‘SGM can engineer solutions on a different level’
Denmark - SGM Special Projects, a group within SGM Light specialising in creating custom lighting solutions, is a core group comprised of key personnel in Product Management, R&D, and Customer Service. The group is experienced in developing state-of-the-art products for demanding lighting professionals and has a vast prior background in both project management and lighting design.
SGM Light’s ability to deliver custom solutions is made possible by utilising in-house software engineering, extensive rapid prototyping facilities, full photometric lab, as well as a diverse network of local fabrication partners with the latest equipment. In-house testing and total control of supply chains means guaranteed quality and speed to market.
By combining design, manufacturing, approbation, delivery, as well as testing & commissioning assistance, SGM Light Special Projects can deliver production runs of custom solutions that mass market enterprises can’t, says the company.
Frank Hoehn, SGM sales director states: “Far East manufacturing is improving steadily on standard volume products. But SGM can engineer solutions on a different level than most as all aspects of development and sourcing are controlled by SGM.”
Jason Osterman, SGM product manager adds: “SGM has a lot of high-profile experience both in live entertainment and in fixed installation. We’ve completed some stunningly successful projects already and I’m excited to see even more new projects make use of our capabilities.”

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