Senior marketing moves at Audient
Tuesday, 20 June 2023
andrew-allen-product--marketing-director-audientAndrew Allen - product & marketing director
UK - Andrew Allen has been appointed product & marketing director, a new role at Audient. In addition to heading up the marketing department, he is now overseeing product for both Audient & EVO lines, with immediate effect.
Audient owner, Simon Blackwood says: “Technological innovation is moving incredibly fast these days and we want to ensure we're perfectly positioned to capture emerging markets and technologies, as well as allow continued development of our world class products. So we’re extremely pleased to announce the restructuring of our director team to align product and marketing into one role under Andrew Allen's direction as Audient product and marketing director.”
With over a decade of experience at Audient, Andrew has been solely responsible for the company’s global marketing strategy for much of that time. “Audient has an incredibly exciting future ahead and I'm honoured to be part of a values-led company that’s not only committed to innovation, but passionate about enhancing the way we make and record music,” says Andrew.
“This also allows the well-deserved promotion of Chris Phillips to Audient marketing manager, responsible to Andrew Allen,” adds Simon. Chris brings six years of marketing and branding experience to his new position.

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