The KL Series full-colour PAR light is now available in an IP65 version

Europe - Elation‘s KL Series full-colour PAR light is now available in an IP65 version, the KL PAR FC IP, that makes it an even more versatile luminaire for production settings indoors or out. This theatrical and broadcast-grade luminaire pairs modern technology with classic design, serving as a key, fill, and area wash light source for broadcast environments, film, theatre, or ‘any production requiring outstanding colour quality’.

Colour rendering quality, fully variable CCT control, and remotely adjustable LED refresh frequency– all in a traditional PAR form factor – make the KL PAR FC IP an appropriate choice for today’s fast-paced production environments. Its fully weatherproof IP65 protection gives this versatile PAR colour-changing luminaire application in all types of outdoor events and weather.

The KL PAR FC IP houses a powerful 360W 6000K RGBMA LED engine with 16-bit CCT adjustments possible from 2,400K-8,500K for precise colour temperature control. The full-spectrum LED engine emits diffused saturates, soft-field pastels, and tuneable white light, catering to the intricate demands of creative designers with a harmonious blend of vibrant colours and adjustable white balance. The RGBMA system also allows for a perfect colour match with other fixtures in Elation‘s KL and Fuze ranges.

The unit produces the finest quality of light with high CRI (93) and TLCI (95) values, meaning that colour re-creation is extremely accurate both to the eye and to the camera. Output is up to 12,000 field lumens - brighter than existing 750W tungsten PAR fixtures - and is delivered with multiple lens choices that are easy to replace in the field.

Addressing the particular demands of broadcast, the KL PAR FC IP incorporates a green-magenta shift adjustment and a virtual gel library. This allows for easy correction of colour shifts and matching the white balance for cameras without the need for additional gels or filters. The fixture's LED refresh rate can be remotely adjusted, ensuring flicker-free performance with high-speed cameras.

The KL PAR FC IP includes Elation’s ColourTune Technology, fixture software that allows for unprecedented control over output and colour accuracy. With ColourTune, users can customise lighting output to meet their exact needs, whether emphasizing brightness or colour fidelity.

Designed for both durability and portability, the KL PAR FC IP can be suspended using any standard clamp or floor mounted using the integrated stand. It is fully self-contained without the need for an external power supply and offers locking power pass-through for easy linking of multiple units.

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