Cuono Biviano, owner of VuePix with DWR Distribution's Schalk Botha and Duncan Riley
South Africa - Cuono Biviano, the owner of VuePix and also the managing director of the Australian based ULA Group visited DWR Distribution recently.

DWR Distribution is the official distributors of VuePix in South Africa. On his visit Cuono Biviano was able to meet up rental companies MGG Productions, Multi-Media Events, Fogtech, Black Motion and In Harmony Productions.

VuePix screens are becoming the centrepiece of events and the high-resolution screens are built to impress. "It's adding a new dimension to events and for DWR, it's not only about offering our clients a good product, but having the back up from Cuono and his team. That's what really makes the difference," commented Duncan Riley of DWR. " Needless to say, once Cuono's feet touched African soil, we were in for a treat with a lot of laughter and good times in the mix."

"It was an absolute pleasure to visit DWR and meet all of the remarkable and talented team," said Cuono Biviano. "The facilities were beyond my expectation and the work ethic and comradely between the team was nothing but true to the statement 'It is all about the people'.

"Meeting some of the key VuePix clients with Duncan and Schalk was truly fantastic. The calibre of the production houses is world class and their respect for VuePix brand is brilliant. It was inspirational to see them using VuePix products in very creative ways for everything from rock & roll concert productions to corporate events. A big thank you goes to DWR for their outstanding support and distribution of VuePix and commitment to their VuePix clients. I look forward to the ongoing growth of VuePix in South Africa."

(Jim Evans)

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