‘These updates bring an array of powerful features that will elevate the world of drone shows’
Latvia - SPH Engineering has announced the release of three major updates - the Drone Show Software v.4.2, Firmware v. 4.2, and Drone Show Creator updates. and enhance the creativity and control available to drone show professionals, says the company.
Drone Show Software Release 4.2 and Firmware v. 4.2 include significant advancements in synchronization capabilities, with the DSS Controller now perfectly aligned with GPS time. This precThese updates bring an array of powerful features that will elevate the world of drone shows ise synchronization allows drone show designers to synchronize color animation and music integrated into the Drone Show Software, enabling the launch of even more vibrant shows integrated into large-scale events that involve music, pyrotechnics, and more.
Users will benefit from the Weather service tool in DSS Controller which includes a weather widget, providing real-time weather data for informed decision-making during the drone show preparation stage.
Enhancements have been made to the Smart Return to Home (RTH) functionality, optimizing the return flight path of drones and enhancing safety. In case of emergencies, the Smart RTH update significantly reduces the risk of losing a substantial portion of the fleet. With Smart RTH, in the event of an unforeseen situation, the fleet can be safely returned to the starting point with minimal losses.
SPH Engineering has also developed an integration with Finale 3D, one of the most popular software for pyrotechnics. Now, Pathviewer allows the import of Drone Show Software-based shows into Finale 3D format, enabling drone show designers to simulate how a drone show will look alongside fireworks show.
In addition to these features, Drone Show Software Release 4.2 offers various improvements. The accuracy of music synchronization has undergone a significant boost, achieving precise timings within a remarkable 10-millisecond range. The software now obtains precise GPS time directly from the RTK base station, improving accuracy. Furthermore, the software's color animation cycle has been optimized, ensuring the correct display of variable blinking effects.
"We are thrilled to announce the release of Drone Show Software 4.2, showcasing remarkable advancements for our valued clients and customers,” says Alexander Levandovskiy, head of drone show technologies at SPH Engineering. “With each release, our top priority and mission are to continuously improve safety standards."

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