The cable has been specially developed for use in professional large-scale sound reinforcement systems

Europe – Sommer Cable has introduced the new 32-core SC-Elephant SPM3215 loudspeaker cable, specially developed for use in professional large-scale sound reinforcement systems. Its main application lies in the connection between line array speakers and the latest generation of 16-channel amplifiers whereby each speaker is individually addressed.

The cable is suited as a reliable connection solution for (PA/sound systems or large sound reinforcement systems such as the L-series from L'Acoustics. An individual combination of the cores also makes it possible to run smaller sound systems. The SC-Elephant SPM3215 can also be used as a control cable for machine and robot control.

With its torsion-free stranding, the cable ensures a reliable performance, while its compact diameter of just 20,3 mm makes installation considerably easier. Owing to its fine-wire construction, the SC-Elephant SPM3215 speaker cable guarantees a high number of bending cycles and therefore a long service life. The low impedance ensures a loss-free transmission and outstanding sound quality. The cable is also oil-repellent to standard oils, UV-resistant and highly flexible even at low temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor use.

As a ready-made connection solution, Sommer cable combines the speaker cable with its HICON Tourlock connectors with gold-plated crimp contacts and offers two different versions, one with our proven anti-kink screw connection or alternatively with aluminium screw connection including a stainless-steel strain relief mesh. Custom lengths and special configurations are easily possible.

It is also available as a fan-out version, designed with a full-fledged SC-Elephant SPM825 and connected using innovative ultrasonic splicing technology in a Glandmaster protective housing.

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