The scenographic project has been enlivening events in over 150 venues across Italy
Italy - Vivitek reports that its DU8395Z, DU9800Z and DU9900Z projectors have been chosen for use in immersive projection experiences created by Playartmultimedia. The scenographic project has been enlivening events ranging from private wedding events to public town activities in over 150 venues across Italy.
Immersive projection experiences are much in demand, thrilling audiences with their fusion of colour, vivid images and punchy soundtracks. As with many modern artistic endeavours, the immersive rooms – or ‘Sala Immersiva’ - marries a labour of love with the latest in AV and IT technology to bring the visual extravaganza to life.
The driving force behind Sala Immersiva is Giuseppe Casciello, art director, Playartmultimedia. Commenting on the concept, he said: “My inspiration is spurred by the necessary and continuous evolution of this wonderful art form. For the past five years, I have given myself the tough task of always innovating and creating new projects. I get a buzz from creating ‘wow!’ art forms.”
In addition to generating the concept, Giuseppe also immerses himself in his work, spending time with those who commission it to understand their vision as well as with his technical team to ensure they are able to realise it.
After assessing the projector options available, Giuseppe decided on a selection of ten projectors with multiple lens options including the feature-rich Vivitek DU8395Z, the Vivitek DU9800Z and the Vivitek DU9900Z for the project. The projectors were chosen for their performance, their quality/price ratio and their excellent sales support.
Having been designed for advanced projection requirements such as mapping, edge blending or picture-in-picture mode, the DU8395Z is well suited to its task.
Supplementing it, is the Vivitek DU9800Z, a Single Chip WUXGA Laser Projector that delivers 18,000 ANSI Lumens with its laser light source, the DU9800Z delivers up to 20,000 hours of operation. Engineered to be very stable, the DU9800Z is suited to 24/7 operation with low user intervention making it a good choice for Sala Immersiva.
Rounding off the projection trio, is the Vivitek DU9900Z-BK ultra-high bright SSL laser projector. It is a single-chip DLP projector with 22,000 lumens high brightness designed for ProAV rental, staging and large venue applications. The projector can run continuously for 30,000 hours in Eco Mode, guaranteeing 24/7 operation with low user intervention.
Depending on the scenographic projections being displayed, the number of projectors being used varies. In some cases, Giuseppe has used up to 24 video projectors - connected to two super PCs synchronized with each other - but the ‘average’ event is typically supported by anywhere between six to 14 video projectors.
In addition to the Vivitek projectors, the project is brought to life via MSI Titan Extreme Laptops optimised for large 8K resolution projects. Handling the mapping is Resolume Arena, while HDMI fibre-optic cables and video signal processors - such as Matrox QuadHead2Go - distribute its specific content to each of the large venue laser projectors.
Giuseppe explains that his projections are always an integral part of his trail-blazing events – “the engine behind them, if you like”, and, at the end of August, he took Sala Immersiva – and the technology that underpins it - to the Amalfi coast for an international project; the stunning coastline created a perfect backdrop for outdoor mapping to impress the audience with yet another successful scenographic project.

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