The tunnel interconnects the left and right banks of the Harbour of Antwerp
Belgium - Lighting designer Jean-Jacques Marotte was the go-to guy for event agency DDMC, when they were tasked with the production and creation of the inauguration of the new railway tunnel in the north of Antwerp.

The tunnel interconnects the left and right banks of the Harbour of Antwerp, and the celebration took the form of a spectacular opening ceremony. The train arrived at the station with prominent Belgian ministers and VIPs on board to experience a live show with performers and lighting effects adding new dimensions to the outdoor railway environment.

PRG Belgium was the technical supplier of video, light, sound and rigging for this impressive project and Jean-Jacques Marotte put the equipment into perfect action.

"We started the installation one week in advance. It was extremely cold during the build-up period. These extreme weather circumstances were the reason I chose SGM products, besides their excellent output and performance," informs Jean-Jacques.

The extensive SGM package consisted of 50 P-5 wash lights, 90 Q-7 flood/blind/strobes, 60 SixPack blinders, 12 G-Spot moving heads and 24 LT-200 LED tubes. Jean-Jacques explains: "The Q-7s and P-5s were used at the exit of the tunnel due to their wide reach, illuminating the background, the setting and creating the ambiance. I used SixPacks in the tunnel to create the chases alongside the train, and G-Spots on the containers outside because they are IP65 rated. This was simply the only option for a moving head without having to use a dome. And then last but not least the LT-200s were used as decoration on the platform."

With the security of the IP rating of the SGM luminaires, the set-up went smoothly and the execution was well-received by all attendees, the event agency and the end customer. This is the second Public-Private Partnership for the Belgian railways and it represents a total investment of 873m euros.

(Jim Evans)

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