Andy Mahaffey with the latest additions to the Blitz|GES portfolio
UK - In a major investment programme, event technology specialist Blitz|GES has significantly expanded the capacity and capabilities of its lighting department. The investment programme was executed in instalments, with the most recent consignments arriving in July 2015.

With the appointment of a lighting project manager late last year, and progressively larger capital investments in equipment, software and control systems, the Blitz|GES lighting department has expanded quickly with a programme of continuous investment in the most versatile and reliable lighting technology on the market, Blitz|GES now has the requisite resources to deliver a full spectrum of show and event lighting.

This latest consignment consisted of control equipment including Jands Vista S3 and S1, and High End Hedgehog 4 consoles. This advanced equipment is essential to Blitz|GES' ability to deliver high impact, reactive and theatrical lighting designs, and by increasing its stock of these units, Blitz|GES is enlarging its capacity for simultaneous deployment.

Blitz|GES has also purchased a large consignment of wireless LED uplighters and wall-washers as part of this investment, bringing its total stock to 48 units. The uplighters, Clay Paky Glowups, feature wireless data and bridging technology, industry leading 20 hour battery life and RGBW LEDS that allow unlimited colour mixing across the entire spectrum.

Although LEDs are rapidly becoming the light source of choice for events, thanks to low power consumption and heat output, Blitz|GES has also expanded its stock of high intensity hybrid lighting by investing in a significant quantity of Clay Paky Mythos units. These versatile fixtures provide a programmable, moving light source with a variable beam spread of 4° - 50°, full CMY colour mixing, one fixed and one rotating gobo wheel, linear and radial prisms and a built-in visual effects disc. In addition to this, the Mythos units also feature 'Beam Mode' which creates an intense, columnar beam of light, visible for miles.

Andy Mahaffey, Blitz|GES' head of lighting, explains, "The Mythos units are the latest in a line of moving head options we have invested in for our clients and they provide unrivalled flexibility, working happily in any venue from an arena to a hotel ballroom. They are one of the headline acts in this programme of lighting investment.

"All of our choices have been driven not just by industry requirements, but proven versatility and reliability and the power to deliver lighting solutions from design concept through to pre-production and the final realised event. To this end, over the last 24 months, we have built up our stock of new lighting fixtures, consoles and state of the art control and visualisation software. This now enables us to deliver virtually any conceivable event lighting solution into any venue."

(Jim Evans)

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