reproduction but also to establish an attractive and competitive market position - a differentiator that truly sets us apart,” comments Bjorn Rennemo-Henriksen, audio sales senior director.

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