The Club Kiste opening night (photo © Kevin Muenkel)
Germany - Funktion-One distributor, Thöne und Partner, has designed and installed a sound system for a new venue in Hannover. Club Kiste, which is the brainchild of Stefan Schreckenberger and his company ProEvent, offers an intimate clubbing environment for music-led events. Schreckenberger is a well-known promoter with more than 25-years of experience in the industry. Taking over the site once occupied by Club Engel 7, the new venue mixes natural and organic design elements with cutting-edge technology.

Thöne und Partner's Benedikt Koch comments, "We were approached in August 2014 by the owners, who asked us to be part of the planning team - specifically to supply and manage the design and implementation of the Funktion-One sound system. Due to a low ceiling height of 2.60m in certain areas, and the request for high impact and even coverage on the dancefloor, we decided to use a four point system with an R2U in each corner."

The Funktion-One R2U is a slightly larger, horizontal version of the Resolution 2. It has been designed specifically for low ceiling heights. Bass at Club Kiste comes from two Funktion-One BR221 double 21in bass reflex enclosures. Power for the system is supplied by an MC2 E100 and an FFA F60Q amp.

Koch continues, "It is amazing how this Funktion-One system works together with the organic, wooden surfaces of the floor and walls - the interior was designed and installed by Alexander Krüger of Feel Festival and his team. With the R2U's defined dispersion of 50 by 25 degrees, it was possible to achieve impactful and even coverage across the dancefloor, while avoiding disturbances in the DJ booth on one side and the main bar on the other."

Club Kiste's Stefan Schreckenberger says, "The cooperation with Thöne und Partner was fantastic. There was immediately a connection and the same language. It was very special to meet Benedikt Koch and his team. They are very helpful and professional."

Koch adds, "Having attended the opening in November, I was really happy with the result. Stefan and his partners have created a wonderful, vibrant space by taking care of all the details necessary to make it special. The reactions of guests and DJs to the sound system have been overwhelmingly positive. Everybody is really pleased."

While reflecting on recent gigs, DJ Timo Mass listed Club Kiste in his best three German clubs played in 2014, while Karotte described the venue as: "An absolute firecracker - great club, great facility."

(Jim Evans)

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