West London-based Ampekko was recently contracted by Lasalle Investment Management to supply a sophisticated voice alarm and public address system for the Swansgate Shopping Centre, situated in the heart of Wellingborough.

Ampekko worked closely with project manager Neil Horswood of Neil R Horswood Services, after winning the tender to design a dual-purpose system to be integrated into Swansgate’s four spacious shopping malls.

Before finalising the system, the company’s design team performed a number of acoustic modelling tests on-site, including a full RASTI test, required because of the harsh nature of surfaces throughout the centre. They then decided on an integrated PA and voice alarm system, based around Bouyer’s digital GD 2299 - a specialist spot-messaging hard disk recorder and player that allows for up to 100 voice messages to be stored and accessed when needed. Bouyer PGM 5008 microphones were used to offer built-in monitoring and intercom facilities. RB 39 Bouyer projector loudspeaker cabinets were specified in white to blend unobtrusively into the shopping mall. These are powered by eight amplifiers and use the Ampekko SPM10 line monitor.

The system allows for coded messages to pre-warn staff in advance of a possible evacuation, thereby helping to minimise a dangerous situation. Working not only as a security voice alarm, the system provides valuable add-on features including up to 100 repeat voice messages. The messaging system can be pre-programmed to deliver a host of messages from vital security information through to promotional messaging as well as important customer notices.

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