The impressive 35m stage was flanked by left-right Adamson Energia line arrays followed by large-scale video walls
Russia - The Stairway to Heaven Festival, held in the Krasnodar Region of Russia, made its debut this summer. Live Master, located in Krasnodar City, provided lighting and an Adamson Energia sound reinforcement system for the event.

Adamson's Jochen Sommer assisted with system design and was on site to oversee the set-up and tuning of the Energia system. The festival line-up included a variety of popular performers including Joe Lynn Turner, Ian Paice, Ken Hensley, Pink Floyd Show UK and Russian heavy metal band Aria.

The impressive 35m stage was flanked by left-right Energia line arrays followed by large-scale video walls that delivered visual impact throughout each performance.

"In comparison to similar events, this was an extremely large undertaking," explains Oleg Ivanov, Adamson Russia. "The Adamson system performed extremely well delivering exactly what the artists and those that ran the festival required."

The main PA consisted of two Adamson E15 line arrays, each comprised of 12 E15 enclosures. Due to the large width of the PA an additional flown in-fill system of four E12 per side was installed with an additional four Adamson E12 stacked in front of the stage for lip-fill purposes. Low-end was supported by six blocks of three Adamson T21 subwoofers arranged in an end-fired configuration left and right of the stage at ground level.

The system was driven by 22 Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q amplifiers with Lake processing. A Midas Pro 6 digital console took centre stage at FOH along with one Lake LM44 for main system control. On stage monitoring was delivered by 16 Adamson M15 monitors along with 2 A218 subs for the drums.

"All of the performers were impressed with the sound quality," Ivanov adds. "Aria's lead guitarist Vladimir Holstinin said that the technical implementation of the concert could easily beat any other festival in Russia."

(Jim Evans)

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