LD Toni Amoros painted the tower in Christmas colours and the beautiful work could be seen from all of Santiago (photo courtesy Valook)
Chile - W-DMX by Wireless Solution Sweden distributor IluminaciĆ³n Profesional Valook S.A. in Santiago, Chile has been hard at work with a beautiful variety of projects and installations in South America.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution recently caught up with Francisco YaƱez Valdivia, product manager for Valook to hear about two successful temporary installations using W-DMX on the Costanera Centre Tower in Santiago, one of the highest towers in South America.

From 4 June 4 to 4 July, 2015, Valook worked with customer Icardi Producciones to light the Costanera Centre Tower for America's Soccer Cup. Icardi lighting designer Toni Amoros washed the building with 4kW searchlights displaying the colour of the teams that were playing. Clay Paky Mythos projected a gobo onto the building and when a team scored, they projected the word "GooooaL". DMX signal was sent using W-DMX WhiteBox units.

During Christmas, Valook also worked with Icardi using W-DMX on another stunning temporary installation on the Costanera Centre Tower. LD Toni Amoros painted the tower in Christmas colours and the beautiful work could be seen from all of Santiago. At nine o'clock each evening for 15 days, the show started and lasted 15 minutes. Crowds of people joined around the tower to see it.

W-DMX was used to send signal to the 44 Xenon 4kW Searchlights providing the colour. Valdivia explained: "The biggest challenge for this project was to send signal to the top floor of this building over 300m high and distribute it to four points around the building through high-traffic streets. We used six W-DMX WhiteBox F1 G4 2.4 GHz, 1 WhiteBox F2 G4 2.4Ghz, six directional antennas 8db and two directional antennas 5db for the six points of reception and transmission. Everything worked perfectly and without interference or signal loss."

He adds, "In both events W-DMX was a great solution, especially for the America's Soccer Cup because they had to send the signal from the top floor of the building where the control was located to the lights that were located on the street. For both installations, W-DMX worked to perfection and made these projects possible."

Niclas Arvidsson noted: "Working with Valook is always interesting - they do a wide variety of projects which showcase their clients beautifully. We're always looking to see what they'll do next. They're doing a great job in Chile together with their production partners to build the trust in Wireless DMX technology and work without DMX Cables."

(Jim Evans)

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