To win the highly-competitive Low Carbon award, a project must demonstrate significant energy savings
UK - A lighting project for Stansted Airport designed by Morgan Sindall Professional Services (MSPS), the multidisciplinary design and engineering firm, working with lighting manufacturer OSRAM has been nominated for a prestigious Lighting Design Award.

The nomination for the Low Carbon category marks the second accolade for MSPS' electrical engineering team in three years.

To win the highly-competitive Low Carbon award, a project must demonstrate significant energy savings through excellence and innovation in terms of design, equipment or technique.

The project was for Stansted's 306m undercroft. The brief was to optimise lighting levels with improved controls that could vary illuminance levels, to reduce maintenance costs, and future proof the system so that it could be updated or integrated with other building management systems when required.

Daniel Eggington principal electrical engineer at MSPS, says the nomination is evidence of MSPS' commitment to sustainable design. "Working with OSRAM we have designed a solution that reduces the number of luminaires from 286 to 120 and power consumption from 130KW/H to 14KW/H.

"In all, we have delivered an 89 percent energy usage reduction that equates to a cost saving of just under £119,000. Stansted will see highly impactful energy savings with improved illuminance levels."

A crisp, clear light with enhanced uniformity has been achieved with 120 Siteco T21 Tunnel LED luminaires, which with a heat and impact protection rating of IK10 are expected to last for 90,000 hours, significantly reducing maintenance costs. The design enables optimum energy usage as illumination levels can be programmed to respond to the time of day and how busy the area is. The LED luminaires utilise LON Powerline protocol, allowing for existing cabling to be reused where appropriate, and each luminaire can be controlled individually or in groups to allow Stansted to make future adaptations without re-wiring.

Karen Cawley, responsible for the project at OSRAM says, "Carbon efficiency has always been a focus of OSRAM's products, projects and solutions. For this reason we feel honored to be nominated for this Lighting Design Award."

Liz Brassington, environment standards manager at Stansted concludes, "MSPS and OSRAM have created an award-worthy design that combines innovative engineering with leading product technology to create near-daylight conditions using a fraction of the energy used in the previous design. As well as providing considerable cost savings, as the fourth busiest airport in the UK it also crucially helps us to support the Government's Carbon Plan, aiming to reduce the UK's greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050."

(Jim Evans)

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