Edwin ‘Haviken Hayes' Guerra is the production coordinator for BattleFrog Series, Miami
USA - Founded by former U.S. Navy SEALs, the BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series is an intense obstacle course race for all ages inspired by the challenges Navy SEALs face every day in training. BattleFrog transforms every race venue into a demanding obstacle course designed to test the strength, skill, and determination of any athlete.

On 28 February and 1 March, Miami area participants brave enough to take the challenge gave it their all on the BattleFrog 15K, BullFrog 5K, BullFrog Mile, and TadPole Dash 400M courses. Being able to clearly hear the instructions of the staff and others requires first-rate audio quality and, for this, sound reinforcement technology from Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio was placed into service.

Edwin 'Haviken Hayes' Guerra is the production coordinator for BattleFrog Series, Miami and director of operations for Kenote Entertainment of Hollywood, FL. Working alongside festival directors Alex Cruz and Frank Mendez, Guerra served as the DJ/MC for the Miami main stage area in addition to being responsible for coordinating all production aspects of those areas requiring amplified sound. D.A.S. Audio Event and Action Series products were deployed at two sites. Guerra discussed his experience with the D.A.S. equipment.

"On the main stage, our current configuration uses two stacks of five Event 208A dual 8-inch line array cabinets over two Event 218A dual 18-inch subwoofers running through a DSP-2040A multi-channel digital signal processor," Guerra explained. "We also use two Event M210A dual 10-inch stage monitors, which I (as the DJ) and other people scheduled to speak use during the event. At the start line, we use two Avant 215A dual 15-inch full-range loudspeakers and two Action 118A single 18-inch subwoofers plus two Action M12A stage monitors for our start line MC/Coach Pain Dewayne."

(Jim Evans)

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