Busy Vegas days for Elation
USA - Not only was Elation busy at a hectic booth each day at the LDI trade show in Las Vegas, the Elation team hosted a pair of invitation-only IYKYK events for lighting professionals that proved just as popular.
“That was one of the busiest trade shows I’ve experienced in quite some time,” enthused Elation global vice-president of sales & marketing, Eric Loader. “Our booth was consistently packed and our new products were very well received, especially the new Proteus series fixtures and the new fanless Fuze Teatro. We also surprised some people by showing the first fixture in our new Sol line of versatile blinder effects and new Pulse line of strobe bars, and the feedback was outstanding.
“We had an overwhelming response to our IYKYK events which attracted hundreds of professionals across the lighting community and surpassed all our expectations so overall the show was a resounding success.”
The IYKYK events (an acronym for If You Know You Know), held in the Rose Ballroom at Resorts World December 3 and 4, provided a sneak peek of what lighting pros can expect from the Elation portfolio in 2024 with new technology products across several upcoming lines on hand for initial feedback and demo.
Elation's Proteus, Fuze, and KL lines saw premier product launches at LDI, including the Proteus Hybrid MAX, a next-gen hybrid fixture, the Proteus Odeon with a variable CRI LED engine, and the Proteus Radius, a high-intensity Beam FX fixture. Theatre professionals were drawn to the Fuze Teatro, a fanless framing fixture for silent operation, while the KL CYC cyclorama/set/wall wash garnered steady customer interest. Two new series of versatile PAR colour changers, the Six+ Par, an upgrade of the industry favorite SixPar; and the Limelight Par, a full-colour mixing wash luminaire, also proved popular. The first fixtures in a new Sol line of versatile blinder effects and Pulse line of new strobe lights also debuted.
Obsidian Control Systems continued to gain traction as designers, programmers and operators all made their way to the Obsidian booth to check out the brand’s intuitive line of NX consoles, as well as a full line of Netron data distribution products. Obsidian also gives a shout out to Parker Buckley and Ashton D'Avanzo, who secured an LDI Battle of the Busk Jaw Dropper Award using an Obsidian NX4 console.

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