Out Board Electronics’ new TiMax ImageMaker 16, the audio localisation and virtual surround matrix, has been used on recent high profile corporate event shows with two leading audio design/production companies.

Dimension Audio’s Mark Boden used the system’s multi-dimensional effects capability for the first time during a walk-in for 200 BT delegates at the Sofitel in Paris. The event, called BT Ignite, was staged by production company Catalysm, and the TiMax showcontrol PlayList was used to trigger two CD players, running for half an hour on a continuous loop. While the main audio track came from the screen, the TiMax ‘image definitions’ created an array of voice sound effects which appeared to be emanating from different areas of the room.

"We used TiMax again to create a surround sound effect during various points of the video," said Boden, adding that the level/delay matrix was so successful that it would now form an intrinsic part of the sound at the repeat event, which will be held at London’s Metropole Hotel. Boden was joined by James Eade on engineering duties, and in addition to TiMax Dimension Audio featured Trantec’s S5000 UHF wireless system (10 lavaliers and two handhelds) and a d&b sound system, mixed through a DDA CS8.

Meanwhile, Delta Sound Inc was asked by Jack Morton Worldwide to provide the audio at the National Agricultural Centre for the dealership launch of the new Vauxhall Vivaro van. A specially-commissioned music and effects score and video were provided and a TiMax ImageMaker 16 was used to enhance the reveal soundtrack by providing multiple localisations of the various music and effects elements within the reveal sequence, according to Delta Sound’s Mark Underwood: "The result was a very happy customer, in fact we were thanked personally by the client."

The TiMax ImageMaker 8 (8in/8out) and ImageMaker 16 (8in/16out) have been developed to offer the TiMax Source Oriented Reinforcement (SOR) audio control environment to a wider customer base, by virtue of much lower price points.

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