The Showtec Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze features a design comprising eight pods
Europe - FLEXibility takes centre stage with the new Showtec Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze. With its original design and versatile features, this lighting fixture promises to bring innovative possibilities to lighting professionals and enthusiasts.
The Showtec Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze features a design comprising eight pods, each equipped with 100-watt, 3000 K COB LEDs. But that’s not all; these pods are also enriched with amber and RGB LEDs, enabling a wide range of creative lighting applications. Unlike many LEDs that often fall short in replicating this effect, the Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze’s amber LEDs are specifically designed to perfectly mimic the dimming of traditional tungsten blinders, providing a nostalgic and warm ambiance.
The RGB LEDs in each pod can be mixed to create a blaze effect with a captivating array of colours. With each pod working independently, the Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze enables you to craft one-of-a-kind light shows that are vibrant, dynamic, and visually stunning.
To provide optimal performance, the Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze boasts RDM (Remote Device Management) capability. This means that the temperature and humidity sensors that are integrated into both the controller and each pod can be monitored, allowing you to adjust settings remotely for precise control and peace of mind.
Built to brave the elements, one of the standout features of the Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze is its IP65-rated aluminium housing. This makes it not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor events. To mount the pods, each pod features a unique mounting bracket with a 12.5 mm hole in the centre and four additional holes at a 45° angle. This design makes it easy to securely screw the fixture to decor or structures without needing to remove the pod from the bracket, simplifying the installation process. The maximum cable length of 30m between the controller and each pod ensures that you can configure your lighting system to suit your needs.
The Stage Blinder FLEX Blaze comes complete with everything you need for a seamless setup, including a controller, cables, and a mounting bracket.

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