The SPS 8 (Smart Paging Station) is the result of the hardware evolution of the BlueLine Digital System
Spain/The Netherlands - In recent months, , Work Pro has been focused on developing new solutions for the integration sector. One of the most anticipated launches is the new Smart Paging Station 8 for BlueLine Digital System, the distributed audio system over IP designed and developed by Work Pro. The official launch of SPS 8 will take place at ISE in Amsterdam.

The new SPS 8 (Smart Paging Station) is the result of the hardware evolution of the BlueLine Digital System. The Work Pro team has created a multifunction device capable of working as a paging microphone as well as an audio server thanks to its RCA analogue stereo input with which the device turns it into digital and sends it to the network, thus any BLR receiver can tune in this channel.

In addition to SPS 8 and the enhanced BlueLine Digital System, Work Pro will be introducing at ISE 2015 the new installation loudspeaker IC 85 QF (Quick Fixation) and the two new innovative and smart solutions that join NEO Series: NEO 5 A ES and NEO 5 IP.

IC 85 QF is ceiling speaker which acts as a subwoofer, allowing to complement the installation and extend the frequency range, getting a boost in bass and a more complete acoustic response. Its rapid clamping system (patented by Equipson) enables fast assembly and disassembly process, simply using the Allen key supplied with the unit.

With an IP protection factor of 65, NEO 5 IP is designed for outdoor installations. Technical specifications are identical to NEO 5 except for the rear connection which has been replaced with a cable with the different power taps.

The new smart NEO 5A ES is an installation loudspeaker that allows the user to take advantage of the features of self-powered systems using, at the same time, lower energy consumption. This loudspeaker adds a sensor at the audio input capable of shutting down when it is not receiving an audio signal. This auto-off feature means a reduction in its consumption below 1W under these circumstances. When the system starts distributing audio again, the loudspeakers get activated automatically.

(Jim Evans)

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