John McMahon will oversee the broad-based strategic planning for new products
USA - Meyer Sound has appointed John McMahon to the newly created position of vice president of solutions and strategy.

Working closely with CEO John Meyer and executive vice president Helen Meyer, McMahon will oversee the broad-based strategic planning for new products, product management, and multi-product solutions across various vertical markets.

McMahon's new Solutions and Strategy Division aligns product management, design services, technical support, and education under one umbrella with a goal of creating a common understanding of strategic initiatives amongst Meyer Sound's renowned technical and customer support teams. In addition, McMahon will continue to spearhead the digital product concept group in accelerating new digital solutions into the market.

A high point of McMahon's leadership at Meyer Sound is his work on the Constellation acoustic system, which has become a significant component of the company's growth during his tenure. The Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco, U.C. Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center's Appel Room, Denmark's Jyske Bank corporate boardroom, and the Alpensia Concert Hall in South Korea are among the many celebrated installations of Constellation worldwide.

"As our product offerings evolve and diversify, we'll lean on John McMahon to develop organizational processes to ensure the many functions of the company are in sync," says Helen Meyer, executive vice president and company co-founder. "His leadership will be crucial in maintaining our excellent customer responsiveness as we expand our presence worldwide."

McMahon has been part of Meyer Sound's executive team since 2008. A Canadian citizen, McMahon joined Meyer Sound in 2005 during the acquisition of Level Control Systems (LCS Audio) where he served as CEO. His interest in music and technology began at the age of six, when he began tinkering with circuit boards and designing loudspeakers. This early interest provided the basis for an entrepreneurial career that included the founding of Cadence Digital Audio in 1992 and ultimately led him to Meyer Sound.

"John Meyer has pioneered a company culture that attracts customers looking for new audio solutions," says McMahon. "In my new position, I will strive to maintain the highest standards in all that we do, at the same time defining a unified company growth strategy as we continue to push the envelope in both technology innovation and customer satisfaction."

(Jim Evans)

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