Dan Busby-Kelly (TSL) Dave Allen (TSL), Matt Millward (A4IUK) and Sam Tamplin (TSL)
UK - TSL Lighting has made further significant investment in EXE Technology load monitoring and stage automation equipment, with the addition of a further x134 hoists to complement their rental stock.
Their latest investments include the new EXE Rise D8 + 350kg, a small body hoist for compact applications, D8+ 500kg and D8+ 1000kg hoists to add to their inventory, and the EXE Rise D8+ 2000kg Single Fall chain hoists, designed for use in heavy duty applications and in rugged touring environments.
TSL who are full members of - LEEA (The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) are the first UK rental house to take delivery of the new Extra-Large Frame 2000kg hoists which boast a single chain (single fall) configuration. This partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing the quality and safety standards within the entertainment technology sector and TSL’s growing inventory of their lifting technology equipment.
Commenting on the investment, Sam Tamplin, managing director of TSL Lighting, says: "At TSL, we're committed to operating at the highest safety standards and investing in our long-term future as a high-end rigging provider. Purchasing these new two Tonne single reeve D8+ units is a major milestone for us on our journey and one we're proud of.
“As expected, Area Four UK have been great at supporting us throughout the process, providing additional training and aftercare sales."
As a long-standing customer of Area Four Industries Direct UK, and with further investment in EXE Technology, TSL Lighting aims to leverage the expertise and innovative technology of both companies to deliver quality events and services to its customers.
Matt Millward, head of automation at Area Four Industries Direct UK adds: "Working with Sam and his team, we were able to make a deal that worked for everyone. TSL being a long-term owner of EXE Rise hoists made the decision to further extend the available range in their rental fleet an easy one. Adding 16 2t single chain fall units they become the first rental company in the UK to invest in the extra-large format hoists from EXE Technology and A4i UK are committed to the long-term support for TSL in all aspects of our lifting technology."

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