5-starChange of ownership at 5 Star Cases
Friday, 13 October 2023

UK - Following the retirement of Keith Sykes, flight case manufacturer 5 Star Cases is now under a change of ownership with managing director Justin Locks and operations director Ingus Lasinskis taking over Keith’s shareholding of 5 Star Group Holdings.
Keith, a stalwart in the company's history, began his journey with Ipswich-based ProTect Cases in the early 1980’s, which was acquired by 5 Star Cases in 1991 and two years later he ascended to the position of director and shareholder, acquiring the company, along with Mossman Trunks in 2008.
In 2012, Justin Locks, the company’s general manager was appointed operations director, also acquiring a shareholding in 5 Star Group Holdings in 2016, becoming Keith’s business partner. In 2020 with Keith slowly stepping back, Justin took the helm as MD. At this time, Ingus, with an impressive tenure at the company, was promoted to operations director after around 15 years of dedicated service in other managerial roles within the company.
“I’m extremely proud to have been part of taking 5 Star from humble beginnings to where it is now,” says Keith. “Justin and Ingus have been integral of that and it’s gratifying to know that I leave it in such good hands.”
“I have learned a lot from Keith over the 26 years I have worked with him,” concludes Justin, “Both Ingus and I are grateful to him for putting his trust in us and handing over the 5 Star reins. We wish him a very happy retirement and are looking forward to doing his legacy justice.”

jade-manicom-at-dwr-in-jhbDWR hosts Vectorworks training
Friday, 13 October 2023

South Africa - Jade Manicom from DWR Distribution recently delivered comprehensive Vectorworks Spotlight training over a two week period in Johannesburg and Durban. With the live events industry in the midst of a busy season, the classes were small but allowed her to provide personalised one-on-one training.
“The training went very well,” said Jade Manicom. “People were engaged and were asking questions. Having chatted with them afterwards, I could tell they had gained something from it. In Durban, only one delegate had used Vectorworks before, while the others were new to it. They were impressed with what it could do.”
The Johannesburg session took place from 28 August to 1 September at DWR, offering a range of training levels from basic to advanced. The curriculum encompassed various subjects such as layouts and palettes, basic tools, classes and layers, Spotlight tools, Renderworks, intermediate tools, worksheets and reports, 3D modelling, resource management, and file import and export.
The Durban training took place on 4-5 September at the Durban Jewish Club, where each delegate acquired proficiency in 2D drafting skills, 3D modelling, and the ability to create venue plans.
Jade believes that a 3D programme is something people should consider, particularly when in the process of planning the intricate details of their events, including fixture counts and related elements. Importantly it allows clients to see the concept come to life visually, making it more engaging than just a verbal description.
“With Vectorworks Spot

marqueeMarquee One creates Belimo experience centre
Friday, 13 October 2023

UK - Belimo is a market leader in the development, production, and sales of field devices for the energy-efficient control of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.
Their UK office, located in Shepperton, Surrey, wanted to create an experience centre that would display their products and services, as well as provide a space for training, meetings, and events for their customers and partners.
Belimo approached Marquee One, part of Marquee Installations, and based on the same business park, to design and install a bespoke AV solution that would meet their needs and expectations. Marquee One Director, Luke Nowacki, welcomed the enquiry and arranged a meeting with Richard Steel, the Belimo UK technical manager. Nowacki needed to find out exactly what was required and how they wanted to use the room, to design a specific, tailored solution.
Steel explained that the experience centre would be used for various purposes, such as product demonstrations, training sessions, presentations, and workshops. He also wanted the room to be available for clients to use and to rent by other local businesses who needed a professional and modern venue for their events. Therefore, he wanted the AV system to be easy to use, reliable, and versatile.
Marquee One worked closely with Belimo’s IT team to ensure security and compatibility during the installation process. Nowacki emphasised the value of keeping communication open during the installation, in order to report and fix any issues efficiently.
The central challenge of the project was findin

ishay-ribo1Tal Frid sets moods for Ishay Ribo at MSG
Friday, 13 October 2023

USA - “So how is my English?” Ishay Ribo asked the audience at Madison Square Garden. Not waiting for a response, he said cacha, cacha, the Hebrew term for “so-so.” The multi-platinum artist might not have nailed his English, but there was nothing middling about his performance this September when he became the first Israeli artist to headline a show at the “world’s most famous arena.”
Ribo created a transcendent atmosphere that resonated throughout the big arena. Enhancing the experience for the 15,000 in attendance was the lighting design by Tal Frid.
Working with an Audio Spectrum supplied rig that was anchored by 146 Chauvet Professional fixtures, the Israeli designer created a soaring 24-universe, mostly timecoded, show that mirrored the essence of Ribo’s deeply moving music, while also reflecting the excitement that the charismatic star brought to the stage.
At the heart of the production design was a 17m x 11m overhead transparent LED screen slanted in a downward, upstage direction that had a revolving circle below its centre. This circle, as well as columns leading up to the overhead structure, all flashed messages in Hebrew about forgiveness, reflecting the Yom Kippur theme of the show.
A collection of 56 COLORado PXL Bar 16 motorised battens outlined the screen and columns, helping to define their form. The high output linear fixtures also set the big LED screen off from its surroundings, which added to its impact.
“The idea behind the design and the timecode of the show was to convey the prayers that we say t

angel-of-lightBiamp helps spook Angel of Light audiences
Friday, 13 October 2023

USA - Biamp is helping create a truly haunting environment through sound for the Angel of Light immersive horror theatre experience at the historic Los Angeles Theatre, integrating Biamp Community and Desono loudspeakers, subwoofers, and Tesira digital signal processors (DSPs) and amplifiers to power one of the largest live theatre immersive experiences in the world.
The show consists of more than 30 separate experience rooms that provide multi-dimensional sound emanating from more than 300 speakers, providing clarity that envelops guests in an immersive soundscape.
The soundscape is combined with projection mapping, shifting light, power strobe lights, incredible live action performances, and unique set designs, to transport attendees back to Old Hollywood in 1935. There, guests are guided through the multi-room experience to witness the gripping and terrifying story of Rota Krisha - where ancient curses, sonic secrets, and demonic possession intertwine.
“Sound is vital to creating a thrilling experience for horror-genre fans, and Biamp is pleased to help create this one-of-a-kind, immersive experience at the Los Angeles Theatre,” said Joe Andrulis, executive vice president of corporate development at Biamp. “Through Biamp Community loudspeakers, and the Biamp Tesira configurable DSPs, Angel of Light attendees will be sure to feel the hair on the backs of their respective necks rise as they make their way through the 60-minute experience.”
“Location-based entertainment is one of the fastest growing markets for advanced aud

dpa2017DPA debuts 2017 shotgun microphone
Friday, 13 October 2023

Denmark - DPA Microphones has launched its new 2017 Shotgun Microphone. Designed to capture authentic sound with high directivity, clarity and consistency, the 2017 excels in challenging broadcast scenarios, says the company. With its durable design and ability to withstand any environment or extreme application, DPA’s newest solution is designed for broadcast and live events, from traditional news and sports to location sound or musical performances.
“In an industry with a variety of shotgun microphones, we built the 2017 to stand out from the crowd,” says Helga Volha Somava, product management director, DPA Microphones. “Measuring just 184mm (7.24”) in length, the 2017 is more compact than many popular solutions and still offers impressive technological features. From its durable construction and ease of use to its leading acoustical properties, the 2017 can capture the energy of any event.
“Whether it is used in fixed positions at facilities or on camera systems and booms, our goal was to create a dedicated, optimised broadcast and live sound microphone that rivals the competition and provides exceptional value for professionals.”
Designed to endure extreme weather and mechanical impact, the 2017 will hold up to travel and repeated use in harsh environments. The microphone persists in humid conditions and direct rain showers, as well as dry, arid environments. It has been tested for use in settings with temperatures up to 40°C (104°F) with 90% relative humidity, and cold environments as low as -40°C (-40°F).

hkaudiofineogroupmixedHK Audio aims Fineo family at installations
Friday, 13 October 2023

Germany - With the Fineo series, HK Audio is offering a new, wide-ranging product family for professional indoor fixed installations - with extensive accessories, easy integration and sound quality.
Together with installation professionals with many years of experience, HK Audio has developed the Fineo series based on these specifications and by incorporating many customer requests to cater for professional installations in music clubs, theatres and karaoke bars, conference environments, houses of worship, event catering, community centres and auditoriums.
Especially for use in sports venues and multifunctional halls, all loudspeakers of the Fineo series are certified ball impact-proof to meet the strict requirements of the German standard for sports facilities (DIN 18032-3). Due to its high performance and high-class sound, FINEO is also suited for immersive audio, multi-channel systems and power hi-fi.
A standardised VESA hole pattern is available on the rear of all Fineo mid/high-units. Inside the cabinet, this is supported by generous steel reinforcements. This means that, in addition to the new Fineo accessories, installation material from third-party suppliers can also be used, which greatly accelerates and facilitates integration into existing systems.
For Fineo, HK Audio provides DSP Presets for Lab.gruppen IPX and LEA Professional, as well as filter sheets for many other DSP platforms, which can be downloaded directly from the Fineo product page at www.hkaudio.co

van-lam-audioVan Lam Audio to distribute Void in Vietnam
Thursday, 12 October 2023

Vietnam - Void Acoustics has secured its commitment to the expanding Vietnamese market with the appointment of Van Lam Audio as the country’s Void distributor. With a fast economic recovery in the post-Covid era; and the growing popularity of the country as a tourist destination; Vietnam has an increasing demand for high-end audio solutions in entertainment venues.
Van Lam Audio is geographically well placed to specify and deploy Void installations countrywide, with offices and experienced technical teams located in Ho Chi Minh City, Central Vietnam, and the capital Hanoi.
Fedrick Lu, Void’s APAC sales manager has spent several months visiting Vietnam to analyse the market potential and meet with a number of companies, all eager to represent the Void Acoustics brand. After conducting a series of meetings with Mr Cuong, MD of Van Lam Audio, Fedrick is confident about their appointment.
“We recognised there was a huge demand for Void Acoustics products across the expanding entertainment market in Vietnam. It was critical that we found the right partner, with the right team who demonstrated strength in technical knowledge and capability, as well as appreciating our desire to strengthen the position of the Void brand throughout the country.”
Van Lam Audio’s managing director Mr Cuong adds, “We are confident that with the support of Fedrick and the entire Void Acoustics team, we will be able to build their market share in Vietnam and position Void as the brand of choice. The entertainment sector is seeing huge investment in pro audio

broadcastprofessionalGenelec strengthens APAC distribution network
Thursday, 12 October 2023

Singapore - Genelec has further strengthened its distribution network in the APAC region through the appointment of Broadcast Professional Pte as its new distribution partner for Singapore and Malaysia, with responsibility for Genelec’s entire range of Studio, AV and Home Audio products across the two territories.
Founded in 1983 and currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, Broadcast Professional started life in Singapore as a subsidiary of Studer AG, serving the growing needs of the broadcast and recording industries across the region. Since then, it has widened its services to include broadcast and streaming services, as well as the creation of Immersive Experiences.
Genelec international sales director Ole Jensen comments: “APAC has been a key strategic market for us for many years, and having already established our own subsidiaries in China and Japan, the partnership with Broadcast Professional is a natural step in building our presence and delivering further growth across the region. With its strong focus on technical excellence and providing an unrivalled customer experience, Broadcast Professional’s values correspond perfectly with our own – and we’re extremely excited about the potential that we can unlock together.”
Joseph Ho, director, Broadcast Professional, shares: “As a company, we’re constantly seeking opportunities to expand the range of products and services that we offer our clients. Therefore, when discussing a partnership with Genelec in Singapore and Malaysia, the decision was straightforward – and we look

fear-festNemesis takes control of Farmaggedon
Thursday, 12 October 2023

UK - Orbital Sound and Nemesis Research have supplied the recently launched OSCA show control hardware range to a major scare attraction theme park – Farmaggedon’s October Fear Fest.
For the past 17 years, the tranquil rural corner of Downholland near Ormskirk in Lancashire has awoken to a frightful force, as Farmaggedon opens its doors for another season. For 2023, this ghoulish entertainment is being triggered by a new power - Nemesis Research’s OSCA Range.
Combining an immersive experience with sound, lighting, lasers and flame effects, creating the total experience for the Zombie War Zone relies on perfect and tight control. For the technical team involved once again in helping to create Farmaggedon 2023, Infinity Technical & Production Services, a core element of this year's brief was to find a new way to deliver complete control via a simple system, with the daily programme involving performances every 20 minutes.
Farmaggedon Scare is the brainchild of farmer and expert scare attraction designer Mark Edwards, who opens his fiery gates each year to a new set of ever more horrible experiences, designed to terrify and tantalise visitors with a combination of scare attractions. For 2023, part of the new line-up includes the Zombie War Zone, hosting 60 visitors at a time to an action packed 12-minute arena horror experience.
Mark explains: “Having discussed the new theatrical paintball concept with Infinity Technical & Production Services’ Sam Robinson-Davies, it became apparent that having the correct show controls in pla

exosphereSphere immerses with Powersoft
Thursday, 12 October 2023

USA - Sphere Entertainment has announced that Powersoft contributed immersive haptic technology and amplifier solutions that are being used in Sphere in Las Vegas. Powersoft’s technology is integrated within the venue’s 10,000 haptic seats, and as part of Sphere Immersive Sound powered by Holoplot.
“Sphere Immersive Sound has set a new standard in every aspect of live audio, and tens of thousands have already been immersed in its crystal-clear, individualized sound,” said David Dibble, CEO, MSG Ventures, a division of Sphere Entertainment. “And this past weekend, with the premiere of The Sphere Experience featuring Darren Aronofsky’s Postcard from Earth, guests, for the first time, experienced a truly multi-sensory haptic experience. Powersoft’s cutting edge and energy efficient technology made them the perfect partner to help achieve our sustainability goals without compromising audio or haptic quality.”
Developed specifically for Sphere’s curved interior, Sphere Immersive Sound is powered by 167,000 channels of amplification provided by Powersoft’s compact, ultra-high-efficiency 16-channel amplifier solutions that are integrated into the venue’s Holoplot X1 audio system. MSG Ventures, which develops technologies and content exclusively for Sphere, partnered with Powersoft to leverage their amplifier solutions that achieve approximately 40 percent energy savings compared to traditional amplifiers, minimizing environmental impact without compromising sound quality.
“Sphere is the largest-scale and most innovative app

martin-audioSuraj Vadher promoted at Martin Audio
Thursday, 12 October 2023

UK - Martin Audio has announced the promotion of sales administrator Suraj Vadher to the role of EMEA sales executive.
A guitarist for over 15 years, and with background in music production, studio recording, mixing and mastering (from his time at Birmingham City University), Suraj also gained wide experience in MI while working for the highly reputable Andertons Music Co in Guildford.
Moving to Bucks a couple of years ago to take up his role at Martin Audio, the personable Suraj quickly became a popular figure with customers, helping to manage the day-to-day sales orders and delivery schedule while providing timely updates to any changes.
International sales director, Bradley Watson says, “Suraj is very bright and personable, exactly the right ingredients for a more customer facing sales role and I’m delighted that it also gives Martin Audio the opportunity to promote from within.”
“The timing couldn’t have been better,” said Suraj. “I wasn’t sure how much further I could progress, but Brad has been coaching me and providing a lot of support ahead of starting this new role. This is a great opportunity and I’m glad Brad allowed me onto the EMEA sales team.”

feistroundhouselondonSolotech delivers for Feist UK tour
Thursday, 12 October 2023

UK - Solotech delivered a comprehensive audio and lighting package for Feist during her recent UK-EU tour leg.
Her performance at the Roundhouse in London was described by The Guardian as “one of the best live shows of the year,” showcasing Feist's outstanding musical talents. “I’ve never seen a show like it,” wrote journalist Shaad D'Souza. “[It was] one of the most masterly rock shows I’ve seen in a long time.”
Feist supplemented her performance with top-tier audio and lighting solutions to create a memorable experience. The team at Solotech, with their extensive expertise in audio, video, and lighting honed over many years, certainly rose to the occasion, providing a cutting-edge package tailored specifically to deliver Feist's amazing vision.
Technically, the audio package included: Allen & Heath dLive S5000 at FOH, with a complement of outboard including Manley Vox Box, Neve 5045, Bricasti M7s, BSS DPR901s, Summit DCL200, and a Rupert Neve 5059 Summing Mixer. Onstage the control package included a DiGiCo SD9 for monitors, as well as Shure PSM1000 IEMs and Shure Axient Radio Mics. System Processing was all done via six Lake LM44s and two d&b audiotechnik DS10s.
Although the tour used venue’s house L/R PA systems, they toured their own B Stage PA System, flown on truss in centre of room, and a surround system which used 12 speakers around the out-sides of Left, Right and Rear of the room.
Touring PA B-STAGE included, eight D&B Y10p, four E12s. B Stage, front-fills utilised six E8sTwelve D&B Y10

ayrtonCobras light Baglioni's a Tuttocuore tour
Thursday, 12 October 2023

Italy - A large consignment of Ayrton Cobra laser-sourced fixtures accompanied the successful a Tuttocuore tour from Italian singer-songwriter and musician Claudio Baglioni, which started on 21 September, 2023 from the Foro Italico in Rome and continues throughout Italy until February 2024. The high-level rock-opera is presented in three huge spatial dimensions, extending its reach horizontally, vertically and in depth.
The show, which has as its central theme the heart as the one and only reliable clock, integrates different artistic disciplines, bringing together hundreds of artists, performers, choristers and dancers, as well as a strong lighting component, projections of landscapes, faces, shapes and silhouettes. Everything is intended to help give the audience a direct connection, not through the mediation of screens, but through authentic sensory perception.
Illuminating this grand event is lighting designer and DOP, Ivan Pierri, with as many as 450 lighting fixtures, including 108 of the very powerful, laser sourced Ayrton Cobra supplied by Italian rental company, Agora. Cobra is a versatile fixture that incorporates all the waterproof features while remaining easily accessible and light weight.
"I chose Ayrton because of the excellent quality of the product. It is a versatile beam that also performs as a spot and is very strong on colours. Plus, it is IP65, a key feature for an outdoor tour," says Pierri.
"The Cobras were basically placed to frame the stage and to backlight the performers. Definitely the most valuable weapon at our di

clyde-shunmugamCS Productionz adds Prolyte StageDex
Thursday, 12 October 2023

South Africa - CS Productionz, a company that specialises in conferences, corporate productions and exclusive events, has expanded its equipment inventory to accommodate its busy schedule.
With offices in both Durban and Johannesburg, the company recently made an investment in Prolyte StageDex and a Beavis II 32A 3-Phase Distro from DWR Distribution.
Clyde Shunmugam initially founded the technical supply company back in 2009 in Durban, and the opportunity to continuously meet new people and to learn from other industry professionals to fine tune his own service, has kept him passionate. He playfully hints that the delectable cuisine offered at every event is undeniably an added perk!
The company’s initial purchase from DWR included Prolyte totem truss pieces and Clyde is delighted to now expand his offerings with the addition of 10 black coated StageDex (2m x 1m) and 10 deck clamps. “All the larger AV companies use Prolyte and when I did my research I was convinced that Prolyte was the brand that would help me reach a larger clientele. I believe it also gives clients peace of mind knowing I use industry standard gear.”
In closing, Clyde commends the staff at DWR as a significant factor in choosing Prolyte. “Marlene Riley was my first sales consultant and was amazing and helped me so much when I setup my Johannesburg branch. Motlotlo Mac Makhobotloane (Mac) has also been excellent. I asked a lot of questions but he kept calm and answered everything. Thank you to the team at DWR for the exceptional service.”

stage-precisionStage Precision launches partner programme
Thursday, 12 October 2023

Germany - Stage Precision has launched a new service partner programme to further expand its partnership network.
The programme offers Stage Precision’s technology to official authorised service-based partners, who provide technical support, expert implementation, and insightful consulting services to customers in their market or region.
Stage Precision has recently welcomed companies across the globe to the new partner network including Lux Machina, All of it Now, White Light, Extended Reality Group, Bild Studios, bright! Studios, Optic8 and Evoke Studios.
Andy Hook, technical solutions director at White Light said: "We're thrilled to join Stage Precision's service partner programme. Their groundbreaking tools have been pivotal in pushing us forward with solution solving challenges on a broad range of AVLM projects this year.
“This partnership will foster deeper integration of their cutting-edge software SP into our workflow and connect us with a vibrant community of industry innovators. Backed by Stage Precision's support and training, we look forward to achieving greater milestones together."
The partner network is designed to continue pushing new ideas and tool development collaboratively with Stage Precision’s team, to continue the development of innovative tools that tackle real world challenges.
"We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new community-based service partner programme,” said Michael Geigerich, managing director at Stage Precision. “The programme is designed to elevate our service partners working at

robe-james-the-musicalRobe plays key roles in James the Musical
Thursday, 12 October 2023

Belgium - James the Musical is a new Belgian live broadcast concept – and runaway success – staged at the NT Theatre in Ghent and produced by Dedsit.
The show was originated by James Cooke – also the host – and each episode pays tribute to a Flemish celebrity via the construction of five elaborate ‘musical scenes’ depicting key moments in their lives, uniting all the drama and emotion of live television with the spectacle of musical performance. To quote James himself, “Everybody deserves a musical” and with this format he wants to promote the drama and enjoyment of musicals generally to a wider audience.
Luc Peumans of Genk, Belgium-based creative studio Painting with Light was asked to design lighting and video, and he chose 42 x Robe T2 Profiles to provide the essential key lighting and specials for the shows.
Also on the rig were 38 x Robe MegaPointes, 20 x Spiiders and 62 x LEDBeam 150, all supplied by Phlippo Productions who provided the show’s technical production and crew utilising equipment from Rent-All.
For key lighting, Luc needed a powerful, consistent, and reliable luminaire, so a shootout was organised ahead of the first series, and the T2 chosen as a result.
The main challenge of lighting this project was ensuring the rig was adaptable enough to deliver the breadth and diversity of lighting needed.
For each episode, Dedsit chose the five landmark events from the featured celebrity’s life and together with TV director Kevin Houben and James Cooke a story was devised around these. The mus

linzer-klangwolkephoto-eventelevator-jan-bruhnke3Elation lights Linzer Klangwolke open-air spectacular
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Austria - When the director of this year's Linzer Klangwolke, Francesca Zambello, brought the internationally renowned Austrian lighting designer Manfred Nikitser onto the creative team as a specialist for the colossal lighting looks, it quickly became clear to them that the project would require lights of a special format. He found what he was looking for in the Proteus series from Elation Professional.
Organised by the Brucknerhaus Linz congress centre, the Linzer Klangwolke (Linz Cloud of Sound) is an open-air spectacle that attracts around 100,000 spectators each year to Danube Park in the town of Linz. This year, a moving, somewhat dystopian yet hopeful piece entitled Odyssey. A Journey Through Worlds was performed on 9 September. The odyssey, a little girl's journey on the river of life towards the source of renewal, literally took place on the waters of the Danube. With three floating platforms, an additional stage on land and the surrounding riverside scenery, the setting for the spectacle was extremely spacious.
“The dimensions and distances at the Linzer Klangwolke are much larger than at other shows,” confirms Manfred Nikitser. “The entire stage area is approximately 1000 x 600m, and the audience is also at least 150m away from the action on stage. I knew from the start that we would need particularly powerful beam lights for this; ultimately, I wanted to make the scene so large that the panorama of the city of Linz would also be a part of it.”
The designer planned to use a series of beam lights on the bank opposite the

wharfedaleWharfedale Pro delivers peak alpine performance
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Switzerland - Held in Interlaken on the slopes of the Jungfrau, Unspunnen Festival is a celebration of Swiss traditional dress and culture. Featuring historic games, wrestling matches and traditional music, the festival attracts revellers from across the country.
In order to provide music and live commentary, a versatile audio configuration was required. Event technology provider, Stagepro Veranstaltungstechnik, consulted with local Wharfedale Pro distributor, Sacher Music, to select an appropriate system.
A solution based on Wharfedale Pro’s WLA-112 line-array loudspeakers was chosen, and the design of the system was undertaken in collaboration with Wharfedale Pro applications and solutions manager, Alex Lane. “The primary scope for the system was speech intelligibility and a predictable but even coverage of all seating areas,” explains Lane. “The main challenge of the space was having no overhead truss to deploy flown speakers and the largely spread-out nature of the arena. Another key goal was to not impact the viewing of the event itself.”
The festival grounds featured four major grandstands with almost 4,000 seats encircling the central performance stage, totalling an audience size of 16,000 people. “The entire system was designed using EASE Focus 3 acoustic simulation software to the client's requirements,” recalls Lane. “This ensured that setup and installation were quick and easy, with no surprises on event day.”
To provide intelligible audio for the event, 20 WLA-112 loudspeakers were deployed, driven by five DP-4100

tiziouzou0258332New Stadium sets standards with Electro-Voice
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Algeria - Electro-Voice loudspeakers and Dynacord electronics are at the heart of the recently completed New Stadium of Tizi Ouzou. The 50,000-seat venue is the home of JS Kabylie and has been built to exacting UEFA standards, covering everything from the pitch to the capabilities of the technical equipment installed - prompting the selection of the EN-54-rated Electro-Voice EVH loudspeakers and Dynacord IPX amplifiers.
The audio system was designed by Turkish Electro-Voice and Dynacord partner, Atempo. The company has worked on a variety of stadium projects and understands exactly what is needed to meet the expected standards while also allowing a venue the flexibility to host non-sporting events. It was the real-world performance combined with the technical specs that made Electro-Voice and Dynacord the right selection for the New Stadium of Tizi Ouzou.
“Power amplifiers from Dynacord and loudspeakers from Electro-Voice were chosen to provide quality audio performance and reliability,” explains Onur Metinel, from Atempo. “We carried out the sound system design in full compliance with UEFA standards and the sound level and homogeneity have been perfectly captured in line with the values predicted during the design phase. This ensures an even coverage and great sound experience across every part of the stadium.”
A total of 112 EVH-1152D weatherised cabinets have been arrayed in clusters of three and flown from the stadium roof to cover the various bowl seating areas. A further 102 EVID-S5.2T combined with four EVID-S8.2 provide the under-bal

wdbaudienceLawo in the mix for Woodstock of Brass Music
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Austria - The legendary Woodstock festival of 1969 remains etched in the annals of music history. Fast forward to today, and the Austrian Woodstock of Brass Music (WoB) pays homage to that event with a playful twist.
Held annually since 2011 in the town of Ort in Northern Austria, WoB has earned its reputation as the largest open-air brass band festival in Europe. Drawing inspiration from its American counterpart, this four-day extravaganza in late June welcomes over 80,000 music enthusiasts who revel in the performances of 130 bands, spanning traditional to contemporary brass music. Notably, since 2015, the festival's highlight has been the Ensemble Playing, a spectacle that unites a staggering 20,000 musicians.
Austrian recording studio tonzauber took care of the twinned main stage with its own recording / OB truck. The heart of the vehicle’s audio equipment is a Lawo mc²36 MkII audio mixing console with integrated processing. With its A__UHD core technology, it offers 256 processing channels available at both 48 and 96 kHz, making it suitable for even the grandest orchestral productions. The all-in-one mixer natively supports ST2110, AES67, Ravenna and Ember+ protocols. With an I/O capacity of up to 864 channels and its local connections, the mc²36 MkII offers extensive connectivity.
Georg Burdicek, sound engineer and founder of tonzauber, shares his experience: “This year at the Woodstock of Brass Music, we recorded 35 bands over four production days, with 16 of these performances broadcast live on TV and radio by Austrian public broadcas

hip-hopGLP fills the space for hip hop act 01099
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Germany - 01099 are currently one of the most successful up-and-coming rap/hip-hop acts from Germany.
In 2021, the successful EP Dachfenster was released, and the following year the four musicians from Dresden (01099 is the postal code of Dresden Neustadt) produced the LP, Altbau. Recently, their almost completely sold-out tour, Schnelle Brille, came to an end.
Designer Felix Seidel developed a simple but very adaptable light and stage design for the 01099 tour, using the creative possibilities of the GLP JDC1 and impression X4 Bar 20.
In the spring of 2023, he first exchanged design ideas with the band and developed various ideas from them. “My goal was to design a stage that creates a unique and captivating atmosphere that immerses the audience in the musical universe of 01099,” he explains.
Ultimately, when building the set, he decided to combine mirrors and LED panels on the stage: “This allowed us to play with visual effects and create immersive worlds that would change throughout the show to match the mood of the songs.”
The cube-shaped mirror/LED elements offered the flexibility for ever-changing images to be created, and at the same time gave the band members enough freedom of movement and opportunities for interaction on stage.
The designer placed fixtures around the set to fill the rest of the stage with light. An additional B stage in the middle of the auditorium also ensured more intimate moments between the musicians and their enthusiastic audience.
For the stage lighting, Seidel once again

rugbyAbsen LD scores at Guinness Six Nations
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Europe - At the 2023 Guinness Six Nations 2023, Catalyst Event Production Services had just seven minutes to set up the on-pitch trophy presentation podium LED backdrop and footer - so turned to Absen.
The 2023 Guinness Six Nations Championship saw Ireland take the ‘Grand Slam’ champions title. Absen brought 8.3m viewers onto the side-line to watch the Championship Trophy Presentation at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.
Spanning six weeks, the 2023 Six Nations Championship was the 24th annual international men's rugby union competition, contested by England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. UK based events production company, Catalyst Event Production Services was enlisted to deliver results for the trophy presentation ceremony, working alongside its client, live events agency, EVENT360 who specialise in the design and delivery of global sport events.
The deciding games, played on the same day, meant that Catalyst’s teams needed to be on site at both Stade de France, Paris and Aviva Stadium, Dublin, ready to install the trophy presentation screens at the winning game’s stadium - and it could have been at either venue. Once the final whistle had blown, there was just a brief window of seven minutes for the crew to assemble the screens - and it was at the Aviva Stadium, where Ireland won 29 - 16 to England.
Due to the time constraints, the screen installation needed to be quick and simple, allowing the team to assemble efficiently and in time for over 51,700 stadium spectators and over 8m broadcast viewers to watch the trophy pres

mergingMerging Technologies at heart of Venevision
Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Venezuela - For over six decades Venevision has been one of Venezuela’s major free-to-air television networks, known for producing and broadcasting a variety of programmes, including news, entertainment shows, telenovelas (soap operas) and more.
Responsible for selecting and playing audio content, such as music and effects, for the network’s live and recorded events are Manuel Amengual, supervisor of the music and post-production department, and Omar Noguera, chief engineer for the audio department.
With ageing equipment causing reliability issues and other impracticalities, the team was tasked with sourcing a reliable and efficient solution to replace the TV studio’s outdated audio workflow. As a past Sonic Solution DAW user and owner, Amengual was keen to explore Swiss pro audio specialist, Merging Technologies’ offering and contacted its local dealer, Mario Cuellar at Binaural in Caracas.
The solution they arrived at not only enabled a seamless transition with a cutting-edge system which not only replicated Venevision’s previous workflow, reducing operational stress - but also offered significantly improved audio quality.
By using a Solid-State Logic studio controller (SSL UF-8) in conjunction with a dedicated Ovation keyboard, Venevision recreated the pieces of equipment previously used to mix multiple sources live during the show: CD players, Mini Disk players, Instant Replays and a computer.
The new system used four Hotkeys in an array of six rows by eight columns, with each column (or source) mapped to one fader in the S


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