Vincent Steenhoek chose to use a HippoCritter media server to realize his vision
UK - Earlier this year Green Hippo welcomed Vincent Steenhoek for a placement with its Hippotizer Product and Testing Department.

During his time at Green Hippo, Vincent attended Basic and Advanced HippoSchool training and was a great help within the department, working on testing and demo machines, and got to grips with Hippotizer in no time at all.

With his end-of-year exhibition in the pipeline, Vincent chose to use a HippoCritter media server to realize his vision and idea for the project. "And he was kind enough to give us a little profile of himself and his work after the exhibition," says the company. "In recent years this industry has seen the emergence of several amazing young talents, and Vincent will be joining the ranks of a number of very accomplished new-comers. With his portfolio growing, we are sure he will be involved with some amazing projects in future."

"I have always been fascinated with projection mapping and I had seen a plethora of examples of projection-based installations online, so I wanted to create one myself. I asked my classmate Marzio Picchetti to collaborate with me," says Vinvent. "He agreed and we started jotting down ideas. Once we found the right song, I started creating the content and he was responsible for manufacturing the surface.

"We used a Green Hippo HippoCritter (2012 i3 version) to control the setup. A 2500 lumens NEC projector at 1280x1024 was projecting on the front of the surface from roughly 90cm away, while a PAR can on a floor stand was used for backlight. And we added 9 pixelmapped Chroma-Q Color blocks for ambient lighting. We used a Net-Lynx by Artistic License for ArtNet to DMX conversion and the content was created on a Retina Macbook with After Effects.

"RegionMapper is the big hero. We mapped the whole surface into approximately 34 separate regions and started searching for interesting looks from there. The sub-pixel accuracy was really helpful in placing the projections precisely enough for people to look at it from half a meter away or less and the ScreenWarp options were used for the scenes with line drawing. We used PixelMapper to control ambience lighting with the Chroma-Q Colorblocks as well as the PAR can for the finish of the song. The Effects Engines and colour settings, so, the Engine - was where I found a lot of freedom and control to find what I needed on the fly, like those radial blurs."

"Here at Green Hippo we are all very pleased that Vincent enjoyed his time with us and had a successful end of year exhibition. Vincent is definitely one to watch and we wish him all the very best for the future," concludes Green Hippo.

(Jim Evans)

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