Ayrton MagicPanel-R and MagicBlade-R fixtures illuminate Hungary's Rising Stars (photo: Light Design Kft)
Hungary - Ayrton's dynamic MagicPanel-R and MagicBlade-R LED lighting fixtures formed key elements in Light Design Kft's lighting of the interactive singing contest Rising Star Hungary, the Grand Finale of which broke all ratings records in February 2015. The competition took place over three months and was broadcast on television networks across Hungary and the neighbouring countries.

The Ayrton fixtures were incorporated into a dazzling set of curved LED walls which displayed video content and abstract imagery throughout the show. Twenty-four MagicPanel-R and twenty-four MagicBlade-R luminaires were rigged between the LED walls where they served as a homogenous surface for video display as well as performing as standard moving head fixtures. Several of the Ayrton fixtures' on-board functions were then used to create a wide range of effects in keeping with the mapping and choreography for the music.

"We chose the MagicPanel-R and MagicBlade-R units for Rising Star Hungary because we were looking for a way to display video signals on moving head fixtures while still being able to use them as regular robotic lamps," says Tibor Kalla, leading lighting designer at Budapest-based design company, Light Design Kft.

"The licence of the show called for pixel mapping technology and a series of moving head lanterns that we could control with our own customised control system. The Ayrton MagicPanel-R and MagicBlade-R were ideal for this purpose. We were able to pixel map the units and display video information across them too. The video signals which ran through the system onto the LED screens also appeared on the Ayrton fixtures with each Ayrton LED acting as an individual pixel. The more pixels we had, the better the result."

(Jim Evans)

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