After the presentations, soul singer Chaka Khan and Danish vocalist Aura Dione took to the stage
Czech Republic - German production house Showem is the latest company to invest in a Nexo STM M28 system, which made its inaugural appearance at the new Skoda Superb launch. Both the car and the modular line array system were unveiled at the Forum Karlin auditorium in Prague, where a stunning new symphony was premiered to 500 invited media guests.

The symphony, performed by a 50-piece orchestra, was written to symbolise a new era for the 120-year-old Czech car manufacturer, and this fresh approach extended to the choice of sound system used at the launch. Showem's technical production manager, Dieter Mantzel, wanted to mark the occasion with a different PA system to those typically used for new car launches, and Nexo STM was the number one choice.

"We'd been waiting for Nexo's new M28 modular line array, and this was the perfect opportunity to purchase it," says Showem's CEO Christian Eck, who took delivery of the system a week before the event. "The compact M28 is just right for our company; a 2x 8-inch system is exactly the size we need. The Dante redundancy and Lake control options provided by the NUAR (NEXO Amp Rack) convinced our client that the M28 was right for this event."

L/R arrays of nine M28s and three B112 bass modules were flown each side of the stage in the multifunction auditorium, which accommodates nearly 3,000 people. Three S118 subs per side, running in cardioid mode, were flown behind the main hangs. The system was powered by four NUARs.

The M28 system handled a varied programme including speeches from Skoda designers and executives, film footage of Skoda's history and details of the car's evolution. After the presentations, legendary soul singer Chaka Khan and Danish vocalist Aura Dione took to the stage with a live band.

"The M28 was extremely powerful, with very high SPLs for its size," says Mantzel. "Even with the flown bass cabinets there was a lot of 'punch' throughout the whole location. The sound quality is absolutely state-of-the-art, and all of the sound engineers working on this event told me that NEXO has set the standard with STM. Even the orchestral engineers, normally used to working with other brands, were stunned by its output and bright, dynamic sound."

(Jim Evans)

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