bwsspressimagergbalt-1Broadweigh introduces SensorSpace platform
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

UK - SensorSpace is a new cloud-based platform designed to ‘revolutionise’ the way riggers can access and manage data from Broadweigh's wireless sensors. Launched this month, SensorSpace can be used to remotely monitor the status of any Broadweigh sensor - load or wind speed -and help site managers and rigging managers make decisions or take action before, and during a show.
Elliot Van Laere, product specialist at Broadweigh, explains: “SensorSpace is a game-changer. It not only provides a way to visualise load cell or wind speed data in the cloud, so anyone with access can log in on a desktop or mobile device, but can easily be set up to automatically send SMS, email or app-based alerts in the event of unexpected change. A whole team can stay connected to a dashboard keeping them on the ball and informed wherever they are located.”
SensorSpace is fully customisable which means dashboards can be as simple or as complicated as they need to be, from numerical display of sensors, to in-depth overlays, charts and graphs showing live and historical data. With a SensorSpace plan, users can store up to three years’ data should post event analysis be required.
Elliot Van Laere, continues: “In the case of an outdoor festival, for example, where wind is a major concern for temporary outdoor structures, SensorSpace can give live data on the average speed and maximum detected gust. This can give a very good idea on site for when to go ahead with a build or not, coupled with weather forecast data. It can also allow for constant monitoring of ongoin

titanTitan lasers shine on Munich’s Kunstareal
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Germany - In late 2020, the city of Munich wanted to create a projection mapping show on New Year's Eve, but with coronavirus restrictions, a new solution was created. A semi-permanent installation would enable as many people as possible to see the attraction whilst maintaining a suitable social distance. The chosen location was The Kunstareal which is a museum quarter in the city centre of Munich, where numerous cultural institutions, universities and museums are located.
We Are Video is an agency for visual art which is run by three artists: Betty Mü, Raphael Kurig and Christian Gasteiger. Betty Mü participated in a tender together with her colleagues and won with the concept The Kunstareal Connects. With years of experience in the field of AV and the experience economy, the company combine art and the latest technology to create experiences that engage, mesmerize, and fascinate the audience.
Due to the vast expanse of the buildings, one thing was clear. “To map on a canvas that size, we needed a lot of power,” said Kurig. “The Titan Laser projectors were the perfect choice as they provide 37,000 lumens and are compact enough to be easily set up.”
The show ran every night from 5pm to 9pm until 14 February, so a reliable projector was that could withstand the demand, as there would not be an on-site crew available every day.
We Are Video turned to Magic Event & Media Technology to help realise their vision, and to Digital Projection’s partner, ETHA International GmbH for the supply of projectors. Providing more details

adjADJ lights Nicky Romero’s NYE broadcast
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

USA - For DJ, producer and remixer Nicky Romero, New Year’s Eve would normally involve travelling to an exotic destination to perform in a club in front of thousands of fans. To mark the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, that couldn’t happen. Instead, he stayed local and recorded a performance that was broadcast to fans around the world from his website to help them to celebrate the New Year at home.
The lighting rig for the shoot comprised predominately ADJ fixtures, including Vizi Beam RXONE and Vizi CMY300 moving heads as well as Pixie Strip LED battens.
Nicky Romero’s NYE broadcast also featured guest DJs DØBER and Timmo Hendriks who performed a back-to-back set. The venue for the shoot was Downtown Veenendaal, a modern community meeting space housed in a 100+ year old former church building. The livestream was organised by Artist Division, Nicky Romero's management company, and Ronald de Man, through his company RDM Productions, was responsible for managing the project. He brought in local rental company NT Sound to supply all of the lighting and audio equipment, which completely transformed the space to create a nightclub environment.
For the Nicky Romero NYE video shoot, NT Sound owner/manager Jonathan Jansen served as lighting designer - supplying all of the fixtures from NT Sound’s rental inventory. Koen van Elderen, who has experience of touring with Nicky, was then responsible for programming and operating the rig.
To fill the space with beam effects, NT Sound provided 28 ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE fixtures. Jonathan’s team

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Options Open - Integrated Systems Europe is keeping all options open for ISE 2021 which is scheduled to take place in Barcelona 1-4 June this year. Mike Blackman, managing director, Integrated Systems Events, has told exhibitors that the organisation is “working hard alongside each of you to bring a successful ISE 2021”.
Blackman states, “Together with each of you, our shared goal is to deliver a show that prioritises safety and brings a return on investment to our show community. With the rapid implementation of vaccines, and the current reduction in daily new cases, we see the COVID situation in many European countries (including Spain) improving at an increasing pace. Based on this positive trend, we anticipate a climate that will make it possible to run an in-person event in Barcelona. However, we are realistic that current attitudes to travel may mean a lower volume of attendance than in previous years.
“We are reviewing all options, and are listening carefully to feedback from the industry, with a plan to provide an engaging event in Barcelona for those who wish to be a part of it.
“ISE is a community of over 1,000 exhibitors and nearly 100,000 attendees and has grown as such through working together, focused on growing the market and delivering opportunities for the amazing people that make up this industry. And we recognise that not all the members of our community are ‘in the same place’ as we conceive of gathering together or travelling to Barcelona.
“For those exhibitors and attendees who are unable to travel to Barcelon

graham-hillGraham Hill joins Elation Europe
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Europe - Elation Professional’s European headquarters has announced that from 1 March, long-time lighting professional Graham Hill will be serving as the company’s new business development manager.
Graham is a familiar face to many in the industry, having developed many relationships over his many years in the entertainment lighting and electrical industries, including years as a key customer of Elation.
Graham comes to Elation from a position as VP of business development at 4Wall Entertainment, where he developed and maintained customer relationships in Europe and the United Kingdom. He is perhaps best known for his many years as company director of Static Light Company, the London-based supplier of lighting solutions for exhibitions, corporate events, and motor-shows.
Graham’s new role at Elation encompasses building collaborative relationships across the industry internationally, including working closely with lighting designers while communicating market insight to the Elation product team. He states, “This year is the 10th anniversary of my relationship with the Elation team globally. My experience with Elation products and support has always been second to none, from the smallest to the largest clients.”
“We have known and worked with Graham for quite a long time and are delighted that he is finally a full-fledged member of the Elation family,” stated Marc Librecht, sales and marketing manager at Elation Europe. “We’ve worked very close with him over the years and our collaboration with him as a customer has always

blank-space-c-eventsThe Blank Space opens with fashion shoot
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

South Africa - With travel restrictions in place, the show has to go on, albeit digitally. For an international fashion show, four South African fashion designers were able to shoot their latest work at The Blank Space, a venue created by the CCPP Group in Cape Town. While everyone missed the audience, the upside saw the production team working in a more relaxed setting where they were able to capture the looks needed for their submissions.
The Blank Space is a venue that was created by CCPP Group (founded by Clint Cawood in 2006 as Clint Cawood Professional Productions), specifically for the fashion shoot. Thanks to its success, the functional space has since hosted various events and is a solution for studio and film productions, virtual product launches, game shows and music performances. CCPP Group has utilised 300 sqm within the warehouse, situated in Ndabeni, Maitland, to provide a 22m x 12m work area equipped with professional gear including a Robe lighting rig, grandMA light console and a PA system.
“Towards the end of last year, there were certain designers who could not get to an international fashion show due to Covid-19 travel limitations and had to fill in their slots from a South African site,” explains Andrew Gleave, operations manager at CCPP Group and designer for the fashion shoot. “Instead of hiring a venue, they opted to use our warehouse. With an industrial look and open feel, they liked the concrete floor with the beam of light forming a runway down the centre so much, that they chose not to build an actual stage.”

superbowlAl Gurdon adds Super Bowl impact with Chauvet
Monday, 1 March 2021

USA - Al Gurdon used 65 Chauvet Professional Nexus Aw 7x7 panels supplied by PRG to bridge two distinct facets of The Weeknd’s Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.
Arranged in a tower-like configuration that was revealed when the stands holding The Weeknd’s supporting cast parted into equal sections on either side of them, the Nexus units created a column of intense warm white light that silhouetted the star as he made his first appearance.
In addition to creating a dramatic entrance, the brilliant display of light acted as a bridge between the performance stage that was setup on the North End concourse of the stadium and the backstage hall of mirrors dubbed ‘The Infinity Room’ by the show’s creative team.
“I wanted something that would be powerful enough to create an immediate impact, whilst also offering strong dynamic possibilities,” said Gurdon, whose list of Super Bowl halftime credits includes The Who, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, and Beyonce. “The Nexus panels did exactly what I had hoped, giving The Weeknd a dramatic entrance and also creating a bridge between the worlds of the stage and the backstage. This was critically important given the size of the show, which comprised both a large set at one end of the stadium and also a large cast on the field of play.”
The analogue feel created by the tungsten-like light of the Nexus fixtures blended with the incandescent glow of the inner set walls and the backstage set. “Having so many incandescent fixtures pushed me toward a colo

iscve-logoISCVE announces Members’ Day seminars
Monday, 1 March 2021

UK - The Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers (ISCVE) has announced two online seminar presentations for its Annual Members’ Day. The online seminars are open to ISCVE members and non-members and will be presented by leading AV industry and Audio industry figures following the ISCVE’s annual general meeting.
The first presentation, taking place online on 10 March 2021 2:30-3:15pm, is titled AV Over IP using NDI and will be presented by Liam J Hayter, senior solutions architect EMEA, NewTek. The presentation will be taking a look at how NDI AV over IP technology can deliver next generation AV solutions, from meeting rooms to auditoriums, to TV studios and video conferencing.
The second presentation (4:00-4:45pm) is titled Brexit and the implications for our Industries and will feature presentations from Andy Simmons, UK & Eire sales manager, Nexo and Andy Lewis, managing director, Audiologic.
“This year our Members’ Day will take place entirely online for the very first time, using technologies we have all become very familiar with over the past eleven months or more. Both presentations look to be strikingly relevant and I’m delighted we can extend invitations to attend the presentations to both members and non-members of the Institute,” states Helen Goddard, president, ISCVE.

shanghai-stock-exchangeShanghai Stock Exchange upgrades with Renkus-Heinz
Monday, 1 March 2021

China - The Shanghai Stock Exchange – the world's fourth largest stock market – is located within a financial centre in Shanghai that also includes the China Financial Futures Exchange and China Securities Depository and Clearing Co. And at the heart of a professional audio upgrade within the Shanghai Stock Exchange Auditorium are premium loudspeaker solutions from Renkus-Heinz.
The auditorium is an architecturally impressive space featuring a number of design challenges. Seating rises from the front of the theatre, and the design features large red walls to separate seating areas. The steep rake of the seating required consideration to the vertical coverage of the audio system. Thus, the Renkus-Heinz PN102/LA series line array was selected and deployed.
The self-powered PN102LA-RD is a fully integrated electro-acoustic solution designed to deliver fidelity and coverage. RHAON II, the Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network, coupled with Audinate’s Dante networking extends the power, adaptability, and audio performance of the digital network.
Tico, the integration firm that provided technical engineering expertise in the design and installation of the system, has "won high praise from users with its impressive acoustic design and perfect delivery".
"When you have a space like this auditorium, which looks very impressive, you don't want to compromise," said Lin Jinzhao, technical manager at Tico. "With Renkus-Heinz there is no compromise. The speakers blend into the space and sound excellent. Everyone has praise for the system."

mediagentsMediagents invests in Audient console
Monday, 1 March 2021

Finland - Musician, producer and mixing engineer Jyrki ‘Speedy’ Saarinen installed an Audient ASP4816 mixing desk in his Mediagents Helsinki studio last summer as part of a renovation project.
Speedy splits his time equally between his studio and working for Finnish National Broadcasting Company, YLE. Here he has mixed and recorded hundreds of different events for them over the years - everything from music festivals to sport events, for broadcast on TV and radio. He mixed for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki - the first surround sound broadcast in Eurovision history.
“We needed an analogue console for recording and especially for mixing,” says Speedy. “We searched the market for the alternatives and noticed that ASP4816 fitted our needs well. The Audient signal chain including the EQ’s have turned out to be very useful. They don’t add noise or any other unwanted character. You can run the mixes quite hot and it sounds good.”
Mediagents is a hybrid studio working with both digital and analogue gear. Utilising Pro Tools as the main DAW, all mixes go through the analogue summing in the ASP4816, with the addition of traditional outboard gear as well as a variety of plug-ins. “The bus compression is also used quite often. I find mixing in the analogue domain faster than working just ‘in the box’,” he says.

alcons-audioAlcons debuts CRMS wide dispersion system
Monday, 1 March 2021

The Netherlands - The CRMS-SRIW/9090 is a wide dispersion reference main / screen system - or compact surround system in immersive sound-for-picture applications.
It can also be used as full-range sound system in any installed audio application, where quality sound reproduction with inconspicuous in-wall or on-wall mounting is required, says Alcons.
Typical applications include sound system for auditoria, performing arts theatres, houses of worship, screening rooms, post-production facilities and dubbing stages, premium Home Cinemas and quality-conscious cinemas.
The CRMS-SRIW/9090 is like its sibling CRMS-SRIW/9040 part of the CRMS system series.
The two-way passive-filtered CRMS-SRIW system consists of the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a vented 8” mid-bass for LF reproduction; the HF section has a 800 W peak power input, enabling a 1:15 dynamic range with up to 90% less distortion from 1 kHz to beyond 20 kHz.
The CRMS-SRIW/9090 features a 90-degrees and patent-pending 90-degrees dispersion up to the highest frequencies.
The CRMS-SRIW system’s low frequency section is tuned for a usable frequency response down to 58Hz, enabling a smooth transition with additional LFE subwoofer systems.
Philip de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D, says, “On the heels of the development of the CRMSC in-wall with less than 4-in/10cm depth, larger applications demanded a higher output, but at the same time, also required a wide projection for near-field applications and for overhead or height-layer immersive sound systems.

floridaUSF installs Sennheiser ceiling system
Monday, 1 March 2021

USA - University of South Florida (USF) is a state research university located in the heart of Tampa Bay. With a student population of almost 50,000 students across 14 different colleges, USF prides itself as being at the cutting edge of medicine, science, engineering, the arts and more.
Early last year, USF’s IT team tested and subsequently acquired a Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) system in one of its main conference rooms, moving one step closer to realising its vision of having a microphone in every classroom.
Once the pandemic hit in March of 2020, the USF IT team - and by extension the entire university - was faced with a pressing need to make its vision of implementing a campus-wide, hybrid learning scenario a reality. The Sennheiser TCC2 which had already been installed in one of the campus’ high-profile meeting rooms paved the way for the USF to greenlight a cost-conscious, campus-wide installation of TCC2 across 96 classrooms.
When COVID-19 hit the U.S. in mid-March, the USF IT team sprang into action to ensure continuity of its classroom offerings: “The very first thing we did was get our entire team together so we could do a full inventory assessment of the campus,” explains Michael Kraus, audio vision engineering & systems, USF IT. “We deployed emergency personnel on campus with PPE to document everything we had, and anything we didn’t have full information on. Did a particular room have a PC and an instructor source? Or just a wall plate? Did it have HDMI, was it analogue?”
By April, the USF IT team had

lectrosonicsHot Ones sound mixer relies on Lectrosonics
Monday, 1 March 2021

USA - Many of today’s most popular reality TV shows film in different locations around the world. This is the bread and butter of production sound mixer Stu Chacon, a veteran of such series as Hot Ones and Sneaker Shopping. For thriving in the ever-changing RF situations brought on by constant international travel, he depends on wideband wireless from Lectrosonics: the all-new, all-digital DCR822 dual-channel receivers paired with SMWB and SMDWB Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters. His kit is rounded out with UCR411a receivers, plus IFB-R1a receivers and legacy UM400a transmitters for comms.
“Currently I’m working on a hit show about international romance, one partner moving to be with the other, that kind of thing,” says Chacon. “We travel internationally about 90 percent of the time.”
The DCR822 is part of Lectrosonics’ latest generation of digital wireless but can receive signal from any Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitter made in the past 18 years. This made Chacon’s choice of wideband as easy as it was necessary. “For a long time, I’ve used the SMV and SMQV for talent mics, and they’re great,” he notes, “but going wideband has just been a thing of beauty.”
Chacon goes on to describe one among many instances where having the ability to retune quickly across multiple blocks saved the shoot: “We once had to shoot in a hospital in Africa. I had scanned and done my frequency coordination in advance, but we were just outside the building. The minute we went inside, everything went haywire. Of course, this

cardsBehind the Scenes seeks card designs
Monday, 1 March 2021

USA - Behind the Scenes holiday cards will be available again this year. Proceeds from card sales help provide grants to entertainment technology professionals, or their immediate dependent family members, who are seriously ill or injured, and support the charity’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative.
Each year designs have been created and donated to the charity by everyone from Tony Award winners to high school students. The design guidelines ( are very simple and you can also view previous examples (
If you are interested in designing a card, Behind the Scenes will need your commitment no later than15 April and your artwork by 15 May 15th. Please contact Lori Rubinstein at or 212-244-1421.

claypakykino1-mainClaypaky battens debut on Kino reunion concert
Friday, 26 February 2021

Russia - Rock band Kino celebrated its reunion with an online concert, which wowed the Russian rock community and teased Kino’s major stadium tour planned for this spring. The online performance was the first show to use Claypaky’s new Tambora Batten fixtures, which were selected by lighting designer Marina Larikova.
The online concert reunited members of the band who had not appeared together since the death of Kino’s lead singer, Victor Tsoi, in 1990. The performance featured two bass players who had played at different times with the original band, Kino’s original guitarist, a synthesizer player and a rhythm guitarist. Victor Tsoi’s presence was felt in the show when his multitrack recordings were digitised, enhanced and incorporated into the concert. Tsoi’s son Alexander was one of the show producers.
Claypaky’s Tambora, a high-power batten made its debut on the concert.
“We at Blackout Studio feel really honoured to be among the first rental companies in the world to receive the latest Claypaky fixtures,” says manager Igor Piotrowski. “We appreciate the trust shown by Claypaky and its CIS brand-manager, Slawa Gartung, to make this happen. We have been looking forward to the introduction of this type of batten fixture by Claypaky and are pleased to have Tambora Battens in our rental stock now.
“As always with Claypaky,” he says, “this fixture is a great example of Italian design and impresses with the materials used to create the body of the fixture. The LED modules used in the Tambora Batten are the same as thos

prolightsProlights releases EclDisplay series
Friday, 26 February 2021

Italy - Prolights has released its latest EclDisplay series of LED spotlights designed for use in galleries, retail, hotels, exhibitions and other installations.
The fixtures in the range feature multiple control options, sources, colours, lenses and accessories, with over 7,000 possible fixture configurations, using the same core technology while meeting different aesthetic or technical requirements.
The EclDisplay units are available in three control configurations: DAT, UN and CC. The DAT version comes with a built-in PSU, with manual knob-dimming, RDM, DMX and DALI control on-board. The UN version includes all the above and adds phase-cut dimming for retrofitting in existing systems. The CC (Constant Current) version works with external drivers, allowing installers to complete the light fittings with any track mounted, rack or boxed drivers, accepting any wired or wireless control (DALI, Casambi, 0-10, on-off).
The EclDisplay is engineered with a 25W high-CRI LED engine. There are five different source options available: fixed white sources in 2,700K, 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,600K, as well as a 40W RGB+WW source, capable of delivering a wide tuneable white range, as well as beautiful pastels and saturated colours.
Prolights has developed optics that unlock the fixtures' full potential, increasing their efficiency and light output. There are three lenses available: a zoomable 20º - 40º profile lens with 4 lockable blades, allowing to precisely frame any projection area with crisp or soft-edge accents, or to project images and textures through

robe-live-company-denmark-dscf1350Live Company invests in Robe Esprites
Friday, 26 February 2021

Denmark - Rental operation Live Company made a major investment in Robe Esprite and LEDWash 300X moving lights, together with a RoboSpot remote follow spot system, in March 2020 just before the pandemic hit effectively closing the live concert and event industry worldwide.
“We felt it was a bit like some ironic sort of April Fool’s joke,” commented Live Company’s Peter Clausen, one of the owners together with Mikkel Bedsted and two other business partners.
However, they are pleased with their kit, and the Esprites have been busy despite a challenging year working at a fraction of the normal pace as Live Company is lucky enough to have had a steady flow of work throughout the pandemic.
Live Company purchased the 22 x Esprites for Cirkusrevyen, Denmark’s premier revue show which is staged at a big top venue in Dyrehavsbakken, a northern suburb of Copenhagen. Live Company was appointed lighting vendor for the first time in 2020 having supplied the season’s chief LX and lighting console operator since 2017.
In 2020, due to a couple of important anniversaries, Cirkusrevyen lighting designer Malthe Haugaard was keen to try out the Esprites.
Over the past four years, a variety of Robe fixtures - including Pointes, MegaPointes, DL4S and DL7S Profiles - have been used in the Cirkusrevyen show, and for the 2019 season, LEDBeam 150s and MegaPointes were utilised in numerous imaginative ways.
“This time we wanted a fixture with a wide zoom that could also produce punchy beams for the big dance production numbers,” explained M

av-stumpflAV Stumpfl appoints executive directors
Friday, 26 February 2021

Austria - Family-owned AV Stumpfl GmbH recently appointed two executive directors as part of restructuring measures aimed at maximising the company's management efficiency.
At the core of the new executive directors' tasks will be the operative coordination of the screen and media server departments.
In her new role as executive director, Stefanie Niederwimmer will be responsible for projection screens, with her colleague Christine Doppelmair taking over her former position as head of sales - screens.
Niederwimmer has been with AV Stumpfl since 2004 and has held a number of different positions of strategic importance during that time.
Harry Gladow, formerly a global business development manager, will become the new executive director for the company's media server department. Gladow joined AV Stumpfl in 2017 and was tasked with growing the global distribution network. His extensive previous experience with media servers led him to be heavily involved in the development of the next-gen media server software Pixera.
AV Stumpfl CEO Fabian Stumpfl comments: “Our company experienced substantial growth during the last few years, which led to quite a few changes, like the establishment of our own offices in the USA in 2018. This kind of development also has to be reflected in the management structure, in order to enable further and sustainable growth.”
Tobias Stumpfl, CEO, adds: “We used the current, very challenging times to think deeply about what we could do to ensure that we'll be able to make full use of our company's poten

die-glocke1Bremen’s Die Glocke upgrades with Chauvet
Friday, 26 February 2021

Germany - Die Glocke in Bremen is a well-respected concert venue. The meticulously detailed space inside the Walter Görig-designed building reflects sound with such clarity and purity that leading artists have sought it out for their performances. Herbert von Karajan singled out Die Glocke as one of the three finest concert halls in all of Europe.
Given this reputation, Christoph Brunkow, project supervisor at Glocke and his team had clear goals in mind when they were upgrading the facility’s lighting system. In addition to seeking fixtures that produced bright even fields of light, they were looking for ones that were quiet and could be installed with minimal disruption to the building’s interior.
“We wanted to change as little as possible about the building,” said Brunkow. “Our goal was to keep the existing rigging while installing new fixtures that delivered the same power – or more- than our old ones. Of course, since this hall is famous for its acoustics, it was key that the fixtures be extremely quiet. Accepting compromises was absolutely no option for us.”
Helping the technical team meet their goals without compromise was a collection of 59 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures. Replacing Die Glocke’s traditional incandescent lights, the new units enhanced the illumination at the concert hall while reducing energy and labour costs.
“Our goal was to replace our conventional light completely,” said Brunkow. “Our old fixtures ran long hours, which used up a lot of energy. We also had to replace their lamps frequently, wh

christieChristie projectors deliver in Ho Chi Min City
Friday, 26 February 2021

Vietnam - A new nightly lake show at the picturesque Dam Sen Park in Ho Chi Min City is turning heads with spectacular visuals and water effects, including large-scale water screen projections using Christie HS Series 1DLP laser projectors.
Jointly presented by Dam Sen Theme Park and Christie’s partner Alta Media, the night-time spectacular features an advanced lighting system comprising lasers, interactive water screen projections and a dancing fountain spanning 100 metres in length. Visitors can enjoy an exciting combination of twirling water jets, complemented by a fire performance and an aerial firework display over an energetic soundtrack.
This is the first interactive water screen project in Vietnam that showcases an innovative “photo booth” function where selfie photos taken on-site can be displayed on the water screen during the performance.
“We are delighted to be involved in this major project that seeks to promote Dam Sen Theme Park as the latest and trendiest night tourism destination in Ho Chi Minh City,” said Hoang Tu, chief technology officer, Alta Media. “As the systems integrator and digital content provider for this new outdoor show, we have pulled out all the stops and deployed various AV technologies, such as state-of-the-art laser projections, to deliver a highly immersive and enjoyable experience.”
Noting that the quality and reliability of the projections are most critical to the success of this night-time extravaganza, Tu said the team had shortlisted several projector models for assessment before deciding

anolis-magazine-london-Anolis specified for two London venues
Friday, 26 February 2021

UK - Anolis Divine 160 LED lighting fixtures are providing mood and house lighting for two of London’s leading multifunctional venues, Magazine London in Greenwich and Exhibition London in White City, both initiated and operated by Broadwick Live and Venue Lab.
The Anolis fixtures were specified by consultant and technical production director Simon Jones of SJ-TPM, who co-ordinated the technical design, specification, procurement, installation, and commissioning of production equipment for the two high profile venues.
“I wanted a fixture that could do more than just provide functional white house lighting,” explained Simon, “Ideally an LED source for cost-efficiency and sustainability, plus a unit that produced a great range of colours and a quality, bright output, so the same fixtures could also be part of the atmospheric lighting or theming for a wide range of events.”
The Divine 160 is powered by 40 Osram RGBW multichip LEDs which produce nearly 12,000 lumens in output with a 40° beam angle option and this works for the task at Magazine, a new-build presenting a raw, contemporary industrial space with views across the River Thames to London’s Canary Wharf CBD skyline.
The 65 x Divine 160 luminaires at Magazine are rigged in the roof trusses and on beams with C-Clamps. Fixture weight was another consideration - each compact Divine 160 unit weighs 14.5kg, states Simon - as were the aesthetics of the light, which had to match the look and feel of the room.
Magazine London opened at the end of 2019, and work was already in pr

leaLEA amps add flexibility to Illinois complex
Friday, 26 February 2021

USA - When an Illinois-based four-star hotel and conference centre needed a powerful, versatile, and scalable audio system, local supplier C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual turned to LEA Professional for its amplification needs.
From corporate meetings, seminars, social gatherings, weddings, and more, the I-Hotel and Conference Centre in Champaign, Illinois, provides more than 70,500sq.ft of interior meeting space. This includes a modern exhibit hall that can accommodate up to 750 guests for a wedding reception, endless floorplan options for large conferences and expos, and seating for up to 1,200 guests, theatre-style. In total, they now have nine new, fully reconfigurable rooms, with audio powered by LEA Professional’s Dante Connect Series amplifiers.
Throughout the renovations and upgrades, Illinois-based C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual has been the I-Hotel's AV partner. C.V. Lloyde has provided audiovisual services to many of the region's most prestigious projects - including University of Illinois State Farm Centre, Memorial Stadium, Yahoo, Intel and John Deere.
In the first phase of the project, the team implemented an AV over IP network and an entirely new control system as the I-Hotel looked to upgrade their existing AV capabilities. Using portable input boxes, rooms can be set up as one-to-one, or combined presenting in one room with audiences in any number of other rooms. Phase two saw the expansion to the conference buildings which added six more large-scale banquet halls and three more smaller conference rooms. C.V. Lloyde provided full building matrix

codaGanzhou spectacular makes most of Coda
Thursday, 25 February 2021

China - The province of Jiangxi witnessed its only large scale outdoor symphonic concert of 2020 at the Ruijin Sports Centre Stadium in Ganzhou in November last year.
Featuring a gala performance by orchestra, singers and actors, the cultural celebration was attended by a number of civic dignitaries who joined the large audience to enjoy a spectacular show.
Jiangxi-based audio specialists, Zhongsheng Music International Cultural Media Co., a customer of Coda Audio’s Chinese distributor Tempo, took care of production, and used a Coda system to deliver pinpoint sound in a potentially difficult acoustic space.
The stadium’s acoustics and stage orientation posed serious challenges for the audio team. A number of constraints, including multiple highly reflective surfaces had previously led many sceptical commentators to doubt whether it was at all possible to achieve a positive outcome in this particular stadium. A Coda system in the hands of an experienced and skilful technical team proved quite the opposite.
The team deployed a main system based on AiRAY and ViRAY line arrays to ensure uniform coverage of the audience area. PW418 subwoofers, used in a cardioid arrangement, provided sufficient low frequency for even frontal coverage, whilst reducing the lows at the back of the loudspeakers and on stage. This ensured a ‘clean’ monitoring environment for the performers.
The main system arrays were supplemented by three-way G712-Pro point source loudspeakers as front fills for the VIP area, with two-way G512-Pro used for stage-monitori

rhc-table-01RH Consulting releases network report
Thursday, 25 February 2021

UK - Audio consultancy and networking specialist RH Consulting has been counting networked audio products and licensees since 2013 in an effort to chart the adoption of audio networking in the pro audio, AV and broadcast markets. The report covers all the major protocols including Dante, RAVENNA, AVB, Milan and others, and comes in two parts: the headline totals, followed in a few weeks with more comprehensive data on protocols, compatibility and rate of adoption.
Part one logs a total of 3,306 networked products currently shipping from 420 manufacturers, and that number is going up all the time. That’s nearly two new products every day in the past year. “We were pleased to note that the current pandemic doesn’t seem to have had a great impact on new product launches - Dante, for example, has passed the milestone of 3,000 shipping products,” observes RHC’s Roland Hemming. There is also a modest increase in the number of Ravenna products, and better data also reveals more Ravenna manufacturers than previously logged.
Another significant development for the 2021 report was to say a final goodbye to CobraNet whose products were no longer counted during 2020. “This wasn’t without a little tug at our heartstrings as CobraNet technology was absolutely pioneering in its time,” says Hemming. “It was the first commercially successful audio-over-Ethernet implementation, and audio networking technology would not be where it is today without CobraNet. However, CobraNet modules have been officially declared End-of-Life and Cobranet developer Cirrus


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