The Par 200 W UV is a special model with a UV light source making it the choice for applications where fluorescence is key

Europe - Showtec has added four new models to its ACT series that now includes a number of fresnel, ellipsoidal, par and flood lights. Like the existing models, the new Par 200 W RGBAL, Par 200 W CW/WW, Par 200 W UV and Flood 200 RGBAL are designed for use in theatres, on stages and even at business events.

The new models strengthen the ACT series by adding three new pars and one flood light to the range. Each one is equipped with a powerful 200 W LED designed for a specific purpose. In keeping with rest of the ACT series, accurate colour rendering, manual control options, optimised beam angles and silent operation are features of the new models.

The Par 200 W RGBAL is a versatile indoor spotlight with an RGBAL LED light source that is capable of producing a wide range of colours. In addition to control via DMX, manual control is possible using the onboard control panel and two knobs that allow easy colour selection and dimming in standalone mode. For even more versatility, the beam angle of 32° can be easily adapted using one of the three included diffusers (30°, 50° or 80°).

When only white light is required, the Par 200 W CW/WW offers flexibility with its dual CW/WW LED light source. With a controllable colour temperature of 2800 K to 7200 K, it can produce cold white, warm white or anything in between. A CRI of 92 ensures that colours under the light are accurately rendered. In addition to DMX, manual control options include two knobs to adjust the colour temperature and the dimming in standalone mode. To easily adjust the beam angle, three diffusers are also included with this model.

The Par 200 W UV is a special model with a UV light source making it the choice for applications where fluorescence is key. Like the other models, it benefits from DMX or manual control with a single knob allowing easy dimming in standalone mode.

For a bright, soft field of coloured light with a beam angle of 90° x 105°, the Flood 200 RGBAL is the model to go for. A CRI of 93 ensures accurate colour rendering, while the adjustable colour temperature from 2800 K to 10000K expands the possibilities for light designers. Alongside DMX, manual controls include knobs for colour selection and dimming. An eight-leaf barndoor is also included for easy beam shaping.

The Showtec ACT series now includes a total of 14 different models. With similar characteristics and features, each model complements the other, culminating in a complete range of professional lighting products that are suitable for theatre, stage and business use.

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