‘Every detail of the production must reflect the brand values’
Germany - Events technology company Show’Em is focused on one market sector - corporate events at which every detail of the production must reflect the brand values and design ethos of the clients and their products.
And often that client is one of Germany’s leading car manufacturers, for whom Show’Em delivers end-to-end event organisation and in whose home city of Ingolstadt the company is also located.
“We have been working together with AudiAG since 2001, which has developed into a strong partnership that continues to this day” reports Show’Em CEO Christian Eck.
“The collaboration allows us to stage a large number of notable industry events for the company. We have risen to meet the needs of our customer over the years and have since made the company’s high standards our own.”
These standards extend to the careful evaluation of every piece of the AV technology deployed including a large inventory of Nexo loudspeakers, not only for how they perform, but also for how they look.
“The look of a product is very important to us” says Christian. “That’s why we have our own photo studio in the company where we photograph and evaluate all relevant products that are in the customer's line of sight. Visible screws, cables or an unfavourable shape are exclusion criteria for us.
“Nexo products have always done well in this respect. Unlike other brands, Geo M6 and M10 line arrays achieve high output and even coverage using only single low-mid drivers, rather than two side-by-side. That's why they’re so very slim, which is always a good starting position.”
Nexo’s compact ID Series also aligns with the Show’Em ethos, and the company has developed its own line stands for deploying the speakers at prestigious events at which even the mounting hardware has to fit the brief for cutting-edge design.
“For me, the crowning glory of the look is definitely the combination of two ID84s and one ID84L on an Excellent Line Stand,” continues Christian. “With this combination, we can provide sound in rooms where the competition has large truss constructions and quite massive PA systems. You can hardly see the loudspeakers; the sound system works for 30m - 40m and there is not a single truss or tower lift.”
At Show’Em, the seamless integration of Yamaha digital consoles and Nexo Powered TD Controllers is also crucial.
“We started with EtherSound in 2006 and were able to transfer 48 digital audio channels between the Yamaha mixing console and the Nexo amplifier completely digitally. At that time, we couldn't do that with any other system. Now we’ve entered the world of Dante with over 200 channels and no problems.
“We’ve enjoyed a 25-year relationship with Nexo,” says Christian in conclusion. “Nexo has always built loudspeakers that make sense in the mid-range event sector.”

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